Will We Ever Grow Up?

A few things happened over the past couple of days and I just had to vent…

When will this pastime grow up and act professional?  Seriously. I have tried to follow along on various websites, blogs, FB pages and even podcasts, and all I ever see are the same redundant, mundane, repetitive and childish representations of what we do, who we are and what we are about….

I don’t know what it is, but we can’t seem to give off the impression that we know what we are doing. Instead of a one for all, we’ve become a disjointed, amateurish, and often times embarrassing group of hobbyists, and yes I know that will garner a few nasty emails. I really don’t care.

Not sure if it will ever happen, but someday we need to wake up, and more importantly, grow up, or we will be history. There’s material and breadth in what we do, but somehow it just never seems to show up. Anymore it’s all about me, sometimes poor me, and hardly ever about US.

We are losing ground here and there, but you wouldn’t know it if you frequent any of the social media pages, websites, blogs or podcasts. All we seem to give a crap about is “look at what I found” or “I just ordered a….” and on and on and on. Then there’s always the heavy drama….”someone said this about me” or “I will no longer share a site here”.  Honestly I don’t really care. Deal with it!



Try and have a debate about parks being closed and you will hear the following:

“Well there are dogs digging in the park and golfers creating divots. Or, we pick up the trash, we pay taxes and work with the police”.   

Bring up the subject of a strong, professional and viable organization to represent us and you get:

“I’m not giving my money to someone who only wants to sit on his ass” or “I can handle my problems myself” and “no problems here so forget it”. Or what really gets in my craw….the ole “well we beat them up with emails and showed them who we are”. Yeah, right!

Maybe I expect too much from all this, and then again maybe I am too old, and out of touch. If it’s the latter, fine. Shoot me for crissakes.



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9 responses to “Will We Ever Grow Up?

  1. I agree, Dick. I think most of us that are our age will agree. I really think the problem stems from the younger group. They think a bit differently because they have been taught differently. We were born in a different time and have different attitudes toward things. We can not help it and neither can the younger generation help it. Progress is not always the best.

  2. Jamie

    I don’t bother anymore. I am just trying to find time to get out and adventure with my detector. There is too much braggadocio and ego for my taste. I’m a simple man.

  3. heavymetalnut

    Yep it has gotten to be cut throat.I have witnessed detector dealers making up fake profiles on facebook to slander and spread crap about another dealer. Even yanking dusty skeletons out of a closet to belittle that person
    Very childish & unprofessional. if you ask me.

  4. Dick, I tried to grow up once. I read Kierkegaard and drank wine, It didn’t take, so I went back to being a grown man digging holes in the ground to find shiny stuff. I have no qualms with being a tad (alright, a lot) immature but I do dislike the lack of manners and the “I can say anything I want because I live 1000 miles from you” attitude. I have examined my own lack of ‘fire’ when it comes to joining others’ fights to protect the hobby. It’s not that I am totally apathetic; most often I just don’t know what to do. Steve and I decided to be proactive and we reached out to the city and to the director of Parks and Recreations but maybe that’s not enough.
    I am guilty of posting banal and shallow dribble in my blog but I don’t know that I’m experienced enough to have deep thoughts regarding our hobby. I selfishly rely on you and John Winters to do that. Keep on giving us the business end of your opinion. Somebody has to keep us honest.

  5. Bigtony

    I for one am not growing up – I am a kid at heart who likes to dig in the dirt or sand or grass or garbage dumps.
    I also do not go to meetings to support our hobby or our city government or state government.
    So can we all meet at a local meeting say at least 50 detectorists and ask to be heard? Now where can we start?

  6. Bob K

    Well said Dick. Guess age does matter, the elders of us been thru this. The younger generation now are saying what we said years ago. Yes we do need a strong organization, even if it means some one sitting on there posterior (in charge) somewhere calling/asking others to help. It may even take one in each state to assist, just like in GPAA.

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments. I just blew a fuse and need to remember next time to think twice about writing when I am angry.

  8. I would like to debate you, but I agree with you too much.
    I feel like I’m living in a world where the atmosphere is made up of apathy….

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