Things We Waste Our Time (and Money) On –

I have no doubt that I’m known as that cranky old dude who constantly talks about the good ole days and who repeats himself over and over. Well you know what? I accept that label and will wear it proudly. I mean if I don’t speak my mind NOW and repeat it often you will never wise up?

In that vain let me address a topic that hit me the other day while perusing social media. It’s how much time we you tekkies waste talking, debating, bullshitting and lying about things that don’t really matter. Things that have very little bearing on what you find or come home with. Here’s just a few –

Debating How Deep Coins Sink in the Soil –

It’s a topic that been discussed for years and still being bantered about today. The theories and/or guesses are always the same. They sink because of fill dirt, decaying leaves, excessive pedestrian traffic, too much rain, soil makeup and moles. You remember moles right? They’re what we throw out there when holes are discovered in areas off limits (because tekkies would never leave them).

I have yet to figure out why the answer to this is so important. I mean if a scientific analysis were done and the answer wound up being moles would we avoid old sites because these critters were present?

The real answer to this question is “no one knows” and who gives a rat’s ass anyway?


Debating Which Detector Is Better –

Who is the ultimate authority and what sort of test or criteria decides this? Joe Blow and his board/nail/dime game, or Technical Tom who has used every detector ever made and explains his reasoning in overly detailed and stodgy words?

I don’t care how long you have detected and how well you know the detectors you’re testing there are just too many variables involved.  I also believe that if you adjust and try hard enough you can get that second place machine to perform just as well or almost as well as the winner, and frankly not every detector was designed or manufactured to compete with the “other” model. Some models were built to appeal to those who don’t have a lot of money to invest but still want great performance.

Bottom line I don’t care that YOU think the super red piffwanger in the lateset Minelab series outperforms the blue piffwangers in the XP or Nokta line. I care about how that piffwanger works in MY neck of the woods and most important whether I can afford it.

Just remember you have to walk over it to find it and “there are Fords and there are Chevys”…


Collecting Searchcoils –

Yep I said “collecting” – because that’s what most of you do. Doesn’t matter who made it, what it cost, if it looks cool you’ll buy it just to be hip.

Man check out that guy’s 16 inch Double D, open faced, over light searchcoil. Bet that puppy will find oil”…

Yeah I know I’m making fun of you. Don’t let it bother you, I have fun doing it and you’ll live to dig another day (and buy one more coil). Understand though you only need two coils. The stock coil (which I wish were seven or eight inches) and a smaller coil for detecting trashy areas. And please that 14 inch coil you just have to have is heavy, it gets in the way and doesn’t find a helluva lot. Hang it on the wall. It’s decorative and makes a great conversation piece.

I’m amazed too at how any times you’ll see someone selling a detector package that starts off with something like “newbie here who just didn’t have time to get out” and it’s with a photo that looks like he was ready for bear. Top-of-the line detector, five coils, pinpointer, backpack, shovel, digger, goodies pouch, finds box, wireless headphones, 25 books, etc.. I mean sheesh!!


Hunting Hammered Sites Over and Over again –

Yup I know, no site is ever hunted out. They are however relentlessly beat to death and no matter what “new” detector you take there the coin(s) you find would probably have been found with your current detector IF you had slowed down like you do when learning a new model. Use your time to find a more productive site to search and move on.


Buying More Detectors

Jeezus man how many do you REALLY need? I mean really… I can see a coin machine, beach machine and “maybe” a gold detector but I see dudes with six, seven and even more machines. When you golf you might have eight clubs in your bag but you can only hit that ball with one and today the manufacturers are offering detectors that can meet most all your needs in one package. Buy one very good, versatile machine and one decent backup.


Dressing Up –

I will never understand this at all… I see photos of tekkies who look like Rambo, camouflaged, wearing war paint and they’re holding up a penny. Backpacks, ammo belt with pinpointer, digger, finds pouch, shovel, first aid kit, and knife. WHY?

Now if it makes you feel more macho I guess it’s okay but Viagra might be cheaper?


