Some Folks Are No Fun At All…

Whites Electronics is currently working on a new website and when it’s finished it’s going to be a dandy. The new “Support” page is very cool and I especially liked the “Check Your Repair Status” option.  Another nice touch? The “Adventure” page.

Anyway after exploring all the new features I came upon a link titled “Event Sponsorship”. It stated….

“If you’re having a club hunt, treasure show, or looking to do a review or giveaway on social media, please fill out the form below. At White’s Electronics we try to give back to the metal detecting community as much as we can. The more info you can give us the better your chances are of getting approved.”

Being somewhat bored yesterday I decided to have a little fun. I filled out the form and sent off the following…

Having a “Dick Needs Wine” event in September and hoping you can help. Shirts should be extra-large and blue (wine spills won’t show as easily)… would also like an MXT Sport detector for myself and a Coinmaster for Digger, my dog. He’s a turn on and go guy.

Other than that you can send wine. I love Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux and I am a big fan of French wines (hint).  Of course if that is asking too much, Thunderbird is fine.

Thanks so much for your help. The wine rack is almost empty.

D. Stout


This morning I received the following response….



Mr. Stout,

We have received your request for metal detectors and wine. Unfortunately at this time our own supply is running dangerously low, so much so that we have started in on the “Franzia”.

As far as detectors, we can dig what you’re asking for. As for the pooch – company policy is that, unlike our detectors, we do not discriminate. It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly which detector is right for a person. A canine is no different, but we were hoping to offer a small nugget of advice. We are currently working on a new DFX aimed at this demographic (Dog Frequency, inaudible to humans). Knowing the company’s development pace, I would assume it should be ready in 120-360 months. If Fido has access to a cryogenic chamber it might be worth the wait.

The MX Sport is currently “on hold” while we address a manufacturing issue. But we can gladly offer you a free book titled “In Search of Treasure.” The author knows what he is talking about, though his name eludes us at the moment…

Tom Boykin
Media Guy at White’s Electronics”


Sheesh, you might think I was asking for the world!!   



The Public Gets to Dig Like Archaeologists



Sure you all know how much I like treasure hunting videos (or don’t), but Todd Hiltz seems to have a way of changing my mind . Here’s his latest.





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18 responses to “Some Folks Are No Fun At All…

  1. Randy Dee

    You know what they say Dick “If you don’t ask you don’t get”

  2. I wanted to write something funny here but alas, i am just not funny. Want to point out however that when our club reached out to md companies for help, White’s sent detectors. The other company that sent equipment was Garrett. I have owned both companies’ gear and had 100% positive experiences with both. I still think one of these days i am going to give the V3i another shot.

  3. Wendell

    You win some and you lose some. First time I’ve had the chance to read one of your posts and got a laugh and that’s better than a dose of medicine. I can’t get my dogs Buddy and Dixie to help me detect or dig my targets when I have the odd chance to get out.

    I was half asleep the other day and some channel had this commercial of people on a nude beach trying to cover up with this and that and lo and behold, her come’s a fat man with a metal detector and nothing between him and the good Lord, but a strategically located finds pouch. Laughed myself silly.

    • Wendell if something I write or share brings a smile to someone’s face then I’m pleased. I suspect too that given my age and situation I could probably get away with that apron thing at the beach.

      Thanks for taking the time to respond…I appreciate it.

  4. That was a fun read. Cheers!!!

  5. del

    Where was this company about 4 or 5 years ago ?? I requested something a lot less from them and it would of helped promote their machines and image abroad and for a noble cause too! I received a “cold shoulder” , the volume of silence was deafening . Don’t get me wrong , I am a fan of their detectors and their customer service but their PR organization has been out to lunch for some time . Dick , you know I’m one to speak my mind and I made sure they knew of my distaste , well needless to say they have don’t answer anything i send them now , shocker huh?

    • Del (Dan) can’t answer that other than to say that they have, in my estimation, the best customer service in the industry and go out of their way to support a wide variety of programs and efforts. I think many others would agree as well. I will also add that I’ve also been privy to a great many charitable things they have done to help individuals/families over the years that were done under the radar and without any fanfare or publicity.

      They are and have been family to me for years and I will always vouch for their caring and charitable ways.

      Sorry, can’t help you with your question but you got your point across. Thanks.

  6. Hi Dick:
    Back in the Good ‘Ole days, when I was General Secretary of the NCMD, George MaCrae of Whites UK bent over backwards helping the hobby. It’s a pity that Del had a bad experience, and I can’t imagine that Whites would wilfully ignore any request, but in any communication situation there’s always a gliche lurking in the background. I guess in Del’s situation the gliche came out of the shadows. Great pity.

    • I can’t imagine it either, but two old expressions come to mind.

      “There’s two sides to each story” and “you catch more flies with honey”…..

  7. Coin25

    Dick, that was a fun read, I guess they (Whites) still wish they had you and your dog around to do testing of new products. and don’t tell me he can’t test a pin pointer – he digs up bones doesn’t he?

  8. Bigtony

    Tough one for you because you will probably cook up those truffles and add some wine to the sauce pan to add a little zing!

  9. Coin25

    Yeah that is cool. This past spring someone made the news in West Jersey looking for those, who knew!

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