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2019 – A Look Back…

The mere fact that I’m still alive and kicking means the year has been a good one. You see I’ve lost a few good friends of late and realize more than ever that we only go round once. 

As far as detecting goes the year has been a bummer. I have the equipment and the time but I’m missing the motivation, the get up and go and the prospect of  finding anything really old.  It’s obvious too that comparing the number of blog posts over the years to 2019 I’m slowing down here. I will try and do better in 2020 but make no promises. Thanks for reading, following and commenting in 2019….I appreciate it. Continue reading


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Merry Musings…

Still busy with a few things but I did see this and I’m not sure what to make of it.  I like the idea of a USA version of Detectival but who will run the show and will competition/greed ruin things?  Let’s hope not.

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A Repeat and a Reminder…

I’ve been busy working on a project and decided to share an oldie from 2017.  It’s also a reminder that my lack of offering anything new and exciting is not such a big deal…..

And yes I know I harp on the same ole, same ole….it’s what I do. I drink and I know a lot. Continue reading


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December Daftness…

The holidays are upon us and shoppers are going bonkers, spending money they don’t have, buying gifts for people who won’t use them or who will return them. The older I get the crazier it gets. Ho ho ho… Continue reading


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