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A Toast…

While you’re enjoying the holiday weekend remember to lift a glass and honor all the brave men and women who gave their lives so we could live free in this, the greatest country in the world….  Continue reading


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Rainy Relapse…

Okay, we’ve had a week of rain and more rain and I’m busy building an Ark 600 from Ikea . Can’t afford the 800 model even though it comes with waterproof nails. Just don’t have the shekels. Anyway it’s Throwback Thursday. Here’s an old idea I had back in January of 2018 . Still think it has merit. Continue reading


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Just Being a Disagreeable Dick…

I was going to began with “Where to start….but honestly there’s nothing at all to say. Just been a “meh” few days here. Not feeling that good, weather’s not that great and most of what I see on social media is the same ole. Same tekkies, same finds, same YouTubers, same BS. I’m well aware however that the majority of you are into all of the above and I say good for you. You’re a better man than I Gunga Din… Continue reading


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