Thought I would attempt to answer a comment/question from my last post – 

Ed B. said

“Dick….with all your many years of experience in the detecting hobby you must have a ton of stories to write about including individual hunts that you came up with something fabulous or the ones where you got skunked. You must have quite a few things you could write about concerning your time with Garrett and/or FMDAC. Either way your audience here would enjoy reading them. In the meantime, enjoy the wine”.

Honestly Ed my stories, my hunts weren’t really all that exciting and I’ll try to explain why, but first let me say that a lot of what I see shared online today also falls into that category except now it’s filmed and glamorized to make it appear as though it’s an Indiana Jones sequel.

Ed back in early days I just “went detecting”. Smart phones didn’t exist though if  they had I doubt I would have used them.  Just too much of a hassle and something that would have taken away from my hunting. Remember too that was before PC’s, the internet and social media. Any photos that I took were usually for an article that I was writing for WET.

I was also a coin hunter and spent my time searching schools, athletic fields, old homesites, carnival grounds, picnic grounds and parks. I had hardly any competition and almost always came home a happy hunter. A day out at a school built in the 30’s, 40’s or even the 50’s might net me (or my hunting partners) 10 to 15 pieces of silver – Mercs, Washington/SL quarters and occasionally a Barber. Indian Heads were also a fairly common find and because I used the notch below nickel disc setting  I found my share of Buffaloes and V nickels.  At a few of the older sites Seated, Large cents, etc.. were found.

Relics? Not my thing and I surely threw away a few goodies (at least by today’s standards). I bought a detector to find coins and anything else, especially bits and pieces were trashed. I know, not good but that was me and today I haven’t changed that much. I’m not impressed or excited over a lot of the so called relics I see shared and analyzed online and I’m just not a “button”, “buckle” or “bullet” guy, sorry.

My detecting days were almost always the same. If I was hunting with a friend we’d sometimes meet for breakfast though usually is was coffee at my house. We’d spend the morning hunting, or looking for sites, have lunch and do the same in the afternoon. Hard to glamorize those outings other than to say we sometimes had days when the finds were a little more special, as in maybe finding a two cent piece, trime, flying eagle or a nice ring/jewelry find, but that’s it. No big hoards, caches and no gold.

As for the FMDAC days a lot of that is documented here within the blog. It was a special time and the original group of officers, delegates and volunteers were the reason it succeeded in so many areas. Now unfortunately that kind of caring, that kind of group effort is non-existent. Thanks to social media everybody’s an expert and not interested in working with or for others.

The Garrett years? Here too if you want to search through nine years of posts you will find stories. My days working there were spent trying to sell detectors, not out swinging a coil and if I had to do over again I would have declined and stayed in New Jersey.

Finally Ed, yes I could sit down and write a “I dug down 12 inches and there staring me in the eyes…” BS story but I’ll leave that for the YouTubers. I will however continue to write for moi and anyone else who might be interested in what I have to say or think.  I’m not naive however and understand that detectorists  today don’t want to hear from an 80 year old dude who has trouble putting on his pants in the morning.

It’s metal detecting 2021 – YouTube vids, Deep Digging Doug and Big Coils Betty. It’s where it’s at and I get it…



Dominique & Her Latest Fling

Over on Facebook Dominique Ivy get’s an Equinox 800. (oh wait my bad, it’s a “Nox”….sorry).

Anyway I message her and ask if she has a new endorsement and she responds “Hahaha no thanks. I have had companies ask but i am just not interested.”

Then a day or two later she shares a photo of a SLQ with “And just like that, I am a believer. Pounded to sh#t site, standing liberty quarter on her maiden voyage.”

Next day – “Just when I think I can’t love the Nox any more than I already do, it pulls THIS from the depths” 


Then the posts continue to flow –  “My Nox sniffed out a cut Large Cent, almost a foot down.”

“I continue to take the Nox to all my pounded sites. And it continues to make me happy!”

“Draped Bust Half Cent! Consider me thoroughly noxified.”

