The Legend Updates – a Partial Bystander’s Take…

It’s been interesting reading the various reactions and responses to the Nokta Legend updates. It seems to be a love or hate affair with a lot of in-betweens. Personally I think they’re great but before I go any further let me state upfront I’m somewhat partial to the Nokta company, it’s products and how they’re listening to the needs of the end user.  I mean how great that a company is able to tweak and improve the performance of a detector and even fix deficiencies/bugs and all the detectorist has to do is connect it to his laptop computer.

Back in the late 80’s when I was with Garrett every new detector we released was only as good as the feedback we received from the handful of in-the-field testers. Sure a lot of testing was done by the factory but it was never enough, nor thorough enough and every new model was eventually exposed to some small kink or deficiency. Back then of course technology being what it was it meant sending the machine back to a service center or the factory. Today not so much.

Today users are letting the company know what works well, what needs improvement and what additional features would enhance their product. More important companies like Nokta are listening. These downloadable updates allow a detectorist to be more complete, more competitive and more successful. The company? More popular, more versatile and more profitable.

I’ve also watched Dilek Gonulay Akansel (Director of Sales & Marketing) tackle head on problems, misconceptions, rumors, customer questions and complaints, often live allowing time for direct questions from those watching. At the moment I know of no other company who does this. Maybe it’s time for them to step up too and be more available, more direct?

I was chatting with Dilek about all this the other day and she sent the following Legend update info. I’m posting it here for Legend users.

Updates to the Nokta Makro Legend 

The initial one was 1.04, then we gave 1.05 , 1.07 (beach update) and 1.09 which included a LOT OF new features and setting including a new multi freq, iron filter etc. (the ones in between had bugs reported so we fixed them in a matter of a day or 2 ).


1. Iron Filter and Stability settings have been added.

When the device is working in Multi frequency, select the Recovery Speed setting and press the pinpoint button.

Letters “IF” (Iron Filter) will appear on the right side.

Iron Filter (IF) setting ranges between 1-8 and the default value is 8. Default value 8 is the same as the current Legend with no iron filter setting.

Lower IF setting will increase the probability of ferrous targets to be classified as non-ferrous targets and vice versa.

Stability setting (st) is the fine tuning for the IF setting.

When the IF is set to 8, the st setting will be inactive in the Park, Field and Gold Field modes.

When the IF is set to any value below 8, the St setting can be activated by pressing the right or left button and can be adjusted by using the + and – buttons.

NOTE: The st setting in the beach mode is different than this new st setting!


2. A new multi frequency (M3) has been added to PARK and FIELD modes.

Ideal for humid, wet and/or conductive soils.

It reduces the effect of moisture in soils which can cause falses. It also weakens the response of targets generating 10-11 IDs such as coke and aluminum foil.


3.Tone Pitch has been added.

In Tone Pitch, as the coil approaches the target, the audio frequency will change in proportion to the signal strength. It can be selected from the number of tones setting and is shown with a P.


4. Audio Gain setting has been added.

Audio Gain setting will increase the volume of weak target responses.

In the PARK, FIELD and BEACH modes, after selecting the volume, press the pinpoint button. Letters AG will appear on the right side. You can adjust the AG using the + and – buttons between 1-6.  The default value is set to 3.

Audio Gain does NOT increase depth.


5. Mute function has been added.

On the main screen, press and hold the Frequency button to mute the device.

Letters “AO” (Audio Off) will appear on the right side. You can unmute by pressing and holding the Frequency button.

Even if muted, the device will revert back to unmute in the custom discrimination pattern (notch), ground balance and settings menus automatically.


6. Auto sensitivity drop in the custom discrimination pattern

When you select the custom discrimination pattern (notch), the sensitivity drops down to 5 automatically. However, if you are using the automatic notch, you may not want the sensitivity to be lowered. In this case, press the Ground Balance button once to revert back to the current sensitivity. Letters “CS” (current sensitivity) will be displayed on the right side.


7. Hearing the audio through the speaker and the Bluetooth headphones at the same time

When the Bluetooth setting is selected, if the Bluetooth HPs are paired, press the up button and select 2.


8. Reverting Back to Factory Defaults

After selecting the user profile in the settings menu, press and hold the pinpoint button until letters Fd appear on screen. Fd will disappear after 2 seconds.


9. Discrimination Pattern is now saved.

Default discrimination pattern for PARK, FIELD, and BEACH has been defined as “F (Ferro-off)” and as “G (Ground-off)” in the Gold Field Mode.


10. Mineralization Indicator

In the ground balance menu, press the discrimination button to activate the mineralization indicator.  Letter GI (Ground Indicator) will appear on the right side. When you press the discrimination button again, it will revert back to Ferro Check and FC will appear.

Ground Mineralization refers to the naturally occurring minerals in the ground that affect a metal detector’s performance. There are two main types of ground mineralization: Iron particles and salt such as saltwater beaches. This causes the ground to become conductive. Both produce false signals that mask targets.

Left side of the mineralization bar shows iron particle mineralization and the right side shows mineralization due to salt. The right side works in multi frequency only!


11. The selected setting in the settings menu will now blink for easier viewing.

12. The default threshold frequency level in Park, Field and Beach modes have been changed to 10.

13. Threshold parameters have been updated in the Park, Field and Beach modes.

14. Audio during ground balancing has been updated.

15. Ground balance and pinpoint function parameters have been updated.

16. Beach Mode Multi-W and the Pinpoint in this mode has been improved and updated.

17. Bluetooth headphones pairing criteria have been updated. The device will now search for the headphones it has been paired with initially and try to connect to those. This will prevent the device from connecting to other Bluetooth devices when the Bluetooth setting is on. If you want to pair the device with different Bluetooth headphones (other than those it was initially paired with) you must delete them from memory as explained in the manual.