Paying Exorbitant Fees to Hunt Natural Sites –

Now I may find this ridiculous because I don’t have extra money for things now and maybe I should keep it to myself but I see you guys paying $200 and more for a “natural” hunt, and then having to pay for lodging/meals as well. I mean I get the camaraderie thing and having your photos taken with all the YouTube mega stars but it just seems like time and money wasted. You’d be better off sending that $200 to me and let me invest it for you. Then down the road when you are ready to retire (and I’m in the south of France) you ‘might’ have a few shekels to live on.


Wasting Time Identifying Trash –

Another constant on social media – never ending posts, never ending responses, debates and theories about a find that’s obviously destined for the trash bin. Come on guys, not everything is a freaking relic. If it looks like a POS it probably is…

Finally – If you are not familiar with the expression “busting chops” look it up!!




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13 responses to “Things We Waste Our Time (and Money) On –

  1. Jeezus H Christ! How many times have you got to tell the idiots…an expert with the cheapest machine will ALWAYS outperform a newbie with the most sophisticated bit of kit.
    I see it all the time in the beach-combing scenario. They all fall for the advertising blurbs time and again…thankfully! There’s no substitute for in-field experience… seems no one wants to learn the ropes anymore…hooray!

    • Ah you’re just another old dude too Bubba. We’re over the hill and under the weather. Time to pour a glass of the red.

      • john taylor

        both you guys are “dead nuts” right! example: take a single tone “Tesoro” add an operator that “makes it talk to him” and this guy will kick anybody’s ass afield, no matter “what” they hunt with. field experience HAS NO SUBSTITUTE! beware the man who hunts with “one” detector, and knows it well…just sayin’


      • JT Sure wish you wouldn’t use “dead nuts” when referring to me…

  2. Ed B.

    Coins sinking deeper into the ground because of moles? I had a book about detecting back when I started detecting in the early 1980’s and it made mention of the “fact” that coins sink deeper into the ground because of earthworms !

    • Yeah that’s also a possibility. I’ve heard and read a gazillion different answers/reasons Ed and we still don’t know. I stopped losing sleep over it years ago.

    • Mitzy

      If you look at a slice of earth like archeologist and geologist do and you factor how many millions of years it takes to create even a thin layer before the next one, you might realize that average depth that most common use silver coins before 1964 will likely be found no deeper than 6″ to 8 ” if not less. Yes, sometimes if relocated by construction or landscaping occassionally deeper. You do not need a coil so massively big that it will hone in on a buried model t. That is complete overkill. Unless you are hoping to dig an entire car or underground metal bunker.

      • Mitzy on average I think you would be right with the 6 to 8 inches but just saying that makes me part of the problem, LOL. I don’t really care.

        Like the “it is what it is” “they are where they are”….

      • john taylor

        interesting analogy! ..very useful!..ehe! he! heh!


  3. john taylor

    no implication of anything dick! worries!

    j.(don’t want to visit china!) t.

  4. Joseph Sherrod

    Yeah….I am amazed too at the newbie who spends $800 to $1500 for a detector and then instead of doing research to find some productive sites decides to hunt recent easy sites to find clad coins. Then he is proud over his 4 clad quarters and his 2 zinc cents. I do better than that with my $75 detector…lol, and I have seen those ads too many times about a detector package “newbie here who just did not have the time to get out” and his package is loaded for bear. I see this all the time where a newbie goes on a Facebook detecting page and asks for advice on what to get. Most of the answers are terrible, suggesting the newbie to get the top of the line detector with all of the accessories including a top pin pointer and a heavy duty root killer shovel. So loaded for bear and of course the newbies do what they are told. They probably go out there in the field and find out it is not as easy as they have been told and the detector winds up in the closet for a few months. Eventually the owner decides to sell it. I get ridiculed for suggesting to get either a starter detector or a middle of the line detector or heaven forbid go see a local multi-brand metal detector dealer. Some forums are so bad at brand bashing that I have had to ban myself….just saying. Sorry for the rant….

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