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Nothing New in Wally World!


On Thanksgiving I shared the following great find on the Stout Standards Twitter and Facebook page…..

Pembrokeshire Treasure Hunter Unearths Celtic Chariot


Of course Warsaw Wally, a.k.a.Paul Barford, wannabe archaeologist, was upset and had to find something to discredit the find. Then again it’s in his DNA to piss and moan about anything and everything a detectorist finds or does so nothing new there. Continue reading


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Talking Turkey…

pexels-photo-265393Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and it’s without a doubt the best holiday of the year. Yes I know travel is often difficult and retail employees sometimes have to give up part of their day but it’s still pretty much a stress free holiday. A day where family, friends, football, food & drink is the norm. Continue reading


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What Lies Ahead?

While I’ve seen a great many changes in the pastime over the years the Tesoro, Kellyco situations are ominous in the sense that maybe we’re sliding down a slippery slope that needs to be addressed. Continue reading


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Saturday Stew…

New Ownership

As if the Tesoro and Lost Treasure stories weren’t enough the following announcement came out yesterday.

Mollenhour Gross acquires Kellyco Metal Detectors

It would appear at least that this is positive news but time will tell…. Continue reading


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RIP My Friend…

I was saddened this morning to hear that my old friend Ed Fedory had passed away. Saddened too that I hadn’t stayed in touch more. The last contact I had with Ed was in 2014 and I wanted to share that again…. Continue reading


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Q & A with Carl Moreland, Director of Engineering, First Texas

Carl Moreland, 2010

I first met Carl Moreland in 2010 when the White’s V3 (Vision) was introduced to the metal detecting fraternity. I had been field testing it at the time and went to the Texas Council convention where Whites would be giving seminars and demonstrating its features.  Since then Carl has moved on to First Texas but I will let him tell you the story…. Continue reading


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