Will This Spring Bring New Models or Just Flowers?

Well,I have been trying to find out from the companies what, if any, new models might be on the horizon, but they are all being silent, which leads me to believe  we will probably see a couple in the coming weeks. Just a guess however…

Not sure I can afford anything new anymore, and I sure as hell don’t want anything that will go deeper than the detector I have now. It’s all I can do to get  out detecting without discomfort, and I don’t need to spend more time on my knees than necessary. And how deep is deep enough? We are already approaching the 8 to 12 inch  depth potential now, and anything deeper will necessitate a shovel or spade. Not my cup of tea, especially being a coin hunter (and to all my arkie friends out there  who are reading this, and rushing to use my comments to your advantage, don’t. No one really gives a crap about what you think).

Love my MXT Pro

The MXT Pro…my detector of choice…..

My MXT Pro is my detector of choice right now and it can go deep. Deeper than others on the market? Dunno, but I am not about to buy them all to find out, nor do I care  to believe all the BS that is offered on the many forums out there. Suffice to say I am quite happy with it, and in fact I am on the prowl for an older White’s  6000di, Series 2 detector from the 80’s. Call me old, senile, nostalgic, whatever….I just remember that detector vividly, and feel certain I could still find good stuff  with it. It was one of those detectors that actually talked to me (well at least after a couple of drinks).

I knew that detector inside out, and I am hoping that someone out there who has one, will take pity on me and send it to me no charge (Okay, I will pay postage).  It’s analog, not computerized, and it is not as “cool looking” as today’s models. Won’t “spell” out nickel, dime or quarter, nor will it tell you the numerical readout.  What it will do is go pretty deep on a dime, and if you are willing to use some wrist action, it will verify that dime before you dig it….

So,if there are new models coming out this spring that are below $500, weigh 2.5 lbs or less, have knobs or switches, I might be interested. Otherwise I am  quite happy staying the course. There just comes a time when cost versus return becomes important, and that is most certainly when one retires.



Thanks again to Regton Ltd. for the following article. Terrific PR for the pastime, and we need more programs like this….

Coining It For the Heroes



Large Scale Beach Replenishment


After watching this and thinking about it, I am all for it. What the hell, why not?  Why not provide a lure, a challenge, a mystery, for those who come after…

Thousands Search for Man’s Hidden  Treasure



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6 responses to “Will This Spring Bring New Models or Just Flowers?

  1. Dennis

    HI Dick,
    Not sure if you have seen this post yet. But here it is. It’s about the BlissTool Metal Detector. It sort of leaves those people who bought this detector out on a limb. Not Good!!!

    Denny Morrison


    Early last year Blisstool USA introduced the Blisstool brand to the American detecting public and has been a strategic partner in helping to educate, promote and distribute the Blisstool LTC64X metal detector, made in Bulgaria

    Due to recent manufacturing quality concerns and continued delivery challenges we have made the decision to step aside as the sole importer and lead representative for Blisstool products in the USA.

    Blisstool USA will continue to operate as a Distributor of Blisstool products for our network of Dealers.

    While we will continue building our Dealer network base, we will no longer be promoting, educating or assisting in customer service on behalf of the manufacturer: Blisstool LTD Bulgaria.

    Any issues you may have regarding repair service, order status or general training questions, must be addressed with your Dealer where you purchased your machine. You may also direct your correspondence directly to the owner of Blisstool in Bulgaria, Ahmed Merchev, at info@blisstool.com or +359 883450667.

    • Hmm, not sure what to make of that Denny? I find the statement confusing, but you are right it doesn’t sound good for those who already have the detector.

  2. bill from lachine

    Agree my current machine does what I want it to do….so I’ll stand pat for now…..besides I’ve got 2 or 3 backup machines already which is plenty for my needs.

    Insofar as the older machine you mentioned….suggest you contact Sven on the Canadian forum…..he’s pretty well connected in the analog world so he should be able to help you out.

    Regards + HH


  3. Dave McCarthy

    Kenny Briggs from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin has been a White’s user for many years, and has quite a collection as I understand it. Look him up on Facebook, he may be able to find you one at the very least.

    • Thanks Dave. I think Kenny knows I am looking for one. I have bid on a few on Ebay but I have a set price in my mind that I will pay (and can afford). Apparently there are a lot of others out there who remember this detector because they often go for a good buck, working or not.

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