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Sunday Soup…


Many thanks to George Streeter and the Best of Northeast gang for selecting “In Search of Treasure” as the best book of 2015 (published in 2013). George, owner of Streeter’s Treasure Hunting Supply, has been putting on the Best of Northeast now for 22 years, and while I have never attended, all my tekkie friends tell me it’s one the best treasure events going. Continue reading


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Talk About a Big Pair…

I stumbled upon the following and decided to keep a close on eye on it.  If this guy does well I just might do the same thing….. Continue reading


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So What Else is New?

The email I received from “Marcus” a few days ago got me thinking again (yeah, I know, you lose)….  I want to know just what is it that I can be sharing here that would really be useful to you.  I mean I do want my blog to be informative and worth your time, but honestly I am about to turn 74, and have pretty much shared all I can when it comes to swinging a metal detector.  Continue reading


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Another Take on the $12,000 Minelab…

Howl5John Howland apparently put his beer down for a few minutes, and decided to share his thoughts on the new Minelab GPZ 7000.  Do keep in mind however that whenever he buys anything, he always relates the cost to how much beer he could get for the same amount of money.  Anyway here’s Johnny!!. Continue reading


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