Going Blind…

The “just do it” Nike phrase has pretty much been my mantra over the years.  Not always a good thing mind you, but just the way I roll. I am an impulsive individual, a Gemini, and if I make my mind up to do something, I usually do it, no matter the consequences.

 Tonight it’s culling coins. The Buffalo Nickel to be exact.

Just starting....

Just starting….

Just recently I became aware of the 1916, double die obverse variety,  and it created somewhat of a dilemma for me, or perhaps I should say, a self-imposed task. You see many years ago I was nuts over the Buffalo nickel. So nuts that I bought rolls, and rolls and rolls of them. All just a little above face value. Since then however various varieties and errors have been discovered, and I wind up spending hours and hours searching through my rolls and boxes, looking for them.

The 1916 double die is simply the latest example, but one that’s worth my time, effort and wine.  Not sure when I will finish looking, but I will keep you posted.  Given the numbers and my poor eyesight, I may die first….




Wasn’t feeling all that bad this week until my friend Bob Buttafusso added me to his Facebook page called “Old As Dirt Diggers”. It’s a page for the older treasure hunter, and the logo is a skeleton wearing headphones!   Then I saw a few photos of Ed Cropski’s current metal detector setup, and almost fell over.

Where's the beer tap?

Where’s the beer tap?

I mean jeezus, Bob has my left foot in the grave and Ed is working on the right one. Just look at that setup?  Only thing missing is a tap for the beer!  Please….all I want is an old site, a metal detector and a ‘thingamajig’ to dig my targets. Nothing else needed. Got it?

Yep indeed, tomorrow I think I will grab my MXT Pro, headphones, screwdriver, head over to the old home site across the lake, and look for whatever….

I don’t need all that, and for that reason, I am out!



John Winter just uploaded a post to his blog that I hope you will read.  John, as always nails it on the head.

Bazza Thugwit … still a National Treasure!



Bubba, saw this and thought of you. Hang in there, things are looking up, and you never know…someday you will be able to back up all those stories…






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15 responses to “Going Blind…

  1. heavymetalnut

    You were alive in 1936 buying rolls just above face value? Trying to do the math here now…geeesh you ain’t no spring chicken, but one hell of a good ole rooster!

    • Jeezus, I always have to set you straight heavy nut. I didn’t say I was around in ’36. I used the term “years ago”, and yes I’m no spring chicken. I do however know how to wear a baseball cap and not look stupid.

      So der ya go!

      • Todd Hiltz

        Haha… you to love birds need to stop it. I believe Mr. Cropski could rig you a beer tap in no time Dick

      • Lovebirds? Wise and I? Are you kidding me? He’s the president of the Justin Bieber fan club.

        As for Ed, he might just get me enthused with that beer tap thing.

  2. Ben

    Culling coins for errors is what I am training my 10 year old for. It is hard on my eyes even with a lit magnifier. He thinks it is fun so I don’t mind providing the coins and what to look for if he helps me search. Plus it is something fun for us to do together. However, I never realized how much our eyesight deteriorates until I got into coin roll hunting. Maybe I need new glasses, LOL. Good luck & HH!

  3. Thanks Ben. Nice to know I am not the only one. The only thing that keeps me going is the possibility of a pretty good payout, and this very pronounced double die looks like it will be here to stay.

  4. heavymetalnut

    There are stand up up comedians and there’s Dick Stout a sit down comedian. Good luck with the MXT tomorrow at the old farm house sir!

  5. OMG you guys are too funny!!
    I had something to say, but I forgot ’cause I’m laughing too hard.

  6. Hey Bubba:
    I think the medical term is ‘Wally Transplant’. Now, there’s a donkey grazing in a field near me………..

  7. Dick, I too am a Gemini (June 13th) about to turn the big 60 and very impulsive and can’t see shit anymore, lol. Each year my magnifiers get more powerful, but I’ll keep detecting until they pry my pinpointer “from my cold dead hands” or unless I get too tired to detect anymore, but I doubt it 🙂

    • Roger, you do know Gemini people are typically a “Jack of all trades, master of none” right? I know it because my wife reminds me of that constantly….

      I wish I were 60 again….

  8. coin25...aka Bigtony

    Shuffle off to Buffalo – I can’t wait for the results! Good luck

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