Bringing the Heat…

Was reading the morning paper with my breakfast yesterday and when I got to my horoscope (I’m a Gemini) I thought someone was playing a cruel joke.  The last two sentences read “Studies reveal buried treasure. Dig a little”. 

Apparently those who put these things together didn’t look at the local forecast and are not familiar with the “Stout Heat Index Scale”.


  • 80 degrees…..Yep!
  • 85 degrees…..Probably!
  • 90 degrees…..Will think about it!
  • 95 degrees…..Nope!
  • 100 degrees…Hell No!
  • 105 degrees…Are you shittin’ me?

Right now we are in the “Hell No” time period.


It’s Really Not Funny!

Here in Texas we’re experiencing what might be one of the hottest summers on record. So far we’ve had 23 triple digit days and there’s no relief in sight. The forecast for the next two weeks calls for temps over 100 every single day and August is typically the hottest month here in the Lone Star.

Just to add to this bastardly heat wave ERCOT ( Electric Reliability Council of Texas) is asking Texans to conserve electricity. Yup, seems they’re afraid (as am I) the grid will fail again, much like it did in February of 2021. That fiasco resulted in 246 deaths and given this extreme heat it’s possible even more people would die. You see nothing at all has been done to fix the problem or to join the national grid.

The AC runs 24/7, the heat is killing plants, lawns and causing foundation problems and of course everyone’s electric and water bills are rising. Likewise many cities have already started watering bans as we’re below the norm in our lakes and they provide our water.

So how does this affect me? Well I hibernate. I stay indoors and if I do venture out I do it early in the morning when it’s the coolest, as in the mid-80’s.  I also have Mollie Sue, Fay’s little black pug, who is somewhere around 13 or 14 years old, blind and suffering from degenerative spine disease. She’s heavy, she pants a lot and any extended exposure to this heat would certainly kill her. She is another reason I worry about the grid going down.

Mollie Sue doing her thing…

So der ya go! This is life in the Lone Star state. It’s day to day right now and not all that exciting, but hey I’m alive and given what’s happened over the past six months I’m very thankful for that.

Happy Hunting…




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22 responses to “Bringing the Heat…

  1. Dominique

    Come move to New England!

  2. John Hooker

    Hi Dick,

    Thank goodness you have AC!

    If that should fail, or the electricity goes down, get some Levellor roller blinds for the windows — they really cut down on the heat coming in better than any other window coverings I’ve had. If it still gets too hot, go in the bathroom (with the dog of course) and run the cold shower against the wall for a while. scout around where you live for underground parking, cooling stations etc.



    • John my AC did start to fail last week and fortunately a local company was able to fix it. The town did have a cooling center (community building) in the past but it did not take dogs or pets. I have to tell you too that it doesn’t long at all for the house to rise to dangerous levels when the AC goes down. Thanks for the suggestions. Appreciate it.

      • When I lived in Cyprus, we’d close all the windows to keep out the heat, close the outside shutters, and draw the curtains. The house cools. I do it here in the UK and we’ve recently had some hot days with increasing temperatures on the horizon. Give it a try. Nothing’s worse than the beer fridge going belly-up.

      • I understand the process but it’s not long lasting at all. Especially when the heat index is around 110, 112. A lot of it of course is my age. I remember a time when I’d get out in temps like this. I’m paying for that now with my visits to the dermatogolist.

  3. Tony

    Yeah, this summer heat is a killer for both us and the pets. I see folks drive to malls and some with dogs. So they both get a walk in and they are out of the heat.

  4. Tony

    I understand it’s because of the age, they get that way. Now I understand why folks push dogs in very small carriages around here. It didn’t dawn on me why, but you explained it. Getting old is hard on all of us including pets.
    Stop watching the weather. It like watching to much news. I did and I feel better about it.

  5. Frank Blazi

    I’m working in New Jersey near Philly,I have a spot where I found silver last week. It was 100°s when I got out of work. I’m teetering between Hell no and Maybe.

    It’s all good until you have to dig a hole. Then profuse sweating ensues. I’m just happy to hear it is POURING rain back in Connecticut. Stay cool Dick

  6. john taylor

    dick! Texas seems to be “hell on earth” my hat’s off to the good folks in the lone star state!


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