First Texas, Where Art Thou?

The year has almost come to an end and it seems somewhat anticlimactic. When it began it was the legend, Deus II battle and which if either would beat out the Equinox. Later in the year Garrett introduced the $4,000 Axiom, a gold detector aimed at the lucrative Australian and African markets and of course Minelab introduced the Manticore, which is now scheduled for next year. So let me ask you, what else is new?

Most Christmases detectorists are typically licking their lips, drooling and pawning their kids for the latest and greatest but unless I missed something I don’t see that this time around. Understand I’m not in the market for anything new and I get the “tease ‘em but don’t ship ‘em” bit, but damn man how did this happen?

During my stint with Garrett having a new model ready for the spring and/or the holidays was a must. Now apparently not so much. And what the hell is going on at First Texas, as in Fisher, Teknetics and Bounty Hunter? Again, did I miss something or has it been a month of Sundays since they introduced anything new? Likewise their website needs updating. Lots of bad links and many of the models shown are no longer available.  Last post on their FB page? August 2020.

With the Fisher Gang/1986…Scott Warner, Yours truly, CEO Jim Lewellen and Fred Brust

I was a big fan of Fisher back in the 80’s when they were based in Los Banos, California and I had a lot of respect for their engineering department. They consistently put out one great product after another and they were hard to beat when it came to coin hunting.  That pretty much ended when they were sold to First Texas. 

Now like Garrett First Texas has other areas they do well in so perhaps they’ve decided to not try to keep up with the competition. I hope that’s not the case, especially given the demise of White’s and Tesoro. The good ole USA should not be taking a back seat to anyone, no matter the product line. 

One last rant/observation …I understand the purpose of today’s marketing ploy, aka “tease ‘em but don’t ship ‘em” but keep doing it and you’re going to piss off a lot of tekkies and loyal ones at that. If they’re not ready to go, ready for shipping, keep them under wraps until they are…


One the Homefront

Pretty much over the recent surgery and feeling better.  Rethinking the spinal surgery and will wait until after the first of the year to decide. Love the suggested results of the procedure but the recovery time might be long and I’m an old dude with an old dog who has had enough of that sort of thing. There’s no guarantee that 2023 will be any better or kinder but I’m ready for 2022 to be over.




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15 responses to “First Texas, Where Art Thou?

  1. John Devereux

    Hi Dick
    Good question regarding First Texas. They don’t appear to be doing anything though there was a whisper a few years ago about some super duper all singing and dancing machine they were working on. I hope Garrett does something with the V3i technology they now own as that would be a great flagship detector for them.

    I don’t blame you for holding off on further surgery. It’s a helluva lot to undergo. Whatever you decide all the best to you and your aged hound.

  2. john taylor

    dick! I loved fisher too back in the day!..their cz line was a smash hit with lot of folk.
    I especially liked the cz -70 and the first one in ’91 the venerable cz-6 with a “pigtail!”
    first Texas being a large corporate entity has “tentacles” in other areas, which for the time being take precedence over all other endeavors. not sure if they have called it quits, or not. believe I read somewhere that their lead engineer has a “medical” issue, and could be “out of the hunt”, so to speak. they do have a “crackerjack” engineering team that is fully capable. hoping they can ”find the scent” again going forward.


    • Maybe JT someone there will read this blurb and respond… For a large company to ignore it’s website is curious for sure.

      • john taylor

        I agree dick! their web site is definitely antiquated. something ” could” be erratically wrong at El Paso,and time is NOT on their side! ..just sayin’


  3. I’m sure the spinal surgery is no small deal, but it’ll do you the world of good. Me and Maggs wish you well on this one.

    Have I really got to wait to find out how to find a hoard in under an hour?

  4. LR

    The only detectors out there that tickle my fancy are the NM Simplex or the ML Vanquish. Still my ol Whites P4 still works, amazingly now that it’s 18yrs old tech. Way back in 2017 for my birthday I bought myself a Teknetics TekPoint pinpointer. The thing was a p.o.s. – it chattered like hell, and I was completely unfamiliar with using pulse induction tech. It’s 1 button to do everything was horrendously hard for me to remember the Morse code sequence every time I wanted to use it. It also was rife with manufacturing defects; I had sent it back to Teknetics, twice, to be fixed in the same year. I eventually said F*ck it, & asked for my money back. Instead they sent me Fisher F-Pulse. I thought um ok, but this is the same exact Tech just in a red scheme with a Fisher label, I had the same problems, and after a couple weeks of b.s. I sent it back, again wanting a full refund. It took First Texas 3 months to send me my money back.

    Without much I thought I used that cash to buy the orange Garrett Propointer AT all the locals I know drool over. I never used it much, mostly because of the idiotic idea that 1 button to do everything is all anyone needs. Mostly I got a buddy to help me set it so I could forget it and anytime I use it, it’s in silent vibrate mode. Still haven’t found a pinpointer I like – although someone told me NM’s pinpointer has 2 buttons! And ML PF35 has 3 buttons! I like that the NM has a reasonable price point of $99… Maybe something for next birthday? …

    Sorry for my Rambles. Good Luck Sir Richard on health. Peace ✌️

    • No problem rambling. Appreciate you taking the time to comment Luke.

      I would only stand to reason that the Fisher/Teknetics lines would be similar. Saves on money….sorry you had problems. I don’t have or use a pinpointer and never wanted one. Whites sent me one couple years back and I tried to use it but found it was just one more thing to carry and in my case one more thing to lose.

    • john taylor

      I still have the “original” pin pointer 1 from my view, it’s the only detector Garrett has ever made that was worth a f*ck! ..very dependable, and still works as advertised! use it everyday with “zero issues!”


    • john taylor

      you will be well served with the vanquish!..great “small money” detector!.. “dead nuts” accurate v.d.i. especially at depth.


  5. Joseph Sherrod

    Now concerning….” First Texas, where art thou?”

    I have heard rumors that they are working on a multi-frequency detector but nothing from First Texas themselves. Probably just wild thinking/speculation??? Also in that vein wondering what Garrett is going to do with all of the Whites material/data they bought. Would be nice for them to come out with an enhanced V3i but that is probably now me speculating.

    • Yeah the First Texas thing is baffling. Something going on within the company ranks I suspect. As for Garrett they are past due for something to compete with the Equinox/Legend/Deus machines. At least in configuration anyway. The AT machines “look” outdated. At least to me.

  6. Joseph Sherrod

    Well…First Texas has not come out with anything in quite a few years. and Garrett since they acquired Whites have come out with the Apex…the Garrett 24K which runs at 48 KHZ which is the frequency of the Whites Gold Master. and the Axiom. maybe Garrett does not want to confront Minelab…Deus….and the Legend from Nokta for top of the line. all of the latest detectors from Garrett like the Apex appealed to the mid-price range. the 24K and Axiom appeals to the gold nugget hunters. when the Apex came out there was speculation that Garrett would do the installation of the Apex to either the ATPro or the ATMax. now that some time have gone bye. not sure if they are going to do that now? I liked the Whites 24K and like the Garrett 24K. if I can find a used one in my price range then I might get one. while I am waiting I have a few detectors that I need to get out there with. Merry Christmas and have a very Happy New Year.

    • Joe it’s anybody’s guess who will be next here to come out with something competitive but I’m pretty sure they’re working like hell to make it happen.

      Merry Christmas!

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