What’s Your Moniker?

Interesting post on a FB detecting page..”what do people in the hobby of metal detecting prefer to be called”?

A few responses….  M.D.r’s. Detectorists, Swingers, Diggers, Treasure Hunters, Prospectors, Dirt Fishermen, Archemetalogist, History Hunters, Dirt Diggers, Relic Hunters, Active Dreamers, Sunburned Seekers and Discoverers.

This got me thinking… Maybe we should come up with a few labels to irritate the archaeologists (or make them happy). Names like Happy Hoikers or Backhoe Bums?  Or how about Big Hole BubbasTear ‘Em Up Tekkies, Root ‘Em Out Rowdies or Show ‘Em Up Sams?  Then there’s Plundering PluckersLookey Here’s, Hoard Whores, Reformed Arkies and my very favorite, Bad Ass Barfordites? What da ya think?

For the record I am a Coinshooter, albeit a cranky one, but I’m curious…what do you want to be called?



I received and email from a SS reader this morning.  He said he was offended by my comments about camouflage, told me where to stick it and ended his message with f**k “off”.  Not entirely sure but I think he was mad….

Well listen, I don’t want anyone out there to be mad at me, or to stop wearing camo, or remove it from your house, etc..  You all look lovely in it and it adds a certain charm to your home.



He’s so country he thinks a seven-course meal is a possum and a six-pack.



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23 responses to “What’s Your Moniker?

  1. Don M

    I suspect that the clown who told you to f off because of your camo comment was likely upset because his entire wardrobe is camo, including his underwear, although when it was new out of the package it was probably white to begin with.

  2. wintersen

    I am (or was) a METAL DETECTORIST.
    Simple as that!

    • Is it true that you once had a club called Winter’s Warriors?

    • Gary K

      Yeaup, that’s what I have always been called and thought of myself as…

      Side note have you seen The Detectorists series on BBC..

      Are you metal detectors?

      No.. Handing the girl the detector

      This is a metal detector

      We are metal detectorists..

      Hahaha love it

      • Gary I loved that show, and from what I’ve heard it’s coming back for another season. Nice diversion from the ole “and the value is…..drum roll….gazillion dollars” supposed reality shows over here.

  3. On the camo commode..
    You can’t see that shit coming lol

  4. Why do I get the feeling that these comments will be passed around the archaeological blogosphere?

  5. I’d hate to answer to the name….’archaeologist’; it’s not that I have a problem with that label per se, but I feel it would only serve to elevate Barford to our level giving him an undeserved ‘gloss’.

    After all, one archaeologist (an FLO) said of him…” [I] prefer not to have any dealings with PB. I wasted ages explaining myself over the Cold Brayfield Hoard and was ignored and misunderstood!”

    We must maintain our standards and those of our FLO’s.

  6. Jimnick

    Wel, me too, I like the Idea of being a(n avid) coinshooter.

    To impress your French fiends, you might tell them “je suis un poêleur”, poêleur refers to “poêle à frire” (frying pan), a popular expression to call a metal detector in France and other french speaking countries.

  7. Jimnick my wife has a few names for me and none of them are coinshooter.

  8. Mike Smith

    I prefer the term “amateur archaeologist” but also would respond to prospector, treasure hunter, beach hunter, relic hunter because that is what I use the detector for.
    Because I do not have a “degree” in Archaeology (like a degree means something today, intelligence, wisdom, hardly!), can I be called a “Professional”? With that question in mind, a lot of people in the metal detecting community would put most “diploma archaeologist” to shame with our knowledge because they are not willing to learn, plain and simple! Their loss! But at least our finds are posted for the would to see, just look at any detecting forum. We love to share!

    • Hi Mike…. not sure the arkies would like you calling yourself an archaeologist, amateur or not. Then again they pretty much don’t like anything we do, so no sweat there, and yes, you have pretty much done it all over the years. I’m envious.

      Hope all is well in our neck of the woods, and don’t be a stranger here.

  9. coin25...aka Bigtony

    Starting this year – i’ll use pull tab or rusty iron hunter, as my moniker. That should keep them away while I enjoy the hobby of metal detecting.

  10. Well if anyone would know if that worked it would be you….

  11. coin25...aka Bigtony

    Breakwinder, let me see…are you referring to a good bunch of old farts? Then that might work because there is plenty of hot wind coming from these so called archies and Treasure Hunters too.

  12. Pavel the Red…there’s an old fart!

  13. Whenever I type metal detectorist in my computer, the autocorrect underlines it red with no suggestion as to the correct spelling, suggesting to me that the word doesn’t officially exist in the English language. I for once wear camo so I can detect in the park and not be seen by those who want to hunt my super-secret spots.

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