Attention All Ships At Sea!

This is an all points bulletin!  Be on the lookout for the following groups. All three have been missing for months and it is believed that aliens have kidnapped them or that they are in hiding.  Either way your assistance is appreciated….

THE TASK FORCE FOR METAL DETECTING RIGHTS, last heard from in August, explaining the current restrictions in New York city parks.  Missing as well from that update was any mention of their efforts in Cook County, Illinois (started in the spring of 2013).   If you see or know of anyone from this organization who can shed additional light on these areas please let me know.

THE WORLD WIDE ASSOCIATION OF TREASURE HUNTERS, last heard of early 2014, promising a new website in March. That date has changed every month and the new projected website is now November 1.  Stay tuned but do yourself a favor and don’t place any bets on this happening.

THE FEDERATION OF METAL DETECTOR & ARCHAEOLOGICAL CLUBS, INC..  Last heard from November 2013 and assumed to be deceased. If you know of anyone in the hierarchy of this organization please ask them to show some signs of life. Even a fart would do…

Okay, am I being sarcastic? Insulting? Antagonizing?  You bet, but don’t promise the world then disappear. These three organizations supposedly represent you.  Of course if you are happy with what they have done for you, fine.  Just don’t bitch when you are unable to enjoy your pastime a year or two from now.



Viking Treasure Hoard Unearthed in Scotland 

  Treasure Hunter Sleeps by his Find 

  Hiker Discovers Abandoned Town Inside National Park 

  HMS Erebus Found in Canadian Arctic



Still loving this show and hope you are too.  If not don’t worry.  I am sure there are a zillion websites and forums out there that will satisfy your need for photos and videos….




Have had numerous emails about why I no longer talk about these two individuals and I think the following pretty much sums up my reason….





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14 responses to “Attention All Ships At Sea!

  1. Oh I haven’t seen this show. I will have to check it out! Thank you for letting us know about it!!

  2. Linda Bennett

    Thanks for the links to the show.

  3. Hi Ricardo:
    Is it possible these august bodies have been taken aboard an alien craft and flown to that abandoned township in that National Park? Do you remember the ‘Invaders’? Spooky or what?

  4. I will say in all fairness to the above groups it’s difficult to accomplish much without money and without support….neither of which seem to be coming from the metal detecting community. The only time folks get concerned is when it happens in their backyard.

    Until that happens all these organizations are nothing more than “social” groups…..

    • Ricardo:
      These groups – if they’ve anything about them at all – have to make a case for donations, subscriptions, and Fighting Funds, and put that case across to hobbyists. It’s known in the trade as PR! We can only judge these groups by what we see them do, and on that basis, they ain’t fit for purpose. It’s not all about defending the hobby either, as you and I well know, but also opening up new areas currently prohibited.

      There is a serious need for representation and we’ve highlighted the fact time and again on here, though the ‘social’ groups you mentioned have been somewhat less vocal. Now, had the US a whole team with the get-up-and-go of Roger Barbrick, I’m sure things would be a whole lot different.?

      Happy Daze

  5. John I get a lot of flack (email) from those who think I want these groups gone. I do not. I just want them to do what they promise to do and if they can’t, say so. Nothing hard or embarrassing about that.

  6. Yeah, I agree with you….but when are they going to get going? Currently, they ain’t up to it, and as usual, it’s down to you to carry the flag. If I was a US hobbyist I’d kick their arses into touch.

    God forbid the US arkies launch a concerted effort right now to put you guys outta business. If they hit you hard and hit you quick….it’s all over.

    • John, not carrying any flag. In fact I am doing nothing even remotely to fighting city hall. I am way past that point in my life…it’s up to the young tekkies. Think it bothers you and I more because we can remember the early days of the FMDAC and NCMD and how things were moving along.

      • I’m very happy that you describe me as a young Tekkie. Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be either. Those early days were the best with loads of talented people pitching-in to get the job done. With a few exceptions, the talent is still out there but very under-used.

  7. Bob K

    Don’t know what to say, other than keep bugging them and as l have said before keep at it. Thank you for what you have done in the past & now.

  8. supernova1c

    Absolutely right Dick and you too John, we should all put more into protecting our hobby, “official bodies” and detectorist’s alike. We must all “walk the walk”.
    Thank you For this post Dick, it reiterates the fact that we as detectorists, need to be more pro-active about what we do and our right to do it.
    All the best my friend, regards James 🙂

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