Frankenstorm or Thank You Storm?

The Eastern coast of the United States is currently getting ready for   Hurricane Sandy, and what the  forecasters are calling one of the biggest storms in years. Because of it’s timing it’s been nicknamed  “Frankenstorm”.  If the track of the hurricane coincides with an artic cold front, a lot of areas could be facing heavy rains,  high winds and possibly even snow. Some are even saying it could be worse than the Perfect Storm of 1991.

While there are a lot of wary people on the East coast unsure of what to do, I feel certain there are already detectorists getting ready to deal with the  many scenarios that might play out. Many Nor’easters over the years have completely turned beaches into “brand new” areas, ripe with a lot of old and gold.  When I  lived in New Jersey I was about 40 to 60 miles away from most of the beach areas, and whenever a big storm was hitting the coast it never took long for the phone to ring,  and a plan laid out. There were times when we hunted in less than desirable weather conditions but the end result was almost always worth it.

Brian Mayer, who started the Jersey Shore Beach and Surf Hunters group has already starting reminding the members of what it’s like by sharing this video from a March 2010 Noreaster  storm….

If you are on Facebook be sure to check out Brian’s page, it’s full of great tips, and you will learn a lot from all who post there. Simply type in  Jersey Shore Beach and Surf Hunters in the search area at the top. You can also learn a lot by visiting the South Jersey Metal  Detecting Club and joining up. Their newsletter is one of the best out there, and it’s an old club filled with lots of professionals who are more than  willing to help you be successful. Greatest group of TH’ers out there…..then again I am partial.

Lastly, while I have offered a picture of what could be a beach hunter’s best days, don’t be foolish, and challenge Mother Nature. Be on top of weather  conditions, forecasts and be safe. If this storm develops as predicted it could be quite damaging and deadly. No treasure is worth the loss of a life!



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3 responses to “Frankenstorm or Thank You Storm?

  1. Diane Toogood

    I am ready Dick! But I feel very bad for the devastation that is coming! I just hope that I have enough money to gas up my car for all the trips we will be making. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas to come:) Cya Diane Toogood

  2. Understand the anticipation but please be safe Diane, and if you will, please share your experiences over the next few days…..

  3. John H

    My thoughts and good wishes are with you all.

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