TreasureMaster…First Impressons


When I woke up this morning my mind said yes, but the body said no, so I flipped a coin and it came out “get off your ass and do something”….

So after coffee, cereal and fifteen various “sure to cure your ills” pills, I headed out with my new Treasure Master.  I drove to a site I recently lined up, but unfortunately it was still knee-high in grass. To make a long story short I received permission from the mayor of a town to detect a certain piece of land, but immediately after getting the okay, we had a month of rains, which turned it into a mini lake. Now it’s high weeds, and I don’t have the cajones to ask when it’s going to be mowed. Patience will have to be a virtue here because if my hunch is correct it could provide some great detecting!

Soooo…. I headed to an older school across the lake, which every so often gives up a silver coin or two. To my advantage a couple of overnight thunderstorms added just enough moisture without making the area muddy.

I opted to start with a setting that worked well in my test garden (see last update), and started scanning as soon as I got out of the car (auto GB).  After about ten minutes I got a pretty consistent 73, and a reading of dime on the ID meter.  Depth was 4 inches. One flip of the plug and I had my first coin of the day, a clad Roosie. Then I had to turn my attention to my knees, both of which were hurting like hell, and I wondered how I was going to get up.  I am very self-conscious detecting now because my getting up and down is not a pretty sight.  Fortunately no one was around, and I used the handle of the TM to get up.

Love the ID screen.....

Love the ID screen…..

Without boring you with all the trivial details (and cursing), I spent about an hour at the school, recovered a few clad coins, all of which the TM identified, then headed for a very small park not too far away. When I say small I mean it’s about 75 yards long and maybe 30 yards wide. It has a small tot lot area to the right as you enter, but the entire left side is a field, which was used for years to park cars when they would hold special events.

I decided here to give the all metal mode a whirl, but after a couple of clad finds, the VCO sound got to me. Strange too because I can’t hear worth a crap. Anyway I changed back to the coin/jewelry program, and pushed on for about 45 minutes, after which time I had four wheats, one silver Roosie, a few clad dimes, 3 nickels, 2 bruised knees, several sore joints and a t-shirt that was soaking wet.  It was time to go home.

My finds… your heart out!

Overall, I was very pleased with the Treasure Master, and I’m anxious to get out and learn it better. Weighing only 2.8 lbs it was a pleasure to swing, and I have always loved the “S” shaped rod,which in this case allowed me to put the detector down without having to pull my arm out of the cuff (didn’t use the velcro strap). Also, yesterday when I was putting the TM together, I was a little concerned about the headphone jack being on the right side of the housing, but to my surprise the cord did not get in the way when scanning or digging.  Another plus, was the TreasureMaster’s ability to accurately identify the nickel via the readout.

I did not dig any deep targets, with the deepest coin reading 6 inches, however it’s quite possible they were there and I didn’t put my coil over them.  Bench testing I was able to get a readout on a dime at about 7 inches and a quarter at about 9 (with sensitivity set midway, C&J program).

It’s going to take me time to get used to the Treasure Master, and to learn its nuances, but so far I am happy with it’s performance. I just wish it had switches and knobs.


Finally, I know most all of you spend hours and hours in the field detecting.  Unfortunately I cannot, so bear with me if I get sidetracked and talk about my aches and pains. Things ain’t what they used to be! 




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19 responses to “TreasureMaster…First Impressons

  1. Perhaps you could advertise for volunteers to do all the dirty and heavy work (call it “training”). I hear that some professions swear by the practice.

    • Ah, never thought of that….thanks for idea John.

      • DonM

        So on a scale of 1 to 10 with the MXT Pro already sitting at 10 (I am biased as as I use one)….how does this new one rate?

      • Don, don’t think this will be any competition for the MXT. It is an entry level machine that just has a lot of neat features for a detector in that price range. It’s design is different, and it’s a lot lighter, but I too will keep my MXT Pro. Having said that I will feel very comfortable using this machine as a backup.

        And…..I just received this machine yesterday….give me a few more days to learn and understand it’s capabilities.

  2. Bob K

    ? You have a coin beside the bed ???
    I feel your pain I had a total knee replacement (right) & would do it again. Much better it’s just this wonderful Kansas humidity that gets me down. Just need to figure out how to send you some of it.

  3. david glover

    Does it come in Camo?

  4. heavymetalnut

    Sorry to hear about your aches n pains Dick.I think we all get em. The treasure master was light and comfortable. I dug a couple good targets with it at a new cellar hole site. One was a not very common early one piece diplomatic eagle button. Like you said I’m so used to the XLT and MXT handle and screen set up, I felt out of my element using this machine. Good depth,pin point was dead on, and overall a good replacement machine to take over for the coin master line. Hope ya feel better soon ole man!

    • No Dave, I get different pains than you…trust me you will know what they are in about twenty five years.

      And….you will pay for the “ole man” comment.

  5. Big Tony

    Hey Dick, my good friend Two Ton Tony Gallanto siad he is available late night and weekends. He is back from the big house and needs some exercise.
    Your new machine looks sweet! Good luck with it!

  6. Big Tony

    Yeah, that’s it, very cool thanks for sharing. My dad talked about it all of the time.
    Ok so he is not available – how aboiuyt Hay Stacks Calhoun – he ate two dozen eggs and a loaf of bread for breakfast – or so said the Wrestling Association

  7. Big Tony

    I am not getting older the kids are though.
    Grand Pa Tony baby sits three to four days a week not included weekend visits. I took your advice this past winter but didn’t even find the time to check out the dozen sites I researched due to baby watch. The sites I visited didn’t produce, good thing I understood what you proport – have several sites and now I know why you said that. Keep up the great work -you really are playing an important role in this crazy hobby! Thanks again

  8. The TreasureMaster looks real good. At the ripe old age of 66, I am now looking for a lighter detector that I can spend some time hunting clad with. Several of the newer entry level detectors from several of the manufacturers do look like they would fit the bill. I am impressed with most of them and the number of features on them is really something for a ‘entry level’ machine. I am not in the market fight now, but by Christmas, I will probably know what to ask Santa for. I will be on the lookout.

    • James, today’s detectors do indeed offer a lot at a great price. Keep the TreasureMaster in mind when you are ready. So far I am liking it.

      I am also with you when it comes to the “lighter” detector. I think you will see the manufacturers looking at weight on all their future models (both inexpensive and expensive). There are couple of machines out there that look like weed-eaters and just their looks scare me.

  9. Big Tony

    you guys bring up very valid points about lighter weight machines.
    Now I would like to see a light weight pair of really great pair headphones

  10. WOW, some cool finds, alot of them, and a great machine… I’m jealous!

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