No I didn’t find anything but watch this…

“Going water digging Monday. Will let you know. Hopefully will have a good video to post….”

That was a response yesterday to a friend’s FB post, and for some reason it caught my attention. It was from another tekkie friend of mine, and one I admire for his treasure hunting expertise. I clearly understood what he was saying, but it’s a sign of just where the pastime is today. We used to say:

“Going water digging Monday. Will let you know. Hopefully I will find a few keepers”…

And before my friend gets pissed at me for picking on his response I mean no disrespect.  He and I go way back and I think he will know where I am coming from with all this.  His nickname is “tuck a buck”….will leave the deciphering up to you.

It used to be just “went detecting”…”treasure hunting”, whatever. Today we not only go detecting, we take photos, we film, we act and our concern is not so much in what we might find, but rather how good our video will turn out. If all goes well it will wind up on YouTube or Facebook, maybe with a title, scrolling credits and music. The goal of course is to attract a lot of viewers and be the best videographer that day. Tomorrow? It’s lost amongst the thousand of others out there, and the process is started all over again.  We are in a  “look at me now” era…

I suspect a few of you are going to take offense at this, but the fun, the simplicity and the innocence of this pastime has been hijacked. Commercialized and bastardized. It used to be easy. It used to be about research, the thrill of the hunt, the finds and the camaraderie. Today we are told that you can never have enough equipment, that you need to buy one more item, one more gizmo. We’re told that we need to take photos, make videos and share them on social media (warts and all).

If you think I am wrong….think about searchcoils….

Years ago the standard was pretty much the 7 inch. Now you can get 4 inch, 5 inch, 7 inch, 10, 12 and 14 inch,  and of course there’s also a 5×10, 6×10, 7×10, 10×14, 3×7, 16×16, just to name a few. We have double D, concentric, Proformance Mono, spider, round, semi-elliptical, butterfly, wide scan, and if you don’t like what the major manufacturers have to offer you send your money to Notka, Nel, Detech, Sun Ray, Cors, Coiltek, Makro and Mars. (If you build it they will come).

Remember that $39 printer with $54 replacement cartridges?

A word of advice….enjoy this hobby for what it is…a fun outdoor experience and be careful what you say, what you share and what you show on social media. You can take this medium and use it to your advantage (such as joining forces to protect the pastime) or you can go bat shit crazy, and shout out anything that crosses your mind. Just know that all kinds of people are watching, and a few of them are not your friend. Trust me….


Okay, done with that…. Y’all go make that movie and if you have time try to find something neat too….





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20 responses to “No I didn’t find anything but watch this…

  1. James M. Fielding

    Yep, very true. When YouTube started I started a metal detecting channel…it was shot initially in a tiny 340 x 340 format…you had to stick you eye to the, then, NOHD screen, and listen to the tinny audio.I’d get comments like “Ewww…clip your fingernails!” or “Leave detecting to those of us that need the money, you and your PRIVATE SECURITY GATE!!!” After a while it hit me, comments were no longer about detecting techniques, or how to dig properly, they were about the camera being too “shakey” and the colors too drab. I got a bigger desktop computer, an HD camera, $500 bucks worth of HD editing software, then a music creation program, a studio-quality microphone for voiceovers, a CakeWalk audio program that had better audio editing than my local PBS station. I got a copy of Photoshop and started doing custom video-graphics, I bought a 3-d computer animation program, a 2-D animation application, went over to my local PBS station’s dumpster and pulled out thousands of dollars worth of studio sound deadening foam they had tossed out, and made my office soundproof for recording quality audio. When I was done I was too exhausted to make but a few videos, as I never found much in the field as I was always setting up camera angles, light reflectors, waiting for sunup, waiting for sundown…by the time I was done, I could have bought 3 of the very latest metal detectors, plus a pretty nice truck to haul em’ in. You are right on the money Dick! When you need a major documentary filmed, just drop me a line…I’ll be out metal detecting.

  2. I wanted to start filming some of my hunts, so I whined and whined for a GoPro camera until Santa bought me one for Christmas–it’s August, and it’s still in the box…

    • I may be biased because I’ve never had a camera like the GoPro, and obviously never will now. I just couldn’t see myself going through the whole process trying to film my detecting trips. Would rather enjoy the day and concentrate on finding things. That is after all what the pastime is about.

  3. Coin25

    Dick, I feel you are right – show and tell online just doesn’t cut it with me anylonger. If was fun to bring my finds to the club and display them so others would look and we then talked about the hobby. When the club moved that display area went by the way of posting online. We had simple contests too – one of my favorites was a list of items you had to find each month for three months. You didn’t know how many points they were worth until the club meeting. This was a fun activity and even the kids enjoyed because it made you think of places to hunt in order for your best chance of finding those monthly items. Oh well – I am happy to have had fun with that back then.

    I do have after market coils and crazy new pin pointers, they help in certain conditions. I am glad that those after market folks are trying to help the hobby improve where you would have thought the manufacturers would have gone but doin’t want to get involved. Last thing – I am not a beer person anylonger – I enjoyed that too back then but these days it just adds area to my midsection.

    • Could be old age Tony, and sour grapes. At least two people have told me that…I responded with “I got your sour grapes right here”….

