Back into the Swing of Things (Kinda…)

Getting back into the swing of things or back to normal just doesn’t happen when you’ve lost a loved one. It’s a hole in your heart that will be there forever so bear with me….

Next I want to thank you all for your cards, emails, prayers and condolences. They’re greatly appreciated. As for services the only gathering we will have is a celebration of Fay’s life and that will take place May 1st. Details are at the end of her obit.

Linda Fay Stout 1945 – 2022

Fay and I made the decision a long while ago to “will” our bodies to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. If you are interested in knowing more about the program click here. There are many similar programs throughout the country.


Back to treasure hunting trivialities…

It’s going to take me a little time to get a feel for what’s been going on so let me start by responding to a couple of emails I received regarding my blog post titled “You’all need to get a Life”.

In essence both writers said that they liked the various tests that tekkies do and it’s a way for them to make decisions as to buy the product or not. They also took offense to my criticizing the whole video testing thing and told me to get a life and move on. “Over the hill” was thrown in for good measure. I’ll accept the “been there, done that” label but expressing my opinion on my blog is my prerogative.

Look I get the enthusiasm, I get the dedication and I get the attention to detail but stop with the taking sides, he said, she said BS. The contest again centers on three different products and everyone who comments, tests, writes, films, has an ax to grind. Me? I have a Simplex and I’m more than happy with it. It does everything I want in a metal detector and more. All I need to do is get out and use it and right now I need that badly.

Do you realize what you are complaining about?

Before it was bemoaning the late release of the Legend and now it’s complaining about glitches and updates. How in the world can you bitch about online updates? I mean when were you able to do that in the past? I think it’s fantastic and an indication of things to come for all the manufacturers. It makes all kinds of sense.

Glitches in a new machine? Nothing new at all. No matter how many field tests, no matter how many testers, they happen when a product is introduced to thousands of users all over the world. In this case the glitches are being acknowledged, addressed and corrected in an expeditious manner and that too is unheard of.

It seems we all want to unbox the new item, new toy, and have it perform flawlessly. We want the new detector to turn on and go, and find everything we “think” is under the coil. When that doesn’t happen we become testing experts, techs, engineers, offering up guesses as to why and almost always blaming the manufacturer rightly or wrongly.

I’m not sticking up for the manufacturer(s). I’m just saying, give these new products time. Everything will work it’s way out, get addressed, get fixed and life will go on.  Bitch if you want, criticize, put down a manufacturer. Let it all out and then take your wife out for dinner. You’ll score points, she will love you for it and you know you owe her at least that much.

Take it from an old, over the hill beeper – don’t obsess,  there’s more to life than metal detecting. 




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21 responses to “Back into the Swing of Things (Kinda…)

  1. Roger

    Good post Dick, I find stuff with a pin pointer and a screwdriver sometimes, you have to develop skills for your machine whatever it might be. Don’t blame the manufacturer for what you are finding or not finding.
    Hope you are well Dick, can’t imagine the feelings you are going through.

  2. americandigger

    Dick, It is very hard. Happened to me in 2000 and although now happily remarried I miss her every day. Hang in there.


  3. njfella007

    Happy to see you writing again, Dick . Next step – though it may take some time – is to get the coil back over the turf. But please, no field tests!!! Lol. Hang in there, my friend.

  4. Ed B.

    Wishing you the very best on your road to healing after your loss. I can relate to how you’re feeling, having lost my only child, my 45 year old daughter, to cancer in 2018, six days before Christmas.
    They say that “time heals all wounds” but I tend to disagree. Time may diminish the hurt but it will never totally heal the pain.

  5. Tony

    Dick, it’s never easy and that’s the way it should be, it shows our love for each other. As I have said in the past to others – the coins and stuff will be there when your ready. Still, getting up and getting out once and awhile might be good for all of us.

  6. john taylor

    Dick! the “man” in you says you got this, but your “good” heart says be good to yourself, and stay the course! give ample time to grieve!

    (j 4-stabs,hope it’s done!) t.

  7. My field testing happens in a field, where I dig things the machine finds. If it doesn’t find things then I would never know and not do I care because that thing was not ever meant to be found.

    It’s funny how some people love you take a relaxing hobby and turn it into a drama which has online arguments which rival the old World Wrestling Federation drama back when ol Andre the Giant used to be alive and wrestle.

    Take care good sir and I’m glad you are back to the blog. Still keeping you and yours in my prayers.

    • “My field testing happens in a field, where I dig things the machine finds. If it doesn’t find things then I would never know and not do I care because that thing was not ever meant to be found….”

      Well stated Matt.

  8. We’re think of you at this difficult time. Please email me at the new email address.

  9. Kenneth

    Dick may god bless you and give you strength and guide you through this difficult time. I always read your messages about metal detecting and your advice in general and enjoy your comments. Thank you! Always Ken

  10. Thinking of you, me old mate!

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