A Difference Maker?

Passing along a tip I received from an old friend and hope it may help one or two of you in your quest for new permissions. 

In my last post I said…

“Striking out with my permission letters. No doubt the liability part plays into it. What other reason could there be for not allowing a hobbyist to walk a farm field?”

Well my old friend Terry Humphries from up the road in Oklahoma emailed and offered the following:

“Dick read your latest blog post that included a bit about landowners & liability. Most states have statutes that relieve landowners of liability if they allow recreational use on their property for no charge, especially agricultural property.

The attached file is the relevant section of the Texas statutes covering liability on agricultural property. Thought you might like to see it if you haven’t already. The Oklahoma version has helped us on a few properties and most landowners already know the law.”


Gotta tell you I was totally unaware of this! To see if other states had similar statutes I did a Google search and indeed it seems most do.

My home state of New Jersey had this to say….

LIABILITY (N.J.S.A. 2A:42A-6) This law limits the liability of landowners for injuries sustained on their property, even if their written permission is given to enter the land. While the landowner is responsible to warn of any hazardous conditions that may exist, written permission does not guarantee safety, nor does the owner assume or incur liability if injuries are sustained by the actions of the persons on the property.

Now I’m not sure if having a copy of something like this would be a deal maker when knocking on doors but it sure as hell can’t hurt to have it in your hip pocket.


Terry’s email was followed up with a “good ole days, remember when, whatever happened to” phone call …..chicken soup for this old soul. Thanks my friend.


A Serious Hunt?

White’s dealers are giving out their annual Easter egg hints on social media and I wondered why every manufacturer doesn’t do something similar but on a larger scale and not necessarily tied in with a holiday. Bring back the lure of buried treasure  and create something that involves a lot of thinking, detailed research and planning.

Now I’m not advocating for anything like the Forrest Fenn folly…maybe bury a gold coin or two or three, tokens for top of the line detectors or for that matter a small treasure chest loaded with silver coins. Bury them in different parts of the country to give everyone a fair shot.  They could give out clues each week thus getting treasure hunters to their website and a chance to promote their product line. A lot of work and secrecy for sure but what the hell, why not?


Jersey Joe (Grasso) offered the following…

Reasons My Metal Detector is Better than Yours

1. I paid more for it
2. ‎Has tone break (what’s that?)
3. ‎Came with a free ball cap & pouch
4. ‎Because the dealer said so
5. ‎Only finds coins in uncirculated condition
6. ‎Has cool colors
7. ‎Has a bumper guard, so it doesn’t get scratched when I lean it on my shovel
8. ‎Sees thru iron…and woman’s blouses
9. The box says “new and improved”
10. ‎Has MAX after its name (anything that says PRO, ADVANCED, PLUS or MAX is a winner, in my book)
11. ‎The chicks dig it
12. ‎All my homies and those famous YouTubers swear by it
13. ‎The VDI screen has the nicest icons I’ve ever seen
14. ‎The dealer threw in free shipping
15. ‎Detects a dime on edge 1/3″ deeper than current technology
16. ‎They drove a Sherman tank off a cliff to introduce it (hot damn!)
17. ‎Has built-in voicemail, so I can let the machine pick up when my wife calls
18. ‎Unit is waterproof to 200 feet, just in case I ever decide to break the world scuba diving record
19. ‎Runs on 2 hearing aid batteries
20. ‎Makes my fellow club members jealous as f@ck!


Happy St. Patty’s Day…Have One for Me!




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6 responses to “A Difference Maker?

  1. That NJ recreational use Clause could be a deal breaker, but additional insurance such as the UK’s Federation of Independent Detectorists’ issue to members certainly helps Tekkies over here.
    Perhaps if some US clubs in any particular locale could form a local federation/association they could obtain Third Party Insurance for members.

    What the hell is the liquid in that glass? Chartreuse? Anti-freeze?

    • “Perhaps if some US clubs in any particular locale could form a local federation/association they could obtain Third Party Insurance for members.”

      Doubt that would ever happen here John. Too many clubs trying to stay afloat and too many tekkies more concerned with making videos than in organizing. If you haven’t noticed it’s the me, me, me generation.

      Red wine with a little Photoshop added…

  2. Bigtony

    More talk is needed for sure on the insurance issue here in the USA.
    Joe’s list is killing me – I busted a gut laughing. One that I can add to the list –

    My machine has 12 search programs and your doesn’t…now what they all do is another question!

  3. Packrat

    Regarding the Easter egg hunt by Whites. A club member got some tokens and planted them in parks. I was lucky enough to find one for $25. It gets me in a drawing for some prizes too. Was fun figuring out the clues.

    • Larry, saw a couple places where the clues were so easy they were found quickly. Maybe they were told to do that…. ??

      Hope you are doing well my friend.

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