Give Thanks…


Without a doubt Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It typically means good friends, good food, good wine and unlike Christmas no one needs to go in debt to make it work.

For the kids and I this will be the first Thanksgiving without Fay (or “LaLa” as the grandkids referred to her) and I’m pretty certain a few tears will be shed. She was my wife, my love and my companion for 55 years and while I never thought it possible I can assure you, absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.

The grandkids with “LaLa”….

As you are sitting at the table today look around and give thanks for all those celebrating with you. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Enjoy the day and remember to have one for me and one for LaLa!

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!!



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36 responses to “Give Thanks…

  1. Your reasons for loving Thanksgiving are so practical.
    My favorite holiday is probably Memorial Day, for two reasons:
    1. The Indy 500 – I grew up a mile from the track.
    2. It means winter is over, summer is here, the ground is diggable again, and softball is dawning! (And in my younger days – SCHOOL IS OUT!)

  2. Frank Blazi

    Happy Thanksgiving Dick!
    Beep beep dig

    • Frank, with my detector it’s just Beep dig.
      When I get Beep beep dig it’s usually junk.

    • njfella007

      Happy Turkey Day, Dick. Your sentiments mirror mine exactly, as Thanksgiving is also my favorite holiday of the year. I much prefer cold weather to hot, and I enjoy the extra joy & spirit this season brings out in people. But yes…

      I can do without all of the crass commercialism and needless stress that goes with it.

      I can’t even imagine how tough it is having your first Thanksgiving without Fay, but take comfort that she’s with you in heart & mind, and you have family there that love & care for you.

      P.S. – I promise to have an extra can of Schlitz, if you promise to have an extra glass (or three) of some good wine 👍

  3. Harry VanRiper

    Thank you Dick !!

  4. Tony

    Happy Thanksgiving Dick.

  5. john taylor

    happy bird day dick! hope ya able to have a “taste” for the good times! won’t need the “mad dog” today, the turkey will put me to sleep! ehe! heh! he!

    j.(giving thanks!) t.

  6. Rosalie Ray

    I wish you and all your family a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving Dick! This is my 4th without Archie, and I still miss him. He also Loved Thanksgiving! Take care.

    (By the way, on my last trip to Baltimore, my son gave me another box of photos he found. There’s at least 100 FMDAC photos in there. If you’d like, I’ll find a way to get copies to you – electronically.)

  7. John

    Happy Thanksgiving Dick! You are in our thoughts this holiday season. Take care.

  8. LR

    Dear Sir Richard the Stout-hearted, hope you have a blessed holiday with your kids & grandkids. This is our first year in a while my whole immediate family is able to get together. Myself, my brother, and my sister all did the food shopping & cooking as my mother uses a walker to get around. Weather up here is actually decent 55°f today. Blessings to everyone else here as well.

    • Luke glad to hear you’re all able to be together. Moments like that are special and memorable…enjoy!!

    • john taylor

      and the same to you reverend!


      • Thinking a lot of the responses here are to the wrong individual??

      • john taylor

        dick ! I was there in ’80 at northhampton. me and the “bro” got to hunt the grounds, along with enjoying a “magnificent” show. fond memories for sure as we ,each pulled “seated” and “barbers” a couple of guys got “bust”,and one guy pulled an early coronet $5.00 gold piece,along with many large cents was a “one shot” dream hunt,wich just happened to have a great show attached to it.many “big shots” was in thinks you was a no show because you was gallivanting over in England with howland conducting numerous “pub crawls”! the fairgrounds opened in the 1840’s and “Charlie”,I believe,was able to secure permission to hunt.

        just a “stand out” affair. once in a life time deal..

        j.(looking back) t.

      • Don’t remember that one JT but then I don’t remember much of anything anymore. Sounds like a great hunt….

      • john taylor

        understand dick! it’s cool!. believe it was an “all Garrett” deal, and they put on a hell of a show as I recall! as mentioned, the fairgrounds was “off limits” as no one was able to secure permission before Charlie got lucky,(along with a little notoriety thrown in) and got the chance to hunt it.
        lots of great stuff pulled that day.things was really “cookin'” back in ’80 with the hobby,as the attendance I remember, was simple outstanding. me and the “bro” met Charlie that day, and I was impressed with how well he carried himself. just a genuine decent man who truly loved the hobby. seems like only yesterday, but it was 42 years ago!….hot damn!

      • This from the Garrett website –

        1979 – Garrett establishes The International Treasure Hunting Society, formed to bring treasure hunters together. This society soon sponsors the largest international treasure hunt ever conducted. The five-day treasure hunt takes place at the 120-acre Trader’s Village Market located in suburban Dallas. Over 2,000 treasure hunters attend and over $100,000 in prizes including a pick-up truck, are given away. Hundreds of ardent admirers visit Garrett’s factory in Garland that year.

        When Charles came to the FMDAC hunt in Atlantic City he and I chatted about having another event like the one above with the FMDAC being a partner…never came to fruition.

      • john taylor

        it’s for your buddy “howland!” I’m looking for him to regale us with a “sermon on the mount!”


      • No please JT. It’s Saturday evening in the UK and any sermon he might offer up would be for naught. Plus I’m having a decent day so far.

  9. I hope you had a good ‘un! Great pic of Fay and grandkids. Ah, Schlitz! Now that takes me back – to the Rod & Gun Club on a USAF base north of Oxford. Didn’t it make Milwaukee famous? Happy days!

  10. john taylor

    yeah! that was ‘big time stuff” back when! surprised no mention was given to our little soiree here in New England at Northampton, mass. trust me it was truly a remarkable day! I remember the organization he formed, and in my view, the combination of being allowed to hunt the “unhuntable “,along with the trappings of a “major” treasure show made that show a truly “one of a kind” get together. not sure how many attended, but the fairgrounds was crowded for sure.
    great weather too!…just sayin’


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