Here’s to 2020!

Well it’s the “take the tree down – return the  gifts – swear you’re never going to put lights on the roof again – afraid to look at the credit card bill” time of the year.  It’s also the time for penning New Year’s resolutions. Take my advice and make a few copies. It saves you having to write the same thing year after year.


I will try again to get excited about digging clad, tabs, bottlecaps and buttons.

I will do my best not to laugh at clod shots, dirty hands, posed pictures and over analyzed sh*t finds.

I will try to trade in my boxes of buttons for a house in the south of France because based on what I see on social media I must be a very wealthy man.

I will try and find part time work to bring in extra money. Standing at that busy intersection looking scruffy with a carpenter’s apron, no shovel, no pinpointer and holding a Tiny-Tex is getting me no where.

I will try to up my game even more this year and spend more than $7 on a bottle of wine.

I will continue to try and keep the weight at 155.

I will continue pricing out my coin finds.  Looking at them is nice but you can’t eat ‘em.

I will try to be more polite, more understanding, more considerate, more patient and less condescending with camo wearing, shovel wielding, inconsiderate, know it all, a$$hole tekkies (starting tomorrow).

I will make an effort to find an over-the-counter fix for my brainfarts.

I will give that worn out, pock marked, trash laden, never go at night park another try to see if there’s something there to get me enthused again.

I will make an effort to start working on my book again. 

I will ‘continue’ to give Digger (my blind companion and shadow) the love and attention he deserves. He’s a trooper, a survivor and he’s my hero!

My hero!

And finally, I will continue to monitor the pastime from my easy chair…somebody needs to keep things on the up and up and BS free.


Now if you get depressed or bored…

….this winter and you happen to have Excel here’s a list of the top 1000 metal detecting YouTube sites (Thanks to Metal Detecting NYC).

Top 1000 Metal Detecting Sites- YouTube

I am truly amazed that someone can actually crank out 1200 videos of anything!


What’s coming?

What should we expect this year with regards to new equipment? I have no clue. I’m assuming the Minelab Vanquish will start showing up and that one or two of the US manufacturers will have a new detector for spring release. The question of course is will they be a step forward, as in trend setting or just another pretty face. It would seem we’re past due for something different but then what the hell do I know? I’ll keep my ear to the ground.




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15 responses to “Here’s to 2020!

  1. I’m making one resolution this year…keep the subscription-hunting YouTubers off our site!

  2. Tony

    Best to you and Fay in 2020!
    Here’s to trying to get out of town more often in 2020 – maybe I’ll find a good spot!
    Here’s to trying different settings when I stay local and can’t find didly-squat!

  3. There’s one more Resolution : –

    I will repay (with interest) all those good and faithful friends to whom I owe $20.

    i’m just sayin’

  4. john taylor

    you two guys outta get married! errr!!. kinda late for that any way, dick! ,on a more serious note,really hope whitey has
    something in “skunk works”..i will feel sad, if they “‘croak!” also,dick you can “score” the dog off the shelf at “piggly-wiggly”
    for around $3.50 to $4.00 the pint! ..(hot damn!) such a deal! should you decide to imbibe, ya can give “digger” a taste too!
    just for it’s “medicinal” qualities, of course! ..i’m just sayin’


    • Hi JT:
      Married? You taking are extracting the urine surely?

      Look, I’ve seen Halle’s Comet more times than the inside of Dick’s pocket book. When Ricardo graced these hallowed UK shores as my guest, he stood in the Mayfly pub, an inn of high repute, located on the banks of arguably the finest trout river in the UK, and ACTUALLY bought me a pint of the finest ale.

      Then e had the balls to say to the comely barmaid, ” I’ve only got American money.” I, again paid. Ya follows ma drift?

      i’m just sayin’

      • john taylor

        guess charlie doesn’t/didn’t pay very well!..charlie didn’t pay for his airfare over there,so he didn’t have much “walking around” money!..truly difficult to get ‘blood out of a rock!’ john!..i saw the pics of the trip, and i ‘still” maintain, he should have given the
        “lord” some “mad dog”.would have made a better impression!..i’m just sayin’


  5. John Devereux

    Happy New Year Dick. Love little Digger.

  6. Thanks for making me laugh out loud Dick–Happy New Year!

  7. Ed B.

    Another very good post Dick. How old is that “Tiny Tex” detector ? I don’t remember seeing that one in the magazine ads?

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