A Change of Pace…


After the last post I decided to mellow out and have a little fun…



White’s Electronics is currently entertaining their field test team, and it took maybe five hours before they had to push my button with this photo on FB.  It’s the cellar guy, Todd Hiltz, and the caption reads, “If I had to swing this all day, I would be as grumpy as Mr. Dick Stout”


Well Todd, you don’t have to swing that thing, so be very thankful. You pampered tekkies have it pretty good today.  When I see those older detectors I see good times, lots of old coins and a helluva lot of fun. Oh, and Todd buy that book. I need the money.

Finally the last laugh was on Todd, when he posted the same photo on another FB page and made the comment, “Yes sir, we love Dick”…..



Was working on a special article about metal detecting for seniors and the following photo is part of it.  I know, startled the hell out of me too….

Aging gracefully?

Aging gracefully?



I just recently suggested talking to old timers and had to share this great photo. Could have been taken here in my home town.

DQ Guys

DQ Guys

They do hang out and it behooves you to find out where. Thanks to Framed and Shot for the photo.






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16 responses to “A Change of Pace…

  1. Hello Dick,

    I love the picture of the nugget master detector. What more could you ask for? It has dual meters and a hyper precise vernier knob for fine tuning.

    – Daniel Bernzweig

  2. wendell ellerbee

    Looking forward to the article on seniors.

  3. Dick, Steve Ukena, all of 30 something, used to hang out with the old guys at this convenience store in the town where he lived. It was funny to see him banter with them. You could tell that they really got a kick out of it. I tend to cause fear and concern in people (comes in handy in the tough neighborhoods I detect) so I could never do what Steve does but it is sure fun to watch.

  4. ‘Solitude and Old coins…what more could you ask for’…….. you write.
    Er….What about old Single Malt and old women then ?

  5. coin25...aka Bigtony

    Dick, great picture in a picture, I like how they honored you. I hope the check is cashable and large! You deserve it.
    But hey – go ahead and mellow out – that sounds like a 1970’s saying, along with Dude Surf’s Up!

    You will be back at it real soon, maybe sooner then a single malt placed in front of John.

    • Are you kidding? They weren’t honoring me. They were busting my balls, but that’s okay. I will get even with them….

      And….nothing disappears quicker than a single malt in front of Howland, unless of course he paid for it.

  6. Todd Hiltz

    I told everyone at White’s that you would get me back Dick. I guess I stuck my foot in my mouth and gave an easy lay-up.

  7. coin25...aka Bigtony

    You know Dick, I agree with you – the younger folks do have this thing with seniors. It seems it’s the mode of the day.

    • Well you see, they know so much more than us….or at least they think they do. My father used to say “you live and learn something new every day. Then die dumber than hell”.

  8. coin25...aka Bigtony

    Thats a great line, and your dad was right! I don’t want any more technology to make me stupid but there is more coming, in our cars and homes and probably in the bathroom too…but who needs anymore…keep it simple. Our detector’s are fine now we don’t need more gadgets on them.

  9. heavymetalnut

    we love you Mr.Stout! you are a good man.notice i didn’t say we love bleep! who says pollocks are dumb huh?

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