From Keith Wills…

Didn’t intend to post until next week at the earliest, but received the following email from Keith Wills (WWATS)  and thought I better share it before I am accused of ignoring people….


Re: My email to WWATS about membership cards and insurance

All I could see was a bunch of folks without facts expecting organizations to come to them where ever they might be to answer a lot of far off accusations and fairy tales. They should pick up the phone and try calling one of the officers and ask them point blank or better yet, try joining the organizations where they have rights to all true information instead of blowing up false bull read on the internet forums from folks that have nothing else to do with their time and energy but to waste it on nonsense. What if all that energy was used to better our hobby, wouldn’t that be a blessing.
WWATS has forums on it’s new website, but will not accept such foolishness there.
Maybe I was looking at something other than what you were asking me, if so please correct me.
Dick I’m sorry, but look at all the “bashing” on the site. No wonder the organizations do not want to answer such. What would our membership want? For us to waste our time answering such when we know no answer will ever be good enough OR focus on the problems in our hobbies and work towards ways to head off such problems now and in the future.
WWATS has always felt that three organizations across this country is very necessary, for no one of us can handle all the problems that arise. Just maybe in the future three could join hands in our many efforts, someday! After a point you learn to work with what you have and put your efforts into it whole heartedly to support it and make it work.   Keith Wills


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4 responses to “From Keith Wills…

  1. Very true Keith, we at the task Force have been fielding questions and requests for help for many years. The Task Force can not and will not put any efforts forward until, 1 – we make sure the information we received is factual, 2 – we have a reliable local contact person (and local club if possible) in the area where the problem is reported, a person(s) who is willing to put in some effort to help themselves, and the Metal Detecting Community, and 3 – the local people want the Task Force to help them according to TF standard “call to action” procedures.
    The task Force does not want to ride into town like a band of “carpetbaggers” and impose edicts on local authorities. The Task Force wants to help empower local Detectorists to get their local politicians / authorities to work with them to improve the local situation, for the benefit of the local Detecting Community.
    There have been, and are now situations that proved not to be valid, or are where an individual has been singled out because they did not follow the code of ethics, or out and out did something illegal / destructive and were caught. The TF will not get involved in defending anyone who acts in a manor that casts a bad light on the Detecting hobby.
    Yes, Keith, we all want to help, but we need the local “boots on the ground” to help us help them. So as you said if you’re going to complain, then be willing to volunteer.
    The TF is always open to volunteers who would like to help. This effort can spread across this country, and the three major Detecting organizations need to improve communications and work together now for the benefit of the Detecting Community.
    Avery Marder
    Task Force for
    Metal Detecting
    Rights Foundation

  2. Ben

    How does this answer your questions about membership cards and insurance through a national organization? A great deal of bashing on on detecting forums I feel comes from a lack of national leadership that can provide some organization to the hobby and help people in larger numbers focus there energies towards protecting the hobby and promoting it. To say no answer is good enough is a defeatist attitude at best and to many the silence is worse than no response at all. Thanks for sharing Dick, I think you touched a nerve.

  3. Not sure why all of this, but again my original question or challenge was…..

  4. I have said this over and over, that we DO NOT need three different organizations representing this hobby. We need one with a representative in each state who the people can go to in each respective state and that person goes to the board that gets represented. We need ALL of the manufacturers to join the same group and help represent this hobby. We all use their machines. In my own opinion, ALL they care about is money and selling their machines. I’m sorry but these companies will no longer exist when people quit buying machines. At that point they will be saying, what happened?

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