      As for the beer….I am not a beer person either. Just on a really hot day. I don’t worry about the midsection so much. Just the running to the john.

  4. No sour grapes here but you know what else I hate? I hate these newfangled arabic numerals. I mean, the old roman numerals worked so darn well. And cars, don’t let me get started about cars! With the totally flashy key ignition, why when I was a kid a crank worked just fine! and that AC, come on! if you needed air in the car you opened the windows, and not with that silly auto switch thing; no sir, you opened that windows with a hand crank like a real man… just kidding! just kidding!

    • Miner, don’t have a problem with progress. Love and appreciate all the things you mentioned, but metal detecting is different. Buy twenty top of the line detectors, ten different pinpointers, fifty different coils….no big deal. Just don’t beat me to death with photos and videos of you using them. There’s only so many ways to film someone digging a hole.

      And let’s be honest. The real reason detecting videos are made and shared is self promotion. The “I love saving history” just doesn’t come across that well in the ones that I’ve seen. Here’s an old brainfart…

      Curious. Who was the first tekkie to take videos of their “in the field” experiences? I mean who was it that decided others would want to watch “them” dig a coin, button, whatever? Kinda pretentious wouldn’t you say?

      • Dick, I think the universe of annoying videos of “saving history” types is really intended for the newbies. I used to eat those videos up and in fact, I recorded a few myself. It only took me 5 years to get over it (I know, I am slow on the uptake). So really, I understand the sentiment of the post. My biggest issue with the old timers ( and I mean, people who were detecting in the golden age of the hobby) is that they don’t recognize that times have changed. Not only the machines but the venues and the environment where we find ourselves listening to our machines.

        Just yesterday, an old and aggressive guy came and interrupted me while I was instructing a newbie on the basics of the hobby to tell him that all the coins were gone from the parks, and that he should be using a probe and a hand digger and this and that. This is what gets me. I love reading up about the good old days with not a little amount of envy but us johnny-come-latelies live in a different world. We need the new tech. And yes, I don’t get cammo in the hobby anymore than you do but the videos are a result of the times.

        Back then you had magazines and now we have YouTube. I think of my blog as pretentious as well and people don’t have to read it but I do get a couple of guys now and again who tell me they learned a thing or two by reading it. I know eventually they will get to the same point I am at and then my blog will not attract them anymore and like me they will just want to be alone with the tones at the park or wherever. So don’t be too hard on the super stars out there. Whatever their motives, a scared and witless guy going by the ridiculous moniker of pulltabMiner once found solace on those videos and on a blog by a certain cantankerous old guy from New Jersey who taught me a thing or two about this hobby.

      • Guilty! I do talk about the old days, and I am an old timer. It’s because I am old.

        You got your message across and your points were well presented. Allow me however the opportunity to piss and moan when the spirit moves me. It’s what I do best. Not always what’s best for the pastime, but I is who I is….

        Torin my friend I have a lot of respect for you and appreciate you taking me to task. Really. You are good at presenting your side of things and it’s always fun to go back and forth with you. Now, how much do you want for that camera?

  5. Hi Dick,

    As you know I am one of them “YouTube detecting video guys” I have now been doing it for around one and a half years and have made over 50 videos. I will be brutally honest about my reasons for deciding to start making videos the other year, money.

    I remember reading an article saying how amateur filmmakers on YouTube were making a living from uploading random videos onto the platform and enabling adverts to be played over them. At the time I was saving for a deposit on our first home and I saw this as an opportunity to earn some extra cash by just filming something I enjoyed doing. Well fast forward a year and a half and I have a house now although the videos helped very little towards that. I have had my videos viewed nearly half a million times with a total watch time of just over 1000 days which has not even earnt enough to buy a Garrett ace 250.

    I soon realised that I was not going to make a living from it but I also realised that I really enjoyed filming, editing and communicating with people who commented on the videos so these were the reasons I carried on with it. It is my belief that a lot of people start for the same reasons as I did which is why so many are popping up I guess most don’t find it enjoyable though which is why they soon stop uploading.

    • Andy, thank you for sharing that….I never knew or heard that YouTube folks could make money uploading videos. If I had I would have uploaded ten a day (me drinking wine, petting my dog, eating pasta, etc.).

      I’ve insulted a few Cecile B. Demille tekkies and I apologized to them. What I was trying to say was that the mere physical act and enjoyment of treasure hunting has taken a back seat to technology, and a lot of detectorists no longer go out looking for treasure but rather a well shot video. JMO, and I am an old, over the hill tekkie.

      • Haha I too have thought about putting random stuff on too lol they seem to be the ones that go viral!

        There is big money to be made on YouTube if you strike it lucky, as a rough guide you can expect between 0.5-3$ per thousand views, the top three metal detecting channels are recieving currently 25k, 50k and 150k views per day, that’s quite a bit of money with sponsorship deals added in. Like I say though you really have to be lucky or have something special to make you stand out from the thousands of other video makers

      • Damn if I had only known I could have given up doing porn….

  6. Oi! Ricardo!;
    Tell the truth! You’ve never done porn. As I recall you failed the physical, er… we both did.

  7. I don’t blame ’em…ever tasted some that cheap sh*t? It’s the Warsaw Wally of wine.

  8. The 2013 Thunderbird was a particularly good vintage…Jeez, where have you been?

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