Downloads – A Sign of Things to Come?

Fixes now, upgrades next?

I’m loving the current battle between the two most recent detectors to hit the scene. It’s a battle to see which detector can outperform the other and I suspect it’s a battle to see which engineers can outwit the other, all being done under the guise of marketing and via downloads.

Understand I’m all in favor of downloads when it comes to correcting deficiencies. I’ve wondered for sometime why this wasn’t happening. It makes soooo much sense in today’s high tech world. We’ve been updating our PC’s for years as well as mobile phones, digital cameras, etc..

My question now is when will these downloads become upgrades and not fixes? Given the popularity of aftermarket coils, stems, wireless headphones I can foresee a time when the manufacturer no longer has to put out a new model each year.  Just new features, new abilities, downloaded and at a cost to the detectorist.

Now I haven’t figured out exactly how that can happen given the penchant for people to find a  way to beat the system but it sure makes economic sense if I were a manufacturer.

Here’s an example –

You have a detector that you’re happy with, but now the manufacturer says “we can make it even better”. We can add depth (remember all the various 6000 models, AT models) and also improve the target separation, EMI interference, or maybe even add another mode or two. All for the price of $100!! Just want the added depth? That will be $30. Get my drift?

And what about offering a detector with unlimited upgrades for two years vs. offering it at a lesser price without? Sound crazy? Maybe. Maybe not. Look at the trend in design over the past couple of years. Many of the most popular models could pass for your cell phone. Could it be that item in itself is the next new metal detector? Could it be that all you’ll need is a phone, a coil and rod assembly?

Just a little food for thought…. In the meantime I need to get off my ass and go detecting….



Are We That Gullible??

 These are actual YouTube detecting video titles. My reaction/response in red..

“They Never Expected All This To Be Buried In The Ground” – Yeah they did, they paid money.

“Metal Detecting a 170 year old Abandoned Farmhouse for Things Lost Over Time” – I definitely prefer items lost over time as opposed to things about to be lost.


“Most Historic Metal Detecting Finds I’ve Ever Seen in the US | Unbelievable” – I bet.

“Digging Loads of SILVER Metal Detecting Public Property & You Can Do It Too!”That ought to get a few places closed down….

“Simply Lost Count! – Metal Detecting Amazing Coins, Tokens, & More From the Field of 1,000 Holes!” Hmm, 1,000 holes and all filled in flawlessly….

“Still Shaking Over What I Found METAL DETECTING!! (Pirate’s Treasure)”I’m shaking too.

“Totally UNEXPECTED Metal Detecting Find Walking Back to the Truck” –  well of course and was it a dark and rainy night too?

“Finds NEVER Seen Before Metal Detecting ABUNDANTLY RICH Site”I bet I’ve seen a few of them.

“Incredible Results Metal Detecting In Peoples Front Yards! Silver Coins Everywhere!”That ought to get a few newbies arrested.

“California Gold and Platinum Nuggets – Where They Were Found (Locations Given)”Yeah, sure.

“Metal Detecting 1930’s High School | They Said It’s Been Detected | Madness Ensues!”Madness? really?

“I put Myself in TIMEOUT after Finding this OLD SILVER COIN Metal Detecting”Timeout? What do it mean?

“They Got Away With It? – The Most Appalling Metal Detecting Find That’s Hard to Believe Existed!”Appalling?

Then again, what the hell do I know….


The New Norm

Still trying to get used to life after Fay but it’s not easy. My daughters have kept me on the straight and narrow, the dogs have kept me busy but there’s still a void and it will always be there. In the meantime I will try to catch up on the latest in Tekkie world and most important get out detecting. Thanks for being patient.


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14 responses to “Downloads – A Sign of Things to Come?

  1. john taylor

    get out! get out! dick! best thing you can do! (prime season comin’ up!)

    j (4 stabs,gonna buy stock in moderna!) t.

  2. Hang on to Fays’ memories mate, and never mind about our hobby. It ain’t nothing compared to her. Never mind Youtoob, it’s for – in the main – the brain dead. Let’s get back to the real hobby where success come not from mindless videos, but from time-in-the-field experience.
    The problem is that some of the videos are well done and have value, trouble is, only the experienced have the nous to to sift the wheat from the chaff.
    Jesus H Christ, there are nob-heads out there admitting they have only five or less years experience in the game and feel this qualifies them to instruct others. Hahahahahahahahahahhaha!
    Leave ’em to it – after all you can’t educate bacon.

  3. Tony

    Those titles are a good belly laugh! Too many dreamers looking for followers instead of calling a friend and enjoying the hobby.
    Good to hear your getting along and have company too.

  4. Ed B.

    Got a kick out of the YouTube titles. And there’s an endless stream of new ones awaiting us.

    • Thinking the creators want to entice viewers to watch an as a result the titles are a little over the top… At least they’re entertaining.

  5. You forgot one of my old titles “PULLTAB MADNESS! Getting rich 1/10 of a gram of aluminum at a time!” 😂😂😂😂

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