18. The sensitivity value will now be displayed also in the Target ID section.

19. The ground phase value calculated through automatic ground balance as well as tracking will now be saved.

20. Multi-1, Multi-2, Multi-D, Multi-W frequencies will now be saved. The device will start with the last frequency used.

21. The default Number of Tones for Park and Beach modes have been changed to 2.

22. The default Tone Volume level of ferreous tone has been updated per each mode.

23. The Ground Balance menu icons and the tones have been updated.

24. The battery bar levels have been updated to be more linear.

25. M 1 Multi Frequency parameters have been updated.

26. Audio alert for Automatic Frequency Shift (Noise Cancellation) completion has been extended.

27. Factory default Tone Break value has been changed from 11 to 10 in Park mode.

28. Ferrous Off Discrimination Pattern has been updated to reject IDs between 1-10 in Park & Field modes.

29. Threshold audio level has been increased in Gold mode.

30. Audio response during ground balancing in Gold mode has been updated.

31. Backlight levels have been re-configured.

32. Bugs have been fixed.

Dilek added “First 16 are the new ones offered in 1.09”


If you have further questions about the Legend updates check out the following Nokta Facebook sites – 

Nokta Makro “The Legend” Users Forum

Nokta Detectors Official Users Group

Nokta/Makro USA




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16 responses to “The Legend Updates – a Partial Bystander’s Take…

  1. John Devereux

    Hi Dick. Glad you are keeping up to date with things.
    I haven’t got the Legend though I do still have the Impact.
    The updates Nokta do and the speed of their response is impressive. However, just reading through those updates makes my head hurt and I still have my V3i 🤐🤐.
    If the Legend is anything like the Impact the performance will be excellent as will the build quality.
    Best Regards from Eastbourne

    • John, I’m trying to keep up-to-date with things but it’s hard. I don’t have the Legend and like you reading some of the updates is confusing. I am however impressed with the company and how it markets it’s products and how it responds to it’s customers. I have the Simplex and think it’s a lot of detector for the money.

  2. Hi Dick:
    The impression I’m left with is that when anyone buys a Nokta Makro detector (any model) they automatically become part of – for want of a better description – a member of a family, a community, call it what you will. Here they have almost unfettered access to the people at the top, where there’s an interchange of ideas, notions, and assistance. It seems a unique situation in the detecting world. It’s impressive.

    • I can tell you that I’ve always gotten a fast response from them. Also Dilek takes no prisoners if she feels someone is doing wrong to the company and/or product. She knows her product, she knows her business and I like that.

      • Ah, yes. It was impressive how she nailed those naysayers (probably put up to it by a rival company). Great stuff! Never witnessed anything like it before.

  3. LR

    Do most of these digital metal detectors now offer software updates? … I always wondered if the updates were free or people had to pay additional money for them.

    For example, I used to have a TomTom GPS that I used in my car. When I got the thing at first, they promised free map updates forever**** yeah right, after about 3yrs only way I could get various updates was to pay some quarterly fee. My current Automobile is barely 5yrs old now, it has some Sirius XM / GPS / Music whatever-theF*ck, all of a sudden out of the blue various functions of this combo Navigation/Music/etc system doesn’t show recent changes to my local area maps. I found out from the dealership where I bought my car, they tell me oh yeah, I’d have to pay $175 to get such n such various updates. It’s getting ridiculous…

    Any who, am glad that Sir Richard the Stout-heart, can give it to us straight about what’s up with these new bells & whistles in the world of Detectors.

    • Luke right now all these updates/fixes are free and I don’t see charges on the horizon, at least not for Nokta. They seem intent on being competitive in every way. As for keeping you up to date with bells and whistles, not really. I just pass along the information. The deciphering is up to you. Me? I’m good and comfortable with my Simplex. Just need to find places to take it and weather that isn’t from hell.

      • LR

        Everything I’ve read about the Simplex seems like if I can ever afford it, to be my next detector. I really like the looks & specs of their Nokta Pinpointer – 2 buttons! Lol… Plus it would be nice to have a weather proof machine.

  4. john taylor

    hey dick! move back to jersey! bring plenty of scratch though. they just became the priciest place to live in the country,
    and they still have the “heat from hell!” ehe! heh! he! I’m just sayin’

    j (stab me again!) t!

    • JT I’ve said this a thousand times before. I would move back to Jersey in a heartbeat if I could afford it. I can’t. Plus I’m 81 years old and my kids and grandkids are here. That’s my story.

  5. john taylor

    scuttlebutt has it the renowned “fountain of youth” has “dried up” in Florida!
    sad!..just sayin’


  6. I’ve been happy with mine and the updates. There are some who have issues updating their machines, but those issues have been based off of windows firewall settings or even not decompressing the compressed file and then running the setup executable file.

    As far as the machine and company go, both are awesome. Nokta is a great, forward thinking company that really listens to their customer base. I own two other machines that can be updated and it seemed like those were at the mercy of when ever the company wanted to address an issue. Nokta is pretty quick and the dialog between the customers and company is great!

    I only wish they would come out with a self digging detecting drone. Detects, recovers, and returns with the goodies. That way we can just enjoy a nice cool beverage in the shade while the machine does the heavy lifting! Lol!

    • I only wish they would come out with a self digging detecting drone. Detects, recovers, and returns with the goodies. That way we can just enjoy a nice cool beverage in the shade while the machine does the heavy lifting! Lol!

      Wait. Are you saying they’re NOT doing this?

      • Do you mean one of these machines exists? I hope it has the facility to input the GPS co-ordinates for the Mayfly, can order a pint of bitter and a whisky chaser, pay for it, and deliver the goodies to my chair under the trees by the river.
        i’m just sayin’

      • I can neither confirm nor deny that statement.

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