Monday Madness…

Hope you all have your NCAA brackets filled out and bets placed.  March Madness is about to begin, and I love it! 

As for my detecting?  The ground is like a sponge right now. So bad in fact my walker got stuck!  Not complaining however because we need rain badly.

From the “contact me” link Marcus asked…

“I keep coming to your blog but never see information on how to find treasure, and please can you show pictures of what you find”

Hmm, well, if I really knew how to find treasure I would tell you.  Then again, maybe not?  Might be worth a few bucks….  Also, if you do come here, I have to assume you’ve been to all the other tekkie blogs, websites, FB pages, podcasts, and watched the 50,000 exciting YouTube videos. If so, don’t piss and moan about this blog.  It is what it is Jack!

The best advice I can give?

  1. Buy a Metal Detector
  3. Buy a digger
  5. Buy a set of headphones
  7. Buy a carpenters apron
  9. Go detecting
  11. Set your discrimination to a notch below nickel
  13. Set you sensitivity as high as possible without chatter
  15. Watch numbers, not names
  17. When in doubt, dig

And last but not least, a few photos to blow you straight away. I cashed all these puppies in and took a trip to Buenos Aires, Paris, Bora Bora and Shanghai. Eat your heart out!


Marcus I know SS is a little weird and off kilter sometimes, but it is what it is.  What can I say? I like to have fun, and just so you know, this is my wife Fay.  Any more questions?


One of Fay’s more serious moments…




Thanks to Bob Buttafuso for sharing the following funny. If you detect, are of a certain age and on Facebook, check out Bob’s page, “Old as Dirt Diggers”…

Two of my friends, Jeff and David were heading down to Catlett, VA one morning years ago to do some relic hunting. As they were driving down Rt. 28 approaching a nice looking field, Jeff suggested they stop and see if they could get permission to hunt it.

As they got out of their car and headed to the white house in front of the property Jeff told David that he thought that the Mennonites lived there and he doubted that they would give them permission. As they walked up the steps to the porch, David said that he would do the asking. Jeff stood back as a man in a straw hat came to the door after David’s first knock.

Mr. Mennonite, would you mind if we relic hunted in the field behind your house asked David. Jeff’s eyes widened as he couldn’t believe his ears. Poor David thought that was the last names of the folks that lived there. The man evidently didn’t think anything of it, but nevertheless denied them permission.  Jeff told me that he didn’t dig a thing that day as he couldn’t stop laughing….




My doppelgänger in the UK, John Winter, just put up a post that pretty much tells our side of the story, at least it does for tekkies in the UK.  He did however mention Warsaw Wally, the pretend archaeologist from Poland, and that’s something most tekkies avoid.  No need spreading germs…

What John does is list a few of the fantastic contributions to the PAS by detectorists, and does it beautifully.  Hope you will read the following and save….just in case someone wants to belittle or attempt to inhibit your enjoyment.  Nicely done John (note I did not say awesome).





Still going through my Buffalo nickels, looking for that one that might put me on easy street.  I did find a few nice semi-keys  worthy of 2×2’s, but no 1916 double die. Likewise I had to check (again) every 1937 date for a D mint mark, and then make sure the buffalo was on all fours.  Not exactly sure when I will finish but I did find out last night that this process can bring on a damn good headache.

It boggles my mind to think about all the wheat rolls I have, and all the varieties that have been found since I bought them. A job perhaps for the grandkids.





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17 responses to “Monday Madness…

  1. You can’t being doing it right, I don’t see any pull tabs in the pictures 🙂

  2. danhughes1

    Dick, whenever I get a request to post pictures of my finds, I send them some photos of the Saddle Ridge Hoard. I find that it helps me sell a lot of books.

  3. Dick:
    May I through the comments section ask that support be given to the UK’s National Trust who favour the ‘short tunnel’ option to protect Stonehenge from traffic. We need to counter the propaganda nonsense spouted by Heritage Harry, aka, Nigel Swift of Heritage Action who is desperate to see the ‘short tunnel’ option binned. Write to:-

    I already have. As Stonehenge is a World Heritage Site, all folks Stateside are eligible to cast their opinion. Please support the ‘short tunnel’ option.

    • Thanks John. I would also like to share the following link and ask that those of you who read my blog help out my good friend Peter Tompa, as well as all coin collectors by voicing your concern over the possibility that the folks in Washington just might impose restrictions on the import of Roman coins from Italy.

      For the record Peter is and has been a staunch supporter of our pastime.

      • Thanks Dick! We can use all the help we can get. It’s hard to get people motivated when there is a perception out there that the State Department could not care less what US citizens, much less collectors, say. What Italy could use is their own version of the PAS…..Much better than their laws which ban metal detecting in whole areas like Sicily.

  4. Arthur J Fleming

    I woulda thought your walker was nonmetallic, and had the detector option built in. You just have to use the surfcaster’s trick of deflating the tires. Artie

  5. wintersen

    Dick, Hi!

    I’m disappointed that when detector finds deserve the word AWESOME, like the ones in my post the word is never used. Shame on you.

    My blog post was placed on an American ‘treasure’ forum and elicited NO responses. Zilch. Just above my contribution there was a modern gold ring find and another for a post 1900 American coin. BOTH were described as AWESOME. As you guys are fond of saying … go figure!

    Wally hasn’t commented either. Am I losing my touch? makes me feel like going to the bottom go the rain-sodden garden and eating a few worms … or slurping another glass of Pinot … perhaps the latter.

    • John I understand the lack of responses when you share anything on forums. That’s why I stopped, save for one or two. Unfortunately tekkies today would rather look than read. Try it sometime. Put up a photo or video of anything, doesn’t really matter, and you will get noticed. Likewise have an event where prizes are given away and hundreds will show up.
      Advertise a plan to picket or protest a ban or regulation, and nada. No one will come. Pretty sad….

      As for Wally, who cares. He’s just a joke.

      Finally, your post was awesome….thank you. Have a 2nd glass of that Pinot Grigio for me.

  6. Bob K

    Dick l have an idea for you, cash in some of the nickels (ones that are not worth much)and buy a drone, hang/attach your metal detector to it. Go to a Park/School find a bench. Fly the drone over the field, when it has a hit release a flag/marker of some kind. That way you can hunt longer and not get on the soggy ground as much. LOL. Maybe just a wild ideal ¿

  7. J Dubbya!

    Note how he skirted the issue of his commie connections? He’s on the back foot over this one, that’s for sure – his cover’s blown. Imagine, what that little band of Middle Class Islington liberals must be thinking right now; he was the Messiah…it’s too funny!

    Yep, his was a rather poor reply I thought, totally lacking b**ls (hardly surprising I suppose)…maybe it’s all down to a poor standard of education?

    The Tekkies you and I know are well capable of better than the grammatical gruel he dishes up! Hell hath no fury like an archaeological gelding scorned!

    Happy Hoiking.

    John ‘Bazza Thugwit’ Howland

  8. Bigtony

    Sounds like you just invented a new kids game! Sure to be a hit with the Tech generation – they will buy them up for their children…….

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