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Kimmie Price – Q & A

I doubt Kimmie Price needs an introduction. If you’re into detecting and on social media you know who she is and honestly she’s into so many things I got dizzied just thinking about them.  Anyway, enjoy and thank you Kimmie! Continue reading


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Shooting From the Hip…

Not much going on here at the Amesbury house of late but I’m okay with that because I am alive and kicking. Yup, too many testing positive, too many hospitalizations, too many dying and of much lesser importance it’s too damn hot to detect! Continue reading


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2020 – An Anomaly or a Sign of Things to Come?

Right here, right now…

It’s July, it’s hot, there’s a pandemic and so far 2020 has been a royal pain in the ass! You see I don’t have any desire to deal with triple digit temps, using a pick ax to recover a pulltab and I’m sure as hell not interested dealing with covid-19. Other than an occasional trip to the grocery store my excitement is walking out to the mailbox to get the bills. Continue reading


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Happy 4th…

Well here we are, July 4th, Independence Day 2020! A day that usually means beer, burgers and fireworks. This year however I’m a little leery.  2020 has been a booger bear in more ways than one and tomorrow? Hate to think…. Continue reading


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