“Just pulled a clipped & holed 1770 King George from the depths!”

Now I don’t know about you but these sure sound like advertising phrases to me. I say look for Dominque Ivy to be sporting Minelab apparel online and at the next big event.


Informative Blog

If you’re a coinhunter/collector do yourself a favor and subscribe to Coin Collectors Blog. Always a good read and lots of outside stories as well.



When I check out club websites I always check to see if they have a links page and if so whether they have SS listed. If not I usually send an email asking if they’d consider adding one.

Received a reply from one last week that said –

“There is a chance…I do find you site amusing based on a very brief reading and will discuss the question of listing it with our Board of Directors at the first opportunity.  If accepted, your site may be the first in a new category of resources titled ‘Amusing’.

Now that sort of rubbed me the wrong way and I replied “if you don’t find it “useful” or “informative” forget it….seriously. There’s a LOT of very good information there and not just from me.”

The reply “As you wish. Done”

So tell me is this bog merely amusing or is it informative? Useful?


On the Homefront 

Been experiencing a spate of bad weather but it is spring in Texas and that means severe storms and the ever loving possibility of tornadoes. Needless to say they make me very nervous. Once is enough thank you….


The “Digger” dog has been having a few setbacks and I really feel for him. He’s suddenly having trouble navigating the house, running into things and getting stuck in corners and behind furniture. We jokingly say his GPS is screwed up but it saddens me no end. He’s my brother from another mother, my best friend and he doesn’t deserve to be any more incapacitated. Being diabetic, blind and deaf is enough. Crossing my fingers that it’s just him getting old and not something more serious.


Great Book

Half way through another great read – “In the Kingdom of Ice” by Hampton Sides. Give it a whirl if you’re into history that reads like fiction. Hampton Sides is great.



Oh Yeah!

I’m a bug guy and I’m thinking I need one of these….

Happy hunting and have one for me….





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33 responses to “Meandering…

  1. Yo!
    They were the days when you could, as you say, ‘just go detecting’ and finish the day in the nearest hostelry (the Mayfly) and over a few pints dissect the day’s outing. Oh yeah, thanks for telling this old timer what a ‘nox’ is! I thought it meant ‘noxious’.

    I hate surreptitious brand support advertising, or the backhanders it might bring. However, I have to say Talisker, Bushmills ‘Black Label’, Johnny Walker’s ‘Black Label,’ Rebel Yell, Highland Park, and Wadworth’s 6X ale are crucial to detecting success.

    May the force be with you…

    • “Talisker, Bushmills ‘Black Label’, Johnny Walker’s ‘Black Label,’ Rebel Yell, Highland Park, and Wadworth’s 6X ale are all crucial to detecting success…”

      Like they’re gonna send you free samples, LMAO.

      • John Taylor

        he would be better served by “shares” in each! assuming they are all traded publicly that is! excellent “representative” of the products!..I’m just sayin’


  2. Ed B.

    First of all your blog was “poignant”…..the part about your dog. I wish him a long and happy life from this point on.
    It was “useful” because you gave info about the coin collecting blog.
    The part about Dominique Ivy and her “nox” was “amusing” in that her comments seemed like the usual “Nox adoration” that is overwhelming the hobby these days.
    And…..your blog was “informative” in that I learned a new detecting term that I can use if I ever get a Nox……….”NOXIFIED”…..

    • Well thank you Ed. That makes me feel better. I want to be just a little more than “amusing” not to mention there’s a lot of good info from others here.

      Incidentally do you think there are tekkies who get Apexified? Or Simplexified?

      Have one for me….

      • Ed B.

        I suppose they could…….but does a detector have to have an “X” in the name? Equinox, Apex, and Simplex…..I’m contemplating what I’ve become with my Garrett detectors. Is it Garrified or Garrettified?
        And…..I will definitely be having one (or more) but it won’t be wine. We’ll be indulging in some “Mystic Drawbridge Ale” tonight at Mystic Pizza in Mystic, Ct.

