Just Being a Disagreeable Dick…

I was going to began with “Where to start….but honestly there’s nothing at all to say. Just been a “meh” few days here. Not feeling that good, weather’s not that great and most of what I see on social media is the same ole. Same tekkies, same finds, same YouTubers, same BS. I’m well aware however that the majority of you are into all of the above and I say good for you. You’re a better man than I Gunga Din…

Observations –

Everybody swears that their detector is finding things never before found and I say “quit your job and go full time”….

YouTubies are still knocking out new vids left and right and more are joining in. Now if only a few could make them interesting…

Gal tekkies are still flirting on FB and the guys are still drooling because well “she responded to my comment”

Thousands are still asking “what did that ring up as?”….

Equinox users are still ObNOXous (thanks Dan Hughes)…

The Yanks are still sharing photos of their buttons, buckles, bits and pieces and crusty large cents…

Hundreds are still paying big bucks to hunt organizers for detecting supposedly virgin farmland. I don’t get it at all but if I were a farmer with a few acres??

Manufacturers are FINALLY offering software updates to their users (aka their bread and butter, their survival). Long overdue…

Still the most common phrases on forums – “newbie here”, “welcome from”, and “anybody know what this is?”

A Gazillion tekkies ask daily “I’m new to the hobby, where can I hunt?”. Hmm, good luck with that. I’ve been asking the same thing and I’ve been at it for over 45 years.

YouTube video titles are getting more corny by the day…

Try as I might I just can’t do back flips over the majority of finds shared on social media, sorry. My “old” is different from yours…

Lastly, don’t YOU be a disagreeable dick. If you haven’t done it already get your covid vaccination and let’s get back to normal!


Well I did it. What do you think?




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43 responses to “Just Being a Disagreeable Dick…

  1. If I were a detector manufacturer, I’d never issue a software update. Where’s the money in that? Make ’em buy a NEW DETECTOR WITH THE LATEST SOFTWARE INSTALLED!

    • Well yeah but “every” new detector that comes out has a glitch or two and to be able to fix that without having users send them back to the factory is a big plus. Also little things can be improved down the road and to know that my model can only get better would sell me. Other models can still be sold with new/different features/functions/designs. JMO.

    • John Taylor

      yup! “damn clever” that is! as if “most” don’t feel “screwed over” already!
      just sayin’


  2. When I did my treasure hunting podcasts (that’s a You Tube video without the pictures, children), I limited my episodes to about five minutes, and they were totally and completely scripted. I did my thinking, had my ducks in a row, BEFORE I turned on the recorder. Gee, they sounded almost professional. (Forty years in radio did that to me.)

    I simply could not bear to watch an unscripted, unedited video. Uh, ya know, um, well, ya know.

  3. John Devereux

    😂😂😂 I’m with you Dick. I’d rather be out digging than watching. In any event getting on in years gives us permission to be disagreeable. I started early. 😁😁 All the best from a sunny but chilly Eastbourne.
    John “2 jabs” Devereux.

  4. Char

    Love the tat!

  5. This is a reply to your “feeling meh” part, not your detecting part:


    When I was about 8, I collected stamps. My mom mentioned that to her friend-down-the-street Dorothy Spyhalski. Dorothy told her husband Spike, who was also a stamp collector. He invited me to see his stamp collection if I’d like to see it.

    So Mom took me down to his house, and he took me down to the basement and showed me the biggest stamp collection I’d ever seen. And here’s what was neat – he talked to me as stamp collector to stamp collector, not as adult to child. And I’ve remembered that kindness for 65 years.

    I’m 73 now, and I have a little dog that kids love, named Wrigley. I’m a popular guy at the local park because Wrig loves to go down the slides. The kids cheer as that little dog flies up the slide steps and rushes down the slide. They all want to pet her and give her a cookie.

    And because Wrigley stays by my side, the kids talk to me. Just like with Spike Spyhalski so long ago, I talk to those kids, people to people, rather than adult to child. And many of them respond. Some of them even go out of their way to find me at the park because they want to tell me about the book they’re reading or where they’re going on vacation or what their pet did this morning.

    I love talking to young kids, they are just so full of wonder. And every time I can make a kid smile, I feel like I’m repaying my neighbor Spike of so long ago.

