The TreasureMaster – a Second Look…


Got brave Saturday, grabbed the White’s TreasureMaster, said the hell with the heat, I am going detecting, and you know what?  I was soooo stupid! The heat kicked my butt big time, but I somehow managed to hang in there for a couple of hours, give or take (including two ten minute breaks in the Pug Bug with the AC set on “blast away”)….

The new site I’ve been waiting on? Still overgrown, and I am beginning to understand why I was given permission to hunt it now.  So I headed for a site that has been beat to death by detectorists, determined to get a better feel for this detector. When all was said and done I did indeed feel a little a lot more comfortable using it in the field (I played around with and learned the various settings and configurations at home).  Got to tell you though that dealing with push pads, up and down arrows, and plus and minus arrows can be a little daunting for this old tekkie.

Have I told you lately how much I like knobs and switches, pasta and dogs, and boobs and wine, and…..

I did not, despite coming home drenched in sweat, find anything of value, with the exception of an AMC token, which I found advertised for sale on Ebay at $2 each.  Realistically it’s worth maybe 2¢. The total of my finds? 82 cents!! That comes out to 41 cents an hour, not counting my gas, sweat, aches and pains, and time spent learning new curse words.  I did however find that the TreasureMaster is one fine little machine.

Thinking about buying a candy bar when I another 20 cents....

Thinking about buying a candy bar when I find another 20 cents….

What impresses me most about the TM is the target ID accuracy. Granted none of my finds were deep, but each find was on the money, no pun intended (the token read penny).  The ID readouts did not fluctuate much at all, locking on each item. I also found two pull tabs (not included in the knock ’em dead, jaw dropping photo) and they too were identified accurately.

Feeling a lot more comfortable with the control panel I was able to play around and experiment with things like sensitivity, audio, tone and discrimination. One feature I really liked was being able to adjust the sensitivity on the fly by using the up and down arrows on the right…a handy thing when you get that “iffy”signal in need of a little more clarity and definition .

I used the two-tone setting for the most part, because of the distinct difference in sound, and with discrimination set at foil I was able to get my disc setting a notch below nickel acceptance (tabs and all). It’s that fear of losing that gold ring or coin.

I am thinking of taking the TreasureMaster to a very old and very popular park in Dallas. It’s been in use since the late 1920’s and has been used for picnicking, swimming, biking, concerts, carnivals, boating, fireworks, military training, bingo, sex and other various sundries.  It’s a great detecting site if you have patience, and it might be might be fun to see how this machine reacts to the excessive trash.

I know I am repeating myself, but I love the weight and the design of the TM.  After using the MXT Pro and it’s box configuration, it much easier on the arm and shoulder. I also like being able to set the detector down on the ground without having to loosen the velcro arm strap (which I have to do all the time with my MXT Pro). The TreasureMaster also comes with the same type arm cuff and Velcro strap, but with this new ergonomic design it’s really not needed IMHO.

Here’s hoping my friends at Whites will take pity on me, and find a way to put the MXT All Pro features in this housing and add a couple of small knobs and switches…. Maybe call it the CurmudgeonMaster? Yeah, that’s the ticket!


Here’s a video from the White’s Facebook page that explains a little more about how to set up and adjust the various features on the TreasureMaster…..

For more product details and specs click HERE



Do yourself a favor and give a listen to Dan Hughes’s latest podcast on war nickels….you may think you know all about them, but I suspect you just might learn a thing or two.  I certainly did. 






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5 responses to “The TreasureMaster – a Second Look…

  1. Jeezus H, Ricardo….. By the time you’ve buggered about getting it ready to reject pull-tabs the pubs will be shut. This ain’t the drinking man’s machine, no suh! It ain’t even fitted with a bottle opener, or a corkscrew.
    Us recreational users of Scotch and Bourbon deserve better.

    Up yours (with respect)
    John H

  2. Fantastic weather, wish we had it over here 100,101,102…then again, only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun, eh?
    Stay cool!
    Bubba H

  3. Packrat

    Hey Dick I have to agree on your likes but not necessarily in that order. Boobs and and dogs are right under knobs and switches

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