      • Sounds like you’re getting “mysticfied” tonight!

      • John Taylor

        not sure, but you can “bet the ranch” there are plenty who are noxified! me bro bought one (600) says it’s “almost” better than sex! I told him to buy shares.he said he’ll “look” into it!..just sayin’


  3. Oh geez, I just bought a Nox—does that mean I’m a bad person? Seriously though, I need a lighter weight machine, and figured I’d give it a try. A week later, and it’s still in the box, so now I’ve got a “Nox in the box”. Not crazy about having to learn a new machine, hence the procrastinating. Will let you know if I find reales and draped busts at all my pounded sites, when I take it out of the box of course.
    You’re blog is relevant, and that guy sounds like a pompous ass. What is this hobby coming to? Sigh…

  4. Joe

    Refresh my memory, wasn’t Dominique tied up with Garrett or White’s previously? I don’t knock anyone for using any machine they wish, as most of us have gone through plenty over the years. But I do get a laugh when one of the raving, brand-thumping, proselytizing types switches sides. Guess her audience was shrinking because there are so many Nox users, and the other guys’ detectors just weren’t bringing in the views/cash anymore.

    Just a few suggestions if you want more readership…

    Consider changing your name from Dick to Boobs. Your traffic will skyrocket.

    If that’s not in the cards, how about a breast job? If it’s good enough for Diggin Britt, why not you?

    Seriously though, you’re one of the last from a bygone era. You’ve earned the right to run your blog however you wish. And yes, it IS amusing. But it’s also informative, insightful, and helps shine a light on a lot of the insanity which has blossomed in this hobby over the past decade or so.

    As Allen Ginsberg once said; “To gain your own voice, you have to forget about it being heard”.

    • Joe, Dominque was on the White’s Test Team and to be fair she also said “I declined all offers I had from various brands since after white’s. White’s was like family and it was fun working for them. Not for the 💰(i make plenty with my real work), but for the good times we had. Cant imagine having that with any of the other brands…” I believe her. Just thought her words of praise for the “Nox” were right out of marketing 101.

      As for boobs I have ’em thanks to covid. Put back 20 of the 40 lbs I had lost sitting around the house eating crap.

      Thanks too for the kind words. I am from indeed from a bygone era. Hope you’re on the mend and back on your feet.

      • John Taylor

        and drinking’ the “rooster!” I’ll be in that crowd! just sayin’


    • John Taylor

      whitey “crashed and burned” time to find a new employer! Dominique was prime for a “new” gig anyway. she has learned what tons of experienced hunters already know that the “boys down under” know how to get it done! I’m just sayin’


    • John Taylor

      hell’s a fire! I didn’t know he said that! “interesting!”


  5. John Taylor

    dick! no worries! a lot of us feel the same as you!. I don’t care “two craps” about recording finds, or being on “the tube” I just wanna find stuff!..period! it’s about having fun, and getting some the final analysis,THAT is what counts..I’m just sayin’


  6. John Devereux

    Hi Dick. Refreshing that you tell it like it is. In reality most of us don’t unearth staggering finds. However we get out in the fresh air and connect with mother earth. If we are lucky get to touch history and wonder what the story is of the person who lost a coin or ring or some other trinket. That’s good enough for me. I’m sure your dog is comforted by your care. Having two rescue dogs I know how much our furry friends mean to us. Best wishes from a sunny but chilly Eastbourne.

    • Good to hear from you John. Digger is a rescue too and has been through a lot including a tornado. Love him dearly.

      From a wet and warm Texas…..

  7. John Devereux

    Bless him. Thinking of you all out there in the Lone Star State.

