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Let me tell you about Joe Cook…

As you know I have a website   Today I updated it with my feelings and memories of Joe Cook,  who passed away yesterday.  I typically copy my updates from the website and post them here on my blog, but I did not today since the post was a lengthy one, and Worldpress does not lend itself to multiple photos.

Hopefully, for this one time,  you will consider clicking




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Treasure hunting world has lost a good friend……

It’s with a very heavy heart that I mention the passing of Joe Cook, Continue reading


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Richard Ray…


Medical problems seem to be affecting a lot of my detecting friends, and it’s not fun having to pass this type of information along, Continue reading

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Larry Bateham, a.k.a. “Packrat”

Seems like there must be something in the water…. Got an email from Larry Bateham, and he is having surgery today for colon cancer. Larry is a member  of the Northwest Treasure Hunters Club in Spokane, Washington. If the name doesn’t ring a bell think “Packrat” because that is how he is referred to and known throughout the country.

If you are not familar with Larry read the following article I did for “Western and Eastern” a few years back. Larry is another one of those guys who will give you the shirt off his back, and hope you will all keep him in your prayers. According to Larry the prognosis is good, so let’s cross our fingers that  it works out that way. Those of you who know Larry can send him a card or letter at 6423 West Montgomery Road, Deer Park, Washington 99006.

Good luck Larry….we’re are pulling for you my friend



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Bravo to an old friend…..

Was surprised to get an email (via Chicago Ron’s site) from Dan Sivilich, an old friend from New Jersey, and the early days of the FMDAC. Dan, at that time,  was a member of the Deep Search Metal Detecting Club.

It’s been years since I talked with Dan, and apparently nothing has changed….Dan has always been involved with the metal detecting/archaeological community,  building bridges where he can, and is still working hard at it. He now lives in Syracuse, New York, and is part of an organization called the “Battlefield Restoration & Archaeological Volunteer  Organization”(BRAVO for short). While Bravo is new to me, the organization has been around for some time.

Members of Bravo….. Dan is 5th from the right

I will always remember Dan keeping me on the straight and narrow when the FMDAC was just starting,  with regards to how I should approach the archaeological community, and  when I needed to change wording in a story or program. Dan was the consummate authority on all things historical. Nothing has changed…..

It was great hearing from him, and if any of you have questions about the various battles that took place in the Northeast, be sure to contact Dan via the website.  The group is currently working with National Geographic on cleaning up the “Diggers” TV series.

Found this mention about the Bravo group…..

Sidenote……Doesn’t surprise me that Dan’s son just got his degree in land surveying, and his daughter just finished her PhD thesis in  Battlefield Archaeology. Congratulations Dan….



Scott Clark, detectorist and owner of the Metal Detecting in Kentucky blog, passed along some good news. Yahoo recently noted   The Best 5 Missouri State Parks for Summer Tent  Camping, and the word “metal detecting” was included. Thank you Scott and thank you Missouri!

Note to the Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights, World Wide Association of Treasure Hunters and the   FMDAC…. Maybe this is something you could start working on with all the states?



Robbie Morin, my friend from Houston, is always quick to take me to task for needing motivation. He keeps sending me photos of his finds, reminding me that the  silver is there….I just need to get off my arse.

Robbie’s recent finds from hunting an old German Gun Club site that was used from the late 1800’s up to the 1940’s

Robbie, thanks for urging me on. I will get even with you one day…..



If I keep repeating this plea it’s because I want to hear from Joe Cook via the phone or an email. He is currently in another tough part of his battle with cancer,  and hope you will send him a card or note just to say he is in your prayers and/or you are sending good vibes. Please, for me!! His address is:

Joe Cook, c/o Barn Hill Care Center, 249 High Street, Newton, NJ 07860.

As we get older we all face challenges that are difficult, and while I new old age was sneaking up on me I didn’t want it to sneak up on my closest and dearest friends before me. Joe Cook will always be at the top of the list, and I want him around a while longer. Thanks…




When will we get serious about our pastime, and will we ever be a real family?

Whenever I have that third or fourth glass of red wine (like now), I get “reflective” (sounds better than “pissed”). I got thinking of all the thousands of detectorists,  the many websites, forums, clubs, organizations and yes, the manufacturers. Whether or not we realize it we are all dependent on one another, and right now we are all going in different directions.

Today posting anything of importance online with regards to restrictive regulations or laws pretty much results in total “who cares”. Asking others to make an effort to help  an individual fight city hall, or even a serious illness? Pretty much the same response. What amazes me, and pisses me off, is that we spend hours on the internet talking about  what coil works best for a particular detector, or whether or not someone left holes in the park, but when push comes to shove….we really don’t give a damn about each  other.

Funny thing is I know that just posting this is a waste of time, but I will anyway. Not the first time I’ve tried to throw this out there.  The pastime has changed a lot over the past ten years, and I worry about it’s ability to continue to be a viable one? I think we better wake up and SOON!

Okay, I’m done, my glass is empty. G’night…..


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I am finding it hard to excited about detecting right now. Continue reading

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A good friend and treasure hunter needs your prayers….

As many of you know Joe Cook has been battling cancer for many years, and is now in a tough stretch. Continue reading

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John and Jack, video stars…

Was reading through the latest Garrett newsletter today, and low and behold there was a photo of John Howland, proudly showing off an early copper he found. Then later on, I later found a video of him explaining the AT Pro, and his partner in crime, Jack Dey, doing the same with the Ace. All I could think was,  “doesn’t Garrett know better?” Don’t they know these guys will say and do anything for a buck (or better yet, a pint).

Watch these, and keep in mind that both of these guys can usually be found at a pub, 24/7. I am wondering how many takes it took to get these videos fit for public  consumption, and amazingly I didn’t hear one “F” word throughout…..

I can see I need to cross the pond soon, and get them familar with a couple of White’s detectors.  I know they are pissed most of the time, but never to this  extent….



Thanks, as usual, to Regton, Ltd. for the following news articles….

World War II Shipwreck Found

62 Pound Gold Nugget Found

Iron Age Gold Bracelet



Yo Bubba:

Many thanks for the brilliant write-up…..and yes there was a modicum of English hospitality involved, apres hunt. After a long day in the great English wind  and summer rain, we adjourned to the zillion-year old costal pub in Worth Matravers The Square and Compass, home to some of the finest real ales to be had anywhere in this  Sceptered Isle, where another attraction aside the excellent ales is a dedicated museum inside the inn itself displaying many great metal detecting finds.

The ale of choice was a potent concoction called ‘Stingray’ – luckily, neither I nor my pals from the colonies were driving, that task falling to Regton’s Grand  Fromage, Nigel ngram.


Waylon (another pseudonym)

PS. Feel free to print the above to redress the balance that I have been known to drink lemonade. Pics attached.

l, to r: Nigel Ingram (Regton), Henry Tellez, Steve Moore and Brian McKenzie (Garrett)



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Another contribution from the Malamute Saloon…

Thank you Mr. Howland for once again gracing this website with your presence. I realize how how hard it is to keep beating up on the archaeological community,  and I appreciate your dogged, ongoing, determined effort. For some unknown reason the words just seem to roll easily off your tongue and onto the keyboard.

Too read John’s latest thoughts, click on the Malamute Saloon above and scroll down to today’s date….





Brain Surgeon Botches Proposal

Connecticut Ring  Returns


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Where I work (and hide….)

After spending time talking with John Howland and John Winter via Skype, I feel like I know their lairs, their offices (well, okay at least I know John Winter’s).  Howland’s varies somewhat with books in the back ground one time, and bottles in the background other times  (as in the Mayfly Pub). Continue reading


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