Things Looking Brighter in Cook County…

Received the following comment/reply to my last post  (Hellooo Out There) from Avery Marder, Vice President of the Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights and wanted to share it here as well.


Not so secret..just go to – we’re an open book. In the next 2 weeks the site will be updated with  current info and features. The Task Force (it’s not a company) is a 501(c) non profit, all volunteer Foundation (no one draws a salary nor stipend).  Membership in  the Task Force is completely FREE, we will never ask our members to pay a membership fee.

The Task Force just hired a law firm in NY to spearhead answering legal issues confronting the Metal Detecting Community. The Task Force is also interviewing law  firms in northern Illinois, and will be looking for a law firm in Kentucky shortly…..the three top hot spots the Task Force will be working on in the next few months.  Other areas will be considered as soon as we are notified, contacted by a local club, hear about problems through web/blog sites, or from contact with members of  The Task Force.

The Task Force is here to protect you, the Metal Detecting Community, and we need you to help fellow Metal Detectorists in your own back yard and across
the country, thank you, and join today.


Thank you Avery. Happy to hear the Task Force is finally back and I like the prospects of getting legal help and advice. Hope you will keep everyone updated on your efforts… 


Was surprised to see a video on Facebook today from Butch Holcombe, publisher of the American Digger Magazine.  Why? Because he finally succumbed to the fancy of putting a camera on his head. I thought he had better sense, but one never knows anymore.  Apprently he  likes it, and I am looking forward to “Butch Does Hollywood, Part 2”.

I have shared his video with all my archaeological friends out there and feel certain they will enjoy it. Even supplied Butch’s home address in case they wanted  his autograph.



Threw out this tip a couple of months ago, but now you must act if you are at all interested.  My old High School has been torn down,  and it appears as though there might be construction on the site in the near future. If you are at all interested in finding good stuff you might want to stay on top of this.

Developer Wants 46 Lots on Former ‘Haunted’ Lambertville High School  Property



Once again a reminder of how very much we can become a pain in the ass to the general public. If you are out of your elements, don’t push it please.  Losing your life is not worth any treasure out there….

Treasure Hunter Found Safe Again



Not a lot to report, and not a lot of finds to report. Still trying to feel “normal” and still taking a lot of pills. Have felt somewhat better  of late, but when I can finally go out with my grandson and shoot some baskets, I will know that all is back to normal. Working on it for sure….



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8 responses to “Things Looking Brighter in Cook County…

  1. Dave McCarthy

    I make detecting videos purely for fun. If anything it will boost Butch’s magazine sales a bit . . good for him. It’s a great magazine and they work hard to keep it going for all of us.

    • It is indeed a great magazine, and I just love busting Butch’s chops. I will say this however….while we are both old farts, he at least is keeping up with the times.

      I do wonder how come there was no cursing in this video?

  2. Sorry I made a slight error, the 3rd location the Task Force will be working with at this time is Louisville KY

    • I changed Kansas to kentucky? Hope that is what you meant. If not let me know….

    • Please let me know how/if I can help. I run a business and have limited time. I’m in Lexington, which is an hour from Louisville and 30 minutes from Frankfort.

      • Scott, I would think you’d be a great help the Task Force, FMDAC, whomever. Hopefully they will see this comment and get in touch with you. You might also want to shoot off an email to both groups just in case….

        You have a lot of skills to offer, and I thank you for all you’ve already done.

  3. Mike Smith

    I am glad to read that the Task Force is finally going to take some action. Hopefully they will be contacting the members in how we can help by emails, letters and phone calls.

    Nice video by Butch and great that he pointed out that he was on private property and has permission.

    • Hi Mike, thanks for replying…

      I too hope they will be diligent in posting their plans, and keeping members current…. it’s important.

      As for Butch? He is indeed a budding movie star.

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