A Favor Please…

When I was doing a lot of writing for Western & Eastern Treasures they would occasionally put my ugly mug on the cover. I had them framed in my office but thanks to the F4 tornado back in December they are gone. The gang at WET was kind enough to send me what they still had in their back issue collection, and Paul Tainter also sent me what copies he had from his collection. Thank you Steve, Rosemary and Paul!

I am still looking for four or five, and I am hoping that maybe someone out there has them and is willing to part with them.  If you happen to have any or all please let me know your asking price.

Here are photos that were on three of the WET magazines I am looking for….not sure of the dates but I a guessing mid 90’s.

WET Covers

The other issues I do not have photos of…..


November 92, June 93, June 95, September 2000, September & December 2001, January & November 2006, May & October 2007 and May 2009. 

If you have any other dates with my mug on the cover please let me know.  Also a long shot but I am looking for the following issue of World of Treasures (October 1983).

First time on a magazine cover...way back when!

Thanks all…appreciate it.



Another issue I need is October 1997….see photo here:





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15 responses to “A Favor Please…

  1. I’ll keep an eye out for them and send the info to a couple of local clubs. No charge of course. Just glad to help out where I can.

  2. Good Luck Barnum, I no longer have any treasure magazine issues, With all the moves Ive had, they were discarded

  3. Packrat

    Hey Dick I have tons of back issues boxed away…if I can find the boxes they are in I will see what I can do. Leave to a Packrat to stash away a bunch of old magazines. Might even have the World of Treasures if I can find it.

    • Larry, why “packrat” didn’t enter my mind is beyond me. Thank you and hope all is well with you and the family.

      Wish I could be in the greater Northwest with you all.

  4. James M. Fielding

    I will also look for these issues, Dick. Our club meeting here in Central Florida is coming up on the 9th, and we have a “magazine” table in the back where a lot of old issues are placed…maybe I’ll get lucky.

  5. Bigtony

    Well today’s your lucky day! Email on the way

  6. Randy N Simmons

    Dick, I have one copy of the Oct. 1997 issue because I have an article in it also. I could make a copy of the cover and send it if you still need it. Thanks.

  7. Missouri Nick

    I have a copy of ” World of Treasures” , October 1983. E-mail me your mailing address at nickols@ofmlive.net and I will mail it to you. Glad to find a home for it. Am searching my inventory for the others. Yours with my blessing. Missouri Nick.

    • Nick, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thought for sure that issue was gone forever…. You, Steve and Tony are very kind and very much appreciated. Email on the way…..

  8. Update – Steve from TreasueNet is sending the October 97 issue. Big Tony is sending the January 2003 (far right photo is grouping), and now Nick is sending the World of Treasures ’83.

    That leaves WET issues with photo on left and in the center…..Thank you guys.

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