Helloooo Out There?

On February 14th, my post was titled “A Project for the Big 3“.  Then I added a follow-up on February 17th (Is it Time to Revisit Cook County), and another mention on February 19th (Update on Cook County Ban).  Right after the last post I was privy to a couple of emails that I think were not meant for my eyes, but  they were from one of the big 3 organizations, and it appeared as though they were going to jump in and take on Cook County.  Well it is now the 26th of the month and neither of the two clubs involved, the Midwest Historical Research Club or the  Will County Historical Research & Recovery Association has heard a thing from anyone.

Apparently no one is going to pick up the ball, and that’s really sad. The situation begs for an organized, concerted effort, and in particular, money!  Money so that  an attorney can be hired (at least enough for the clubs involved to have an initial meeting with an attorney to find out what their options are).  As I said before, it’s not always  what you know, but WHO you know, and I feel certain there are attorneys in Cook county who are familiar with the players involved in creating this ban.

The Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights has not made any changes to it’s website since May of last year, but has at least  $40,000 in it’s coffers, and would seem to be the one group that could help, but apparently they haven’t figured out a way. Then again, if you cannot find a way  to say something, anything at all, to your members in 9 months, maybe that’s a good thing.

I will keep you posted if and when I hear any more on this particular situation. If you care to know more of the details please see my earlier posts…..



Many thanks to Eddy Current and Ralph Smith for the following info…..

A Gold Rush Like No Other

A Nevada Recluse’s $7M Gold Fortune



When I first saw these headlines I was ready to throw a party, but calmed down some after reading it.  I will leave it’s conclusions up to you…..

Will the Study of Archaeology Soon Become a Thing  of the Past?



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12 responses to “Helloooo Out There?

  1. Dick, post the info on the origional ban in Cook County on https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/I-Am-A-Metal-Detectorist-and-I-Vote/121156454615982, and I’ll see that it gets shared far and wide on this end…

  2. Well, I guess you never read the e-mail I sent over a week ago regarding the steps being taken by the Task Force regarding the Cook County situation (among others). I also guess you didn’t want to give any credit to the Task Force taking into consideration your past relationship with the organization, and your withdrawal from the Task Force because you felt it was a conflict with your working relationship with Whites Electronics.
    That was too bad, we could have used your support, and now that we have met with the other major detector manufacturers (including Whites) you could have been there helping us “fight the fights”.
    What are we trying to do..we’re all trying to stop the forces which are bent on banning the lawful recreational pastime of Metal Detecting. We need to join together, not bicker amongst ourselves, to fight these forces..the Task force’s door is still open to you, Dick….and anyone who wants to help in this fight.

    • Avery, your email was mentioned in today’s post, and I didn’t want to mention the source since I was pretty sure it was a mistake (I have not received emails from you folks since our parting of the ways in May of last year). I also posted your last email/communication here on the blog (Feb.14th).

      Do me a favor Avery, and please stop with the White’s thing. Not sure why you keep bringing that up, but if you read my response to YOUR last submission I agreed I have a long standing association with the company, and everybody knows it…jeezus get over it.

      Let me also say I am waiting for you folks to say something, anything to your members via your website, and what if anything are you doing about the Cook County situation? Is it a secret? I have contacted the clubs involved and they have not heard from anyone.

      I have also been in contact with a couple of the manufacturers and from what I understand they too are waiting to see what your next plan of action is.

      And your last paragraph: “What are we trying to do..we’re all trying to stop the forces which are bent on banning the lawful recreational pastime of Metal Detecting. We need to join together, not bicker amongst ourselves, to fight these forces.”

      I agree and lot’s of detectorists are waiting for that to happen…

  3. As a follow up to all this let me just say that I indeed have been picking on the three “supposed” national organizations, and if it takes pissing them off to get some movement or action, so be it.

  4. Wash your hands of this mess Dick, before you get sucked in when it all goes tits-up…drop this lot like a hot cake! You’ve done your bit for the hobby time and time again and have emerged with a fine reputation. This lot, couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery. You’ve set out the problem and warning signs to hobbyists, now they must sort thier own salvation.

    • Aah, must be single malt time!! Can always count on your colorful “in your face” support Bubba. Trust me I am not being suckered into anything. I have no desire to be part of any of these organizations. I am too old, and as you said, I’ve been there done that. I do however get angry over situations like this one in Cook county, and will keep trying to see if I can stir things up. Who knows just maybe one of these groups will figure out how to organize a piss-up in a brewery?

  5. Avery Marder

    Not so secret..just go to http://www.detectingrights.com – we’re an open book. In the next 2 week the site will be updated with current info and features. The Task Force (it’s not a company) is a 501(c) non profit, all volunteer foundation (no one draws a salary nor stipend). Membership in the Task Force is completely FREE, we will never ask our members to pay a membership fee. The Task Force just hired a law firm in NY to spearhead answering legal issues confronting the Metal Detecting Community. The Task Force is also interviewing law firms in northern Illinois, and will be looking for a law firm in Kansas shortly…the 3 top hot spots the Task Force will be working on in the next few months. Other areas will be considered as soon as we are notified, contacted be a local club, hear about problems through web/blog sites, or from contact with members of The Task Force. The Task Force is here to protect you, the Metal Detecting Community, and we need you to help fellow Metal Detectorists in your own back yard and across the country, thank you, and join today

    • Thank you Avery, happy to hear the Task Force is back and I like the prospects of getting legal help and advice. Hope you will keep everyone updated on your efforts…

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