Howland’s latest and Hurricane Sandy…

Have a feeling John Howland’s latest update didn’t come from home, but from a pub, mainly the Mayfly. Just a guess, but from the tone of  the post he was feeling his oats. Then again that’s pretty much the norm anymore for him. In this,  his latest, he once again has a few words for  the Warsaw windbag. To read his latest rant click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date…..



Well Hurricane Sandy made landfall last night, and from all I’ve been able to read and see this morning, she beat the hell out of the Eastern coastline. Looks like a long time for anything to get  back to normal, even though I suspect a few detectorists are heading in that direction anyway. Power is out for 95% of New Jersey,  New York’s Stock Exchange  has three feet of water on it it’s floor, and it’s subways were  flooded causing a lot of damage. Here’s hoping all my family and friends made it through the night without  being injured or displaced…



While typing the above blurb on Hurricane Sandy I glanced up at the bookshelf to the left of my PC and my eyes went directly to a book called “The Mid-Atlantic  Treasure Coast”. Almost uncanny…. I grabbed it and started leafing through the various chapters, and remember using it quite a lot in my early days. Covered  the beaches from Virginia to New York, and offered a lot of tips on where to concentrate your efforts if your main purpose to find gold……old gold. Details all  the many wrecks offshore that will sometimes give up a coin or two after a storm, and includes photos as well as newspaper articles detailing when and how  these coins were found by the amateur treasure hunter.

“The Mid-Atlantic Treasure Coast”, was written by Stephen M. Voynick, and published by The Mid Atlantic Press in 1984. A quick search on the internet indicates that  there are still a few copies out there, although most are offered at ridiculous prices (original price was $9.95). Suspect that if you do a more detailed search you can find one at a reasonable price.  If you are interested you might want to start here.


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  1. John H

    Now that ‘Sandy’ has moved on, I hope that relief and support will not be long in coming to those poor souls who have lost everything. God bless ’em all.

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