Because You Asked…


At least once or twice a week I get asked things like “what detector would you recommend for a beginner” or “what do you think is the best detector on the market”, etc..  So to save time and to save repeating myself click on these earlier posts:

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Then I am asked why I continue to “bash” the FMDAC, WWATS and TFMDR.  Well I do it in hopes of getting a response from them.  If the purpose of your organization is to fight for the pastime than do it. Having said that, apathy is rampant within our ranks and the only time you tekkies want action is when you are confronted with something that affects you personally.

FMDAC, mid 80' organization and kicking ass!

FMDAC, mid 80’s…..ONE organization and kicking ass!

So what’s the answer….ONE national group with paid officers and staff, funded by the manufacturers, magazines, distributors, dealers and YOU.  As it is now we are not only treading water, we are slowly sinking.



Well I don’t share videos because I don’t do videos.  I am old school and see no reason to invest in an expensive camera to share my all too infrequent forays in the field.  I am a bare bones hunter….just a detector, headphones and digger. Besides do you really want to see me huffing and puffing to bend down, find a clad dime and then use a few choice four letter words?  No thank you, I will leave the Cecile B. DeMille efforts to others.

As for photos….I have shared quite a few here over the years, but unfortunately they were nothing to brag about or retire on.  Now if and when I find that hoard that allows me to buy a home in the South of France I will be sure to post a photo (of my house, NOT the hoard).

Someday, in the South of France (Photo by Fay Stout)

Someday, in the South of France (photo by Fay Stout)


Till next time…

“We are all in this together, by ourselves”…Lily Tomlin



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3 responses to “Because You Asked…

  1. “I am a bare bones hunter….just a detector, headphones and digger”. I thought I was the only one 🙂

  2. Joe(TX)

    I am a bare bones hunter tooooo…..if I am hunting the back 40 then i just use a detector and digger and skip the headphones…..who needs headphones in a serene gorgeous place with no distractions or interference!!

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