Is An Apology Due?

I received the following from Carter Pennington, former president of the Task Force, with a comment of  “the portrayal continues”.  I  have to agree and think we need to respond in some manner.


This is from a Farmer’s Insurance commercial that’s currently running, and I do remember watching it thinking how wrong it was.  Now that I see it again I think the company owes the detectorist an apology.  What do you think?

Complete Commercial




John Howland sent over a report about how the recent UK storms have affected the beaches there, and since I don’t have anything much to offer I am posting it here on the home page.  Thanks Bubba…


For over three weeks severe gales and driving rain have lashed many southern UK beaches ripping their guts out and causing untold misery to coastal home owners.

In parts of the Isle of Wight the near monsoon rains have poured off the cliffs stripping away the top sand layers exposing not only rare fossils, but also the gold and coin bearing layers all well within easy reach of metal detectors.  Only the brave or foolhardy are venturing forth into the continuing maelstrom, and only the terminally dim sally forth equipped with non-All Terrain machines. Once all this horrendous weather abates, I’m sure we southern beachcombers are in for a bonanza.


Photo compliments of Mail Online…

There’s a strong likelihood that gold and silver coins from coastal shipwrecks will roll ashore too; high value Spanish, Portuguese, and 15C English coins are on the cards to put in an appearance. If you tempted to hunt below the High Tide line, make sure you are in possession of your free Crown Estates Foreshore Permit.

Report all gold and silver items, especially coins, to the Receiver of Wreck (the maritime Coroner). Whatever happens next is in the lap of the gods; either you’ll get the full market value if they decide to retain the find(s), or, whatever it is will be returned to you.  Other non-precious items can be reported to the PAS for their database.

If you’ve legally found it – you can legally sell it.


Academics will do anything for the working class…but get off their backs.

(Apologies to) Karl Marx

I’ll see y’all in the bar!



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42 responses to “Is An Apology Due?

  1. Yes they owe us an apology. Their portrayal was in a word “wrong”.

  2. jamie

    Apology, absolutely! It’s funny, my daughter mentioned this commercial to me the other day. I hadn’t seen it, but this is the one she described.

    A number of detectorists in commercials these days – nefarious behavior or not.

  3. I already left a comment on their site. I wonder about a defamation of character law suit against the company.

  4. Why not make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Board. There is a case to be made against the Company. If the word ‘thieving’ pre-fixed say, Negro, Chinaman, Hungarian, there would quite rightly be uproar. They have accused every hobbyists as a thief. That’s libel.

  5. Bob K

    Dick. Left two messages on Farmers site, and the wife called them about the bad taste of the TV ad . They said they had received numerous complaints and was working on it.
    Dick keep up the good work.

  6. JAmes

    Yes, they do owe us an apology. Will we actually get one? I doubt it very seriously.

  7. Robbie

    Emailed directly to the company and complained about the ad.Waiting to see if they email in return.

  8. Big Tony from Bayonne

    That looks like a Whites detector to me but that doesn’t matter at all.
    What are these folks thinking? Such poor taste – the two other folks in the ad simply walk away selling their BS insurance protection. He should have ran after the guy. At least then you could say that Farmers has you covered. I guess they only want your money because they look away and let the sleeping man just get robbed. Terrible – is this the society we live in? Not just folks who metal detect but in general. Their insurance is not for me.

    • Tony, I honestly think that the folks who put this commercial together were grasping at straws in order to get their message across, and did not portray us that way on purpose. Just a brainfart one of the agency idiots had, and as for the way the guy was dressed? That, unfortunately, is how the majority of people view us, especially anyone hunting the beaches. Mention metal detecting to anyone not involved, and you get the “oh yeah, those old farts on the beach”. I don’t like it but it’s just the way it is. I do think we are making inroads in changing that image given the recent reality shows but we have a long way to go. JMO.

      • Big Tony from Bayonne

        Dick, the image is changing but very slowly. The realty shows are helping us in other ways. Folks are looking at the technology these days and asking us if it works. We know that It does.

  9. Joe Smith

    Metal detecting is an oddball hobby. I know that most people look at me with amusement while I go hunting for my treasure chest. When I saw the detector episode on Bones, as well as the Farmers commercial, I laughed at how absurd they were. So instead of getting our underwear in a bundle, maybe in this case, we should learn to grow a thicker skin. Save the fight for the banned parks and the archies. Besides, we all know that we don’t steal the chains off peoples necks, we wait for them to get lost in the water.

    • Joe, you are probably right. I guess it bothers me because it’s just another unflattering image that’s been put out there, and funny or not it doesn’t help our cause.

  10. I saw that commercial, it cracked me up! I don’t think that we should take it so personal, heck, the best of any hobby or sport can laugh at themselves!

  11. I think it was just plain wrong. I emailed them also and complained. It gives us a bad image and it only took a second to send the email. So why not?

  12. John H

    …and they’ve probably LOST more customers than they’ll recruit. Odd too, that an insurance company should call us thieves?

  13. John H

    You mean…like lawyers? Good God no…insurance company CEO’s are queuing at the Pearly Gates. Ho ho!

  14. We should try to contact the AD Agency and comment on their site as well.

    RPA Ad Agency is the company that is the creative influence for the Ads

  16. (310) 394-4000 AD AGENCY RPAS PHONE NUMBER

  17. Doug Frantz

    The other factor is that they could have made the same point if the necklace was snatched by someone without a metal detector. You certainly didn’t need a detector to find it. Of course the snatcher would have to belong to a non-protected ethnic group (old white guy). The ad doesn’t upset me too much, but I’m not a beach-type detectorist.

  18. Robbie

    That ad is also on youtube but unlike other Farmers ads on youtube, the comments are disabled.

  19. Steve D

    Wow! So many great comments hope you all send a nasty email to farmers like I did. Next’s week blog might be having you donate to my bail ! I found that while the youtube comments has been disabled but their Facebook page is open game!

  20. What the TF needs to do, or anyone else for that matter, is to select a couple of guys or gals with certain ‘abilities and connections’ who, with some independent finance (to enhance undercover investigations) from a central target fund to dig up the crap on certain people after having cultivated reliable contacts in the press The press ( and a hack is only as good as his contacts) love this shit. In short, drop a few bucks in the laps of financially hard-pressed arkies to spill the beans on the inside track – no names and no pack drill.

    You’d be surprised how many arkies are thoroughly pissed off at the so-called ruling elite clinging to the notion that treasure hunters are a plague!

    Provided you can assure anonymity, you will get results…..but it takes a very special kind of agent. We did this in the UK…..result? The PAS and other equally well-placed elsewhere.

    We even have people in eastern Europe tracking certain profiles.

  21. Hush yo’ mouth, y’all!

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