No Promises Here…

I think I have finally accepted the fact that I am a retired treasure hunter, detectorist, participant.  A utility player?  Maybe.  After almost 40 years of swinging a coil, eleven alleged “feel better” pills a day, extreme heat every day and bullshit soil, I have no inclination to take my aches and pains out for a few coins, silver or not.

Detecting has been a big part of my life…more than “anyone” will ever know. It has taken me to places I never dreamed of, and has literally turned my life  (and my family’s) upside down.  What is “real” at this point in my life is that I cannot turn back the clock, nor can I regain my youth.  I am 72, and despite my constant pity parties I am damn happy to be alive.  Many of my old friends are not.

I bring all this up because I recently received a couple of emails that caused me some concern.  The first was from a youngster…a newbie.  He wanted to know what I was finding, what detector I was using, what tips I could offer, etc..  I responded as best I could but I felt somewhat inadequate in that I was not familiar with his detector (one of those that comes with a hundred page owner’s manual).  Then I received another email from someone whose sole purpose was to chastise me.  No I take that back.  His sole purpose was to insult me.  Apparently I offered nothing new on my blog or website and he suggested I just go away (strangely enough it wasn’t Wally or Harry).

Well folks, I am not going away.  If for no other reason than to piss off the second guy.  I am aware that I have been lax in keeping up with the latest technology, have not gotten out in the field as much as I want to or used to do, have not joined  the many forums or cliques, and yes I often ramble on here, frequently pissing off arkies, organizations, clubs and individuals. What can I say?  That’s who I am!


Understand I have never lost that desire to return to the good ole days, and to my old hunting grounds, but that is not going to happen.  The days of finding Liberty Seated and Barber coins on a regular basis?  Nada!  I live where I live, and moving is out of the question (unless you send money or I win the Lotto).

So,if you are looking for “secret”, heretofore “unknown” tips and ideas on how to find more, you are in the wrong place.  Read my “introduction” at the top of the page….think you will find that disclaimer there as well.  If however you are looking for current or controversial topics, please do check in once in a while.  Who knows who John or I will piss off next….

For the record I have gotten out detecting a few times of late, and found a few coins. ….nothing earth shattering and certainly nothing worth taking a photo of  (well except for that Anglo Saxon hoard found at 2 in the morning….)



You’ve heard me mention this club before. They are a new club, but already doing great things.  I hope you will visit their  website and check them out.  Pay attention to their most recent post and latest endeavor.  They are giving a detecting class and it’s all part of an agreement with the city that allows them to detect the parks, as well as hold meetings there.  I know they are not the first to do something like this, but I suspect there are a lot of clubs out there who haven’t given it a thought.  To be listed in the city’s available and accepted” classes is pretty cool….



Twelve Year Old Finds 5.16 Carat Diamond

Crossrail Unearths Evidence Humans Lived on Thames in 7,000 BC

Lincolnshire’s Only Gold ‘Thor’s Hammer’ Pendant Discovered

Dunbeath Home for Ancient Coin Hoard



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40 responses to “No Promises Here…

  1. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Hey Dick, I figured with all of this retired from detecting stuff – I figure you are itching to buy a multi frequency detector. Go ahead say it – I want a multi frequency detector – there don’t you feel better now?

  2. Oh f__k me Ricardo….gimme an onion to wave under my eyes…assholes ain’t restricted to Poland or England’s Midlands region…they’re everywhere! Mostly in archaeology of course, but we’ve some prize specimens of our own. Check out some of the forums – solid ivory from the shoulders up! Barford fodder….all of ’em and dimmer than a nun’s nightlight!

    Jeez….I told you NOT to say anything about that 6th/7th Century find!

  3. bill from lachine

    If you’ve decided to stop detecting that’s your call and yeah stick around just to have some fun and stir the pot from time to time.

    As they say you’ve been there and done that and don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

    Regards + HH


  4. Joe Smith

    Years ago, I worked in a machine shop in Troy ,NY. The older folks were adept at the old lathes and such, but the newer technology was just too confusing for them. They were told they should retire because you can’t keep up. But when the new machines broke down, they had to go into the mothballs and resurrect the old school stuff. Guess who were the masters of that. The say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and that may be true, but the younger ones would be just as lost in the old school ways. (which still applies in many fields)

    So please stick around and give your well earned advice. And to the people who won’t take it because you’re over the hill, sit back, watch them struggle and called them a GD fool for not listening. (pointing and laughing optional)

    • Thanks Joe. Not sure that would ever happen with detecting, but I am confident that “if” I wanted to I could learn the new machines inside and out. Just that I enjoy searching, not reading, not fiddling, not adjusting, not changing this and changing that, and not buying a zillion unnecessary accessories and clothing (as in camo).

