So What’s Up?

Thought it only appropriate that I say “something” for April fool’s day so here’s a little bit of dis and a little bit of dat….. Happy Hunting.

Across the pond –

My doppelganger friend John Winter just celebrated his 8oth birthday by getting wild and crazy but for a good cause…

“If you asked the question what an 80 year old would like to do to celebrate their birthday, we wouldn’t expect the answer to be, ‘dye my hair pink!’But John Winters, a day patient at the Hospice, wanted to make the most of his 80th birthday and celebrate by supporting our Charity and doing something crazy by dying his hair and beard pink!

This was the second birthday John was celebrating during lockdown and as it was a special one, he wanted to come up with a fun fundraising idea to raise funds for the hospice who have been supporting him since his cancer diagnosis.

With the help and encouragement of his daughter Johanna and other family and friends, John has raised a wonderful £395.

Thank you so much John – we think you look absolutely brilliant!”

Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity


Be sure to subscribe to John’s Metal Detecting Blog.


In the Hobby –

Everyone seems enthusiastic. Tekkies are out having fun, traveling, finding neat stuff, sharing videos and promoting the pastime and themselves. Spring has sprung!

And I might be wrong but the “only” new product that I’ve seen mentioned is a multi-frequency detector that Nokta Makro has in the works –

On the home front –

Weather’s great, the Simplex is charged and I’m still in a funk over having no place to go, and by that I mean no place to find anything worth bending over for.  Clad is bad for the back and I’m not digging a gazillion tabs in hopes that I might find gold. Have done a lot of local online research and so far not much to inspire. Maybe it’s time to hit the libraries again. 

And…it’s opening day! Go Yanks!


If you remember the Different Strokes post – a few more responses from Q&A tekkies…

John Schmidt

What metal detectors do you own at present?

NoktaMakro Simplex+, NoktaMakro Anfibio Multi, NoktaMakro Gold Kruzer, NoktaMakro AU Gold Finder, Teknetics T2 Classic, Teknetics T2-LTD-BLK, Garrett Ace APEX, Minelab Equinox 800,  Fisher F11, Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Pro, Bounty Hunter Jr.

Currently what is your go to detector? The machine you use the majority of the time…

Being a YouTuber with a sales pitch – I try to rotate thorugh most of them so they each get camera time.  That being said, there can be only one.  My personal favorite is the Teknetcs T2-LTD.  I tend to grab it the most off camera.

And can you explain briefly why you prefer to use that particular make and model?

The ergonomics, the trigger, the tried and true performance.  However, my favorite feature is the lovely DST option, which really helps me combat EMI being a California city boy.


Tim Saylor

What metal detectors do you own at present?

Too many to mention, but included are an AT Gold, AT Pro, AT MAX, ACE 250, a Sea Hunter Mark II, and an ACE APEX, all of which are made by Garrett.

Currently what is your go to detector? The machine you use the majority of the time…

I am using two at the moment. Hunting a lot now with the new Garrett APEX, with the Ripper coil (smaller 5×8 coil), but my overall main “go to” machine is still the Garrett AT MAX.

And can you explain briefly why you prefer to use that particular make and model?

I am using the APEX on salt water beaches and desert areas because of its multi-frequency technology, salt-water mode, separate main & iron volumes, incredible light weight, and the availability of a smaller 5×8 coil.  The AT MAX is submersible, and gets incredible depth in places like open fields in England grass yards, and it also has a 5×8 coils available, which is my go to coil because of the trashy areas I tend to hunt.  You can find videos on my personal settings for these detectors, and how I use them at under the Quick Hitters “How-to” section.


Gypsy Jewels

What metal detectors do you own at present?

I own a Garrett AT Max, AT Pro, ATX, Sea Hunter MKII, & Ace Apex. 

Currently what is your go to detector? The machine you use the majority of the time…

Lately my go to detector has been the Garrett Ace Apex.  

And can you explain briefly why you prefer to use that particular make and model?

I love that this detector is so lightweight. Weighing only 2 and a half pounds and it’s rechargeable! It doesn’t require batteries. I also love the multi frequency technology that it offers and the easy to use settings you can choose from. It even has a multi-frequency salt mode for beach detecting that works incredible on the wet sand! I also like the iron volume control on this detector for when detecting those old homesteads where you encounter a lot of iron and nails.




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5 responses to “So What’s Up?

  1. John Taylor

    dick! she sounds soooo convincing! ya just halftah “plunge the slush fund” since you have already embraced the “simple concept” seems like a “no-brainer!” anyway, don’t cost nuthin’ to think about it! ..I’m just sayin’


  2. Tony

    Happy birthday to John! He looks terrific in pink hair!

  3. Happy 80th John. Dick says you’re “wild and crazy”…and why not? (no change here then!

  4. wintersen

    Just seen this. Thank you – and sorry I’m late for my own party. Hospice opens again on the 22 April. I shall be in attendance … God willing!

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