2019 – A Look Back…

The mere fact that I’m still alive and kicking means the year has been a good one. You see I’ve lost a few good friends of late and realize more than ever that we only go round once. 

As far as detecting goes the year has been a bummer. I have the equipment and the time but I’m missing the motivation, the get up and go and the prospect of  finding anything really old.  It’s obvious too that comparing the number of blog posts over the years to 2019 I’m slowing down here. I will try and do better in 2020 but make no promises. Thanks for reading, following and commenting in 2019….I appreciate it.

I wish you all a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2020. Have one for me!


I should have known better I guess….other than not stockpiling pasta and drinking wine from a glass my “Reticent resolutions” didn’t pan out too well. Good intentions, bad execution.


At least I’m now using a glass (most of the time)

I found time in January to muse and ponder the ole “knowing what I know now would I do it all over again” thing. Hindsight is always easy.

During the month Paul Tainter also decided that it was time to part with his fabulous treasure hunting library. Not sure where this all stands at the moment but if you’re interested email Paul at tretrove@yahoo.com 

Left, with Louise Smythe 2014; right, Mike Race

Sadly Louise Smythe and Mike Race left us unexpectedly. Louise was a friend and the owner of Gold-N-Detectors in Golden, Colorado. Mike was a stalwart in the FMDAC and a familiar figure at most every organized hunt. Two great individuals, two ambassadors for our hobby who will be sorely missed…



The month started out with Peoples Publishing calling it a day with the print edition of Western & Eastern TreasuresThe slow demise of the printed word saddens me….

“Pedestrian Adventures” was an attempt to share my past adventures (or lack thereof) in a few words. Not sure I accomplished that but it garnered a few views. Of course Joe Patrick had to stick it to me with a doctored up photo of moi and all my ‘favorite’ things.

Thanks Joe Patrick!

In February I finally finished up my “Rent a First Impression Friend Program”…still waiting for the money to roll in.



The month of March began with a Q&A session with Gary Smith. What an amazing story or should I say stories. We all dream of finding a hoard right? Well Gary has found FIVE!  If you haven’t read this Q&A do so now but be forewarned it just might make you hang up your equipment!

Gary Smith

In March I decided to bring up the subject of what we should call ourselves and found that we all have different takes on the topic. So I guess in my case ‘wino’ will have to stay… 



“Let Me Introduce Myself” was another excursion in knocking on doors, something we all have different takes on. I tried again to offer up a few ideas, as did Don Mitzus.

Face it, gals like Dominque Ivy, Jocelyn Elizabeth and Allyson Cohen will get permission a lot quicker than we male tekkies

And in April another hoard was found. This time at Detectival, and no, Gary Smith didn’t find it…..



Shared my take on the tekkies who rep the various manufacturers – “Selling Dreams” – Given social media they’re the best bang for the advertising buck!

In May Steve Moore, Marketing Manager for Garrett Electronics kindly agreed to do a Q&A and it was a fun one. Thanks Steve….

Steve Moore



In June I wrote “Are Your Finds Really Yours” and according to the views and the shares it was something that was of interest to a great many of you.

Next came “Savvy Shopping”, another ‘old guy’ lecture about your over spending tendencies. Someday you will understand my obsession with this topic. Until then you have more money than brains.

Jocelyn Elizabeth

Finally I shared a few stats concerning this blog and Jocelyn Elizabeth was part of the story…In case you missed it – “Interesting Stats”



Shared a great post from Allyson Cohen (Detecting Diva) about today’s trend in organized hunts, a.k.a. the pro’s and con’s, the cost and values. Be sure to read it…she nails it. Detecting Diva – on the Money!

Allyson Cohen – Hunt free or hunt fee’s?

And in July I had to once again explain my blog, my writing – WYSIWYG.



I started the month of August speculating on what was in the works with regards to new detectors that were coming out. As of this date we’re still waiting for the first shipment, the first in-the-field reports on the Minelab Vanquish but the Nokta Simplex, from all reports, is one very good detector at a very good price. See “2019 – Is the Best Yet to Come?”

Next came one of those “based on my experience” posts titled “The Five Stages of Tekkiedom”. If you didn’t read it first time around give a look see and see what category you fit in.

Then what would Stout Standards be without a reminder of what I prefer in a metal detector – “Go Ahead Knock Yourself Out”.

In a similar vein I shared my thoughts on old vs. new in detectors – “An Offer You Can’t Refuse” (and please see Joe Patricks’s response here).

I still have my Garrett Groundhog



The best of September was Digger Dawn’s Q&A. Given the views, comments and shares Dawn Chipchase is a very popular gal. Thanks again Dawn.

Digger Dawn

Detectival came and went and if you’re the least bit interested check out “Detectival 2019 – Mermaids and Metal Detectors”….

Detectival 2019 (photo courtesy of Regton, Ltd)

In the 9th month I also sounded off about YouTube videos . I know, I know, I know, so what else is new“Yawn Tube”



Think I might have grossed a few of you out with “Hunting on the Hopper” but que sera. It’s what over-the-hill, gross people do…

I also gave you “20 Reasons to Like Stout Standards”…and they’re all true and legit.

Next Dan Hughes came out of tekkie retirement to do a Q&A and I can’t thank him enough Given the views and shares he’s still loved and missed. Maybe we can talk him into starting up his podcasts again?

Dan Hughes

Joe Grasso allowed me to share a blurb he put together and I love it. It’s obvious he and I think alike. See “Jersey Joe’s New Adventure”

October ended on a high note with another great Q&A, this time with Steve Herschbach. Steve’s DetectorProspector.com has a lot of followers and offers a lot of very good information.

Steve Herschbach



Tried to talk about location/sites, but once posted I realized I was just babbling, repeating myself, talking about how it used to be. See “Location, Location”

After a “throwback” I talked about my plan to put a price on my finds/collection and sell off some of it. I’ve started the process it but it’s slow going. See “What’s it Worth?”



Here we are in the waning days of 2019…

Started off with my love or lack of holiday $$ spending. Not a favorite time of the year for me. Sorry, I’m a scrooge.  Next I meandered into a few observations or brainfarts if you will. About all I have left anymore.

And now I need to start thinking about my 2020 resolutions. Then again given my success with this year’s maybe I need to stop doing them? Cheers!





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38 responses to “2019 – A Look Back…

  1. Randy Dee

    Thanks Dick for the great calendar of 2019 activities it shows a hell of a lot of work you have put in.
    Wishing you and yours a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2020.

  2. Bob Sickler

    Yes, thank you Dick for all you do. On your comment you don’t expect “finding anything really old.” For me, I like to find old things, but as time goes by I’m becoming an “old thing” myself. Maybe we should just be grateful we can still hunt with a metal detector and not worry about how many old things we can find… For me, it’s been forever about anticipation, the fact something resides hidden and it can be found almost as if by magic. In reality, the old things we find are just icing on the cake. Happy New Year Everyone!

  3. Butch Holcombe

    Happy New Year, Dick.

  4. Phil LeFeuvre

    Best wishes for the New Year! Keep up the great work.

  5. john taylor

    dick! there is a certain amount of discretion in using a “flask” nothing to be ashamed of,and you can get your “buzz” without any one noticing! also, hindsight is definitely 20-20. the ”dog” and me know! lets hope 2020 begins a “renewal” of “old fashioned” values…may 2020 prove to be a “remarkable” year!
    i’m just sayin’


  6. Yo Ricardo:
    “I will make a concerted effort to use a glass and not drink out of the bottle….” Ha! You certainly made an impression at that Banquet in Bath hosted by one of the aristocracy some years back. I told His Lordship that it was a Texan custom. I heard that when