    • What a great story Dan. Wrigley sure has that slide thing down pat. Pretty cool little guy.

      Dan, you need to consider the podcasts again and they don’t have to be about metal detecting. You’re a great storyteller and a joy to listen to.

      Thanks for sharing

    • John Taylor

      dog’s clever like the owner!..hope a little tyke doesn’t try to “chew” Wrigley!
      just sayin’

      John “2 jabs” Taylor

  6. Two more down-at-the-park stories:

    1. I act silly a lot, and the other day a 4-year-old girl asked me, “Are you a grown-up?”

    I told her I hope not! I used to be, but that was a long time ago. My theory is that you start as a kid, then you become a grown-up, then you become a kid again.

    2. A 5-year-old asked me how old I was, and I said “73 and a half.”

    She scrunched up her little face and said, “Grown-ups don’t do HALFS!”

  7. Well, it happened to me the day I retired.

  8. The MEH is a real thing, especially in quarantine. Lol!

    As a YouTube guy, i agree with much of this. My channel is more of a vlog that includes metal detecting. If I have a cheesy title, it because of sarcasm, not views. And yes, it is unscripted. But I do it because I have no real friends and I am just trying to gain acceptance in this world to make myself feel better with click of that like button. Lol! Each click fills my life with so much joy! Each view tells me that I’m not alone. Each comment, well that’s when I need to wash! Lol!

    But seriously, why isn’t there any taco here? I really want some carne asada tacos and they don’t have them here. That’s what I really need. Some tacos and a good beer.

    Hotel coffee is pretty bad. Like brewed rabbit poop mixed with a hint of diesel bad. Just thought I’d share that.

    I typed this all in nothing but my underwear. But you wouldn’t have known that unless I told you. Wait… I guess I am awake! Lol!

    This was a fun one.

    Take care Boss

    (see. I didn’t call you sir this time!)


    • Matt I understand the need to be accepted, liked, followed, etc.. Hell without that I wouldn’t be doing this. On the other hand I think YouTubies, bloggers and forum freddies need to be a little more honest, a little more humble and a lot more upfront. I like your vids for exactly that….

      As for the tacos, come on man you’re in Korea, LOL. This for the rest of you reading this….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zx5_-mD8NiQ

      Not a boss, just a sarcastic old dude.

    • John Taylor

      did you really “have” to share that?..just sayin’

      John “2 stabs” Taylor

      • Hello JT:
        I’m still laughing. You’ve made my day. Of course when you reach our age, you learn one salient point….Never trust a fart.
        i’m just sayin’

  9. Tony

    Now I know why Dan Hughes is tilted sideways in his photo avatar – he is a true kid at heart!

  10. John Taylor

    man’s ‘full of life!” god bless him!

    John “2 stabs” Taylor

  11. Tony

    I am also right that it’s you doing the TV commercials of Teeter Totter and telling folks you are Roger Teeter?
    You seen them where he hangs upside down then gets off and does a skip and a short jump.

    • You talking to me or Dan? I have no idea what the Teeter Totter commercials are…

    • John Taylor

      saw that!..I think dick aspires to be “Roger!” convinced ”tons” to buy with that final jump in the air! me thinks many “takes” to get it right! just sayin’

      j. “2 stabs” t.

  12. Tony

    You – the guy looks very much like Dick Stout

  13. John Taylor

    yes! I believe I have “trusted” too much over time! sucks to get old! (hot damn!)..just sayin’

    j. “2 stabs” t.

  14. Frank Blazi

    I would love to quit my day job and hunt for crusty coppers full time. When I am not metal detecting I am thinking about metal detecting. Yep,I got it bad🤣 Furthermore, I just added the Equinox to the team in February. I couldn’t help myself ,those you tube videos were so enticing. The deus is still my favorite but the Nox works better in parks(since all the cellar holes are all hunted out). Not a disagreeable Dick,got both jabs.I love your new tattoo!!

    • Hey Frank, quit that job. Dig those coppers, make vids, get followers, get rich. From what I understand there are a lot of professional TH’ers out there.

      Glad you got your jabs. Let’s hope this thing is on it’s last legs.

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