Treasure Hunter’s Express…

I received the late summer 2012 issue of the “Treasure Hunter’s Express” yesterday, and as usual enjoyed it a great deal. When I finished I started digging out a  few of my old research projects from long ago (this newsletter has a way of doing that to me), and since I am pretty much held hostage here in Texas I might just share a few of them with you all in the near future (most all are leads and research in the Northeast).

Paul Tainter’s quarterly gets me charged up because I love all those stories of treasure, both lost and found. The kind of stories that got me started years  ago, and that still linger in the recesses of my aging brain. Thoughts and dreams that should have never gone away. If any of you remember the old Express, or the  Exanimo Press, you know what I am talking about. Paul, who was very close to Karl von Mueller, shared many of his stories over the years, and continues in that  same vein today with the Treasure Hunter’s Express.

Paul in front of Research Unlimited, mid 80’s

I feel privileged to know Paul, and to have been invited to participate in his Treasue Expos. I also had the ocassion to meet KVM in the late 80’s at the Lost  Treasure Classic in Tulsa. Prior to that we corresponded frequently, and Karl kindly contributed articles for “The Quest” (the FMDAC newsletter). If any two individuals could inspire more, or make you more enthused about the pastime, I have yet to meet them.

I must also thank Paul for mentioning Stout Standards in his latest issue, and if this seems to be a mutual admiration society, you are right. Paul and I have a lot  of respect for each other, and that translates to trust, honesty and a deep interest in all things treasure. Just as I try to keep Stout Standards updated frequently,  Paul writes the Express because he loves doing it, and loves sharing his knowledge. Trust me when I say neither of us realizes a penny profit from our efforts….just  two old guys (sorry Paul) doing what we love.

Those of you who know Paul (and there are many) understand my praise. Paul Tainter’s Treasure Expo’s were legend, as were his publications. If you were a treasure  hunter in 70’s, 80’s and later you probably were at one of these events, and got to meet the “Who’s Who” of the pastime. As I have gotten older I am keenly aware that  the treasure hunting pastime is progessing at a fast pace, and that many of the “legends” have passed on, and that events like Treasure Expo will probably never occur  again. I can only hope that there is another Paul Tainter down the line who will emerge and keep it all going with those stories, ideas, and dreams that started it all.

Paul & Joan Tainter today

Paul’s newsletters are not lengthy. Usually six to ten pages, singled spaced, but they’re filled with information, wisdom, and stories to get your juices flowing.  If you are interested in knowing more about the “Treasure Hunter’s Express” email him at

Please also click on my website link (lower left). You will see this same post and also be able to read Paul’s story, and view a photos from Treasure Expos of years gone by.


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  1. The old magazines are a treasure trove. I do a column called ‘Retrospect’ – looking back and extracting interesting pieces from old copies of The Searcher. It’s a monthly task I enjoy very much.

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