  8. Hi, Dick
    Good straight-from-the-hip episode here! A bit of this and a bit of that, all comes together nicely. Ah, thy “Nox” has arrive-ithed and let there be light!!!!! Good machine but hardly the second-coming that some Equinox users proclaim. I’ve used the Minelab Equinox, borrowed for a week or two from friends, and it was okay; lighter weight, fairly easy to use, and ran on six different frequencies simultaneously. But hardly a game changer. Truth be told, I find the Nokta Macro Simplex easier to use, even lighter, and it is whispered to go deeper than a NOX. But deeper hangs on an awful lot of criteria, so I don’t think a really fair test has been made between them, and as with most things, a matter of choice for the user anyway, hype or no hype.

    Sorry about Digger Dog’s issues…old age is a bitch no matter what species you are from! One thing I’ve noticed, a lot of groups and detecting clubs have their “pinky out” lately, like they are the “anointed ones” of metal detecting or something. The fact that they didn’t know who you were in the first place, just pisses me off, let alone the condescending attitude! I know, you’re going to say something about being well known or something but in my heyday of metal detecting back in the day, if you didn’t know who Dick Stout was, you didn’t know metal detecting from jack! I know you didn’t mention the club publicly, but if you get the urge, shoot me a pm on who they were…just curious…or not.

    Heating up here in Florida too, and with it, the tornadoes larger cousin, hurricanes, will soon literally be on the horizon, and Patti and I always get nervous ourselves. Good luck to you and Fay…hopefully it will be an uneventful season.

    I absolutely love Detecting Diva’s blog, and the fact she now uses a “Nox,” to hunt with does not diminish that. Whatever works. I have one burning question, Dick. Your book from back in the 1990’s “Coin Hunting…In Depth,” was that title a bit “tongue in cheek” or what? Knowing you, I figured you had a bit of a laugh at the double-meaning. Or I could be completely off my meds again?!?!

    Stay cool, Dick! Patti says “hi!”

    • Jim I haven’t used the Equinox and I don’t doubt it’s a very good machine but I will stick by my post of four years ago – Is it the Detector or is it You? Whenever detectorists get a new toy they automatically go back to old sites and when they find anything it’s the NEW detector, NOT that maybe they just didn’t walk over it before. Nonetheless if they’re happy so be it.

      For the record I also think the Simplex is one very good machine and has a lot of features at a very good price. Have wondered how they were able to put so much into it and sell it for under $300.

      Sending good vibes for the forthcoming hurricane season. Looks like it will start just about the time ours is over. Then again we got hit the day after Christmas so who knows.

      Coin Hunting in Depth was a play on words and did indeed have a double meaning. I updated that book a few years later and White’s sat on it until it too was obsolete.

      Take care and tell Patti hi…

      • John Taylor

        to be truthful dick! it IS the detector!..(at least to me!) I have been hunting “cooked” parks and other “burnt” public places, and I gotta tell ya,minelab is making a difference with multi-iq. sometimes me bro and me hunt to gather, and we are getting stuff that honestly should “not” be there, and it is happening very consistently. the stuff we are finding includes a “ton” of stuff partially masked and next to iron. we believe that “yes” this stuff “was” probably walked over, but gave enough of a “crap” signal to be my view, this IS a direct result of ‘single frequency” detectors predominately signaling trash and leaving’ the goodies in the ground. we also get ‘superb” depth no matter where we go!. doesn’t matter, we are having a “ton” of fun, and that’s where it’s at! ..I’m just sayin’


      • You need to share all this with Minelab. Hell nobody here has doubts about your obsession….

  9. John Taylor

    detecting diva!
    I am looking forward to that with “breathless anticipation!”


  10. John Taylor

    dick I won’t be sharing anything that they don’t “already” know!


  11. Here’s another NOX word for you: obNOXush. Or should I not post that, because it makes your blog amusing?

    Just, good grief.

    • Hi Dan, ObNOXush is a good word and appropriate. I have no problem if people find my blog amusing, just think that it’s more than that. Cheers!

  12. John Taylor

    dick! your blog is “crackerjack!” you run a “good” ship,but your debt acquisition skills require a little work!
    I’m just sayin’


  13. John Taylor

    sucks to be poor!..I know!..I’ll be in that crowd!
    just sayin’


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