      On, I am not going anywhere so keep checking in. I appreciate it.

  5. Robbie

    Dick, You have written numerous articles and books about the hobby, and even though detectors are constantly improving every few years the basics of metal detecting the ground has been pretty much the same. Even though I started in 1969, reading your books (among others) published years after I started, helped me learn to detect much better. Don’t let the young ones rattle you. You made the hobby better and now let some young ones start doing something FOR the hobby.

    • Thanks Robbie, appreciate that. By the way, Happy “belated” Birthday. Wish I were 39 again. (have a beer for me).

    • Jeez Robbie…don’t encourage him with flattery. He’s got more front than Atlantic City and all this ‘old timer’ stuff has my alarm bells ringin’. He’s about to pull a stroke….I can sense it…remember this wily old sod was in Baghdad when most of us were in still in our dad’s bags! He’s a legend…(in his own lunchtime).

      • And let’s see, with the time difference, I figure you have had at least six glasses by now. That means you are not feeling any pain, and Margaret is royally pissed. Am I right?

  6. Shit…ya know me so well…

  7. Mike Smith

    You just keep doing what your doing, as your doing fine!
    Great links from Eddy Current. Loved the story on the Thor pendent.

    No matter where you are at there will always be gadflies!

  8. Finding Treasure

    Dick, I’m 53 so you got me by almost twenty years but I have to say (without sucking up too much) that your articles, your books, your postings and your wit get me through the days when I need a laugh. Keep on keeping on my older brother. Lol.

    • Bob, thank you. Only thing I can say is I wish I were 53 again, and opening up that bottle of single malt that Tony talked about above. Right now I don’t even have a beer in the fridge.

      • Big Tony from Bayonne

        Do they deliver in Texas towns? It’s big business here in good old Bayonne!

      • Deliver? Up until about three years ago we had to drive 15 miles to buy beer, wine or liquor. They had (and still have) wet and dry areas. They seem to think that if they don’t allow alcohol sales in a community no one will drink…go figure.

      • Big Tony from Bayonne

        Oh wow! I guess you have to knock on your neighbor’s door and ask a favor!

      • Tony, when we moved here we had a neighborhood thing where one person would take orders and the make the drive into Dallas. We would add in a buck or two for their gas. We would take turns doing it, and yep instead of borrowing that cup of sugar we used to borrow a beer or two. It’s improved somewhat but like I said there are
        still areas/towns that are dry. You also can’t buy wine or beer on Sunday until noon. Apparently you can’t go to church tipsy, but once service is over all bets are off. How dumb is that?

      • Big Tony from Bayonne

        Dick, yeah it is similar here as well. I know they are open on Sunday to around 6pm but I am know sure what time they open.
        Funny, they serve wine at mass and they are thinking of giving out a full cup instead of a sip to get attendance up!

      • Damn a full glass. You gotta love the churches. Anything for a buck. Unfortunately it’s way too late for me.

  9. Well I hope the Old Boy doesn’t retire…he’s a great author, writer, wit, and an expert treasure hunter; and I know it’s true….he’s told me so many, many times.

  10. Top Cat

    Hi Dick, sorry to here you are leaving the hobby, but I understand. I’m getting older as well and can’t keep up to those young pups anymore either.

    I was out last Saturday with a young fellow from our club and he kept asking me when I was going to up grade my Garrett GTAx750 for a newer machine. I, replied this old girl is still working and finding everything I want to find. Besides at my age I can’t justify $2,500.00 for a new machine.

    I am looking at Gold Panning in which I can sit an the waters edge and relax while still enjoying the great outdoors.

    Best of Luck and I’m sure it’s not the last we hear from you, “stir the Pot Up”

    Top Cat (Ron) CMDF

    • Thanks Ron… I do intend to stick around and “stir things up”.
      Somebody has to do it!

      I kinda like that “sitting at the water’s edge” thing. Not a lot of gold here in Texas, but I can afford a gold pan and a few beers. Yeah, that might just work!

      • Dick, if you are inclined to do it you can pan gold sitting on the sofa. One of the many forums has a fella that sells “pay dirt”. His customers say great things.. I am too skeptical myself.

      • Hey this is sounding better by the minute….like that idea. Although maybe I would enjoy selling pay dirt too? Yeah, that’s the ticket. You would buy some from me right Steve?

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