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Talk About a Big Pair…

I stumbled upon the following and decided to keep a close on eye on it.  If this guy does well I just might do the same thing….. Continue reading


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So What Else is New?

The email I received from “Marcus” a few days ago got me thinking again (yeah, I know, you lose)….  I want to know just what is it that I can be sharing here that would really be useful to you.  I mean I do want my blog to be informative and worth your time, but honestly I am about to turn 74, and have pretty much shared all I can when it comes to swinging a metal detector.  Continue reading


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Monday Madness…

Hope you all have your NCAA brackets filled out and bets placed.  March Madness is about to begin, and I love it! 

As for my detecting?  The ground is like a sponge right now. So bad in fact my walker got stuck!  Not complaining however because we need rain badly. Continue reading


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Going Blind…

The “just do it” Nike phrase has pretty much been my mantra over the years.  Not always a good thing mind you, but just the way I roll. I am an impulsive individual, a Gemini, and if I make my mind up to do something, I usually do it, no matter the consequences. Continue reading


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