Nuff Said…

It’s HOT and it’s Thursday. Nuff said! Here’s a throwback from July 2014….

 If I Had Listened to Others

Over the years you detect a lot sites, and of course those you remember most are those that resulted in as lot of great finds.  I was reminded of one of my favorites when a friend forwarded this recent YouTube video.

While Bellewood Park lasted only 14 years, the thousands of people who came there made it a detectorist’s dream and I spent many days hunting it, coming home with a lot of coins, most all from the mid to late 1800’s.When I first heard of Bellewood Park I didn’t get all that excited. From what I was told it was not all that accessible any more and a portion of it was being quarried, but when I saw old photos and read a little more I knew I had to give it a shot.As things turned out I knew a member of the family who owned the land, and was given permission to detect it.  It was indeed a bitch of a place to hunt but after quickly finding a dozen barber and seated coins I somehow didn’t mind…bug bites and scratches be damned!

Just a reminder not to ignore any site no matter what others say….I came close to passing on Bellewood Park.



On the 5th of May I added a post titled Some Days It Just Doesn’t Pay, and I responded to a comment with “I need something old real bad. The Mercs and Roosie’s are not cutting it anymore….at least for me”….

This weekend I received an email from someone who took me to task for that statement, calling me a braggart and a few other names which I can’t print here (and you know there aren’t too many I can say that about).  His take was that a lot of detectorists would give anything to find a Mercury dime and what I said was an insult to them. Well, after thinking about it I must say he was right and I apologize. It was not a well thought out response and to those of you I may have offended I am sorry.

While it’s not an excuse, my age, my aches and pains tend to bring forth the ole oft used phrases like “I remember when” and “how it used to be” when instead I need to face the fact that the days of coming home with a dozen or more silver coins are not going to happen anymore….at least for me.  I also need to remember that coming home with one piece of silver is soooo much better than coming home without any!

My apologies again to anyone I may have offended.




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17 responses to “Nuff Said…

  1. Brian Obitz

    Speaking of the site of that park now, it is unrecognizable because of the quarries progress through the years.Not sure who owned when you hunted it but pretty well pushed around now.Found a place way in the back by the stream where i suppose the kitchen was ,broken plates ,glass etc.Historic aerials help in seeing the original layout.Plan on returning in the fall to hunt what looks untouched by quarry. Lidar imagery is helpful.

    • Brian it was pretty much unrecognizable when I hunted it. I did locate the station area (train) and I remember a creek running through the area. A lot of what I found was on a steep hill. There were spots too loaded with iron.

  2. Randy Dee

    Dick the guy who took you to task while spouting a load of filthy language should also be brought to task and being so tactless he should be the one coming forth and apologising, I bet he is very proud of himself.

    • Randy he was in rare form as I remember but I was wrong to be so flippant about what pleases me. I am older than most tekkies (falling apart in fact) and remember when older coins were more plentiful and over time what I considered routine became rare or scarce. I forget that time changes a lot of things. Hope all is well in the UK.

      • Don’t worry about rectums like this twat. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. If they/he/she/it take offence so be it, but at least they are reading your blog!! That’s a plus. Never apologize, or explain. Why should you?

      • John that was 2014. Plus I’m a more kinder and pleasant person than you. Now put that bottle away….

  3. john taylor

    most enjoy reading your blog, because you sound like us, the everyday hobbyist clamoring to stay in the game, and still “score” a nice coin once a while.


  4. Ed B

    No need to apologize for the silver dime comment. The problem is that nowadays coming home with a single silver coin (Mercury or Roosevelt) IS a big deal. Back in 1983 when I started detecting, it was almost automatic that you’d find some silver. Now, I only HOPE to dig a silver coin.

    • Ed I should prefaced that throwback. It’s from 2014 but even then I was always hoping for something older. Again age has a lot to do with it. As you just said the goals today are totally different. We were lucky to have entered the pastime when we did.

      • john taylor

        this is ‘dead nuts accurate” dick! getting into it around ’77 enabled me to find a ” ton”. stuff was everywhere! and with the advent of (v.l.f.) discriminators the ground truly “opened up!” salad days for sure!


  5. Tony

    Dick, yes it’s difficult to find old coins these days, you really need to travel from your home sites to old researched sites. Many don’t bother with gas prices so high now.Also, modern beach hunters are complaining that folks don’t lose many coins these days due to electric payments. I am really surprised that the US Mint still produces millions of clad coins every year. You would think by now they would cut back.

    The email you got was probably from the same guy who sent me a Direct Message from a web site I posted on. He said the same things to me, (pre-pandemic). I was posting measly finds from beach hunts but for me it was exercise to get out and talk to some folks. The coins were just small rewards. I don’t post much any more – either I don’t go out or when I do it’s for my enjoyment. Stay cool

    • I not only don’t travel at the moment I don’t even leave the house! It’s just too, too hot. We’ve had I believe 28 days of triple digit heat and there’s no let up in sight. August is typically the hottest month here. We also have had rain since June 4th.

  6. Tony

    Dick, I understand and am bored as well because it’s so dam hot even the bugs are passing out. I tried watching Shark week but that got old right after the Rock gave the opening speech. Too bad they don’t have a treasure week – run some old film of Mel Fisher or other treasure hunters. There has to be film in cans somewhere. There was one about treasure plane WWII days but the folks who found it were bad and didn’t tell the authorities until later. Then the families were pissed to say the least. And oh yeah there wasn’t any treasure on board. It was a bust all around. But you get the point

  7. john taylor

    even the mosquitos are on hiatus that’s unusual in the northeast.
    reason? no moisture anywhere for the little buggers to lay their eggs! hell’s a fire!..I ain’t
    complaining’,ain’t been bit yet this summer! simply f* amazing! surely don’t want to live in Texas though,
    and feel like ya livin’ in hell itself! the “demon” is cookin’ the world! just sayin’

    j( pick up the 5th in September!) t.

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