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Home Again

For those of you who have written and asked…

After 18 days in the hospital Fay is finally home, albeit with hospice care. The IV’s, X-rays, injections, scans, echo-cardiograms, MRI’s, blood tests, exams are for all intents and purposes over with. Continue reading


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Just Tired…

Just wanted to say that my absenteeism is not the result of my recent surgery or recovery. All is well in that area and I very much appreciate the enquiries and concern. This time around it’s my better half. Fay has been in the hospital now for 9 days and has gone through a battery of tests, scans, x-rays, blood tests and so far no good answers. Please send off your best vibes for a speedy recovery. Her problem is complex and not something I want to try to explain or share here. Continue reading


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