So What Else is New?

The email I received from “Marcus” a few days ago got me thinking again (yeah, I know, you lose)….  I want to know just what is it that I can be sharing here that would really be useful to you.  I mean I do want my blog to be informative and worth your time, but honestly I am about to turn 74, and have pretty much shared all I can when it comes to swinging a metal detector. 

That little corner in my brain labeled treasure hunting is filled up, and no matter what new terms or labels they throw out there, the basics haven’t really changed. Reminds me of the ole ditty, “everything old is new again”.   I can just see you all Googling the word “ditty”.

Yes, I know we have high-tech, computerized detectors, but don’t they still have all metal and disc modes that work pretty much the same as they did in the 80’s?  Isn’t it still – too much discrimination and you miss the gold, too little and you will have a nice collection of pull tabs?  And, don’t they still have ground balance?  Yes it’s easier to do now and they offer automatic ground tracking, but isn’t that pretty much a crap shoot as to how precise it really is? And, no matter what you call it….gain, sensitivity, whatever….it’s still “depth”, is it not, and if you set it too high you get chatter. Nothing new there either.

I know, not cool, but still finds coins....

I know, not cool, but still finds coins….

Of course we do now have pinpointers, but I can’t advise you here either. I don’t use them.  To me they are one more item to carry, one more time-consuming step in the recovery process, and too damn expensive (at least for me).

Searchcoils? Nah, can’t be much help here either, even though we now have round, square, oval, open, closed, large, small, concentric, submersible, widescan, deepscan double D, spider, sniper, sharpshooter and imported (can extra virgin be too far off?).  To me they only come in small, medium and large, and I will take the medium, thank you.

So let me finish with these recommendations.  Buy the most expensive metal detector you can find, because the more you spend, the more you will find. Same with the coil…cash in your savings, take a loan, sell your truck, whatever, and buy the biggest, most expensive one on the market. If you do that I guarantee you will find hoards. Big ass hoards that will put you on easy street.

Finally, send me $1,000, cash or money order, and I will tell you how to use your equipment, what to do with it when you are done, and if you are among the first one hundred to do this, I will send you a personally autographed postcard from the South of France.

Now ask me anything you want.  Just remember I love knobs & switches! 



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2 responses to “So What Else is New?

  1. wintersen

    Dick – You underestimate your readership if you think they have to check out the word DITTY! That was another AWESOME post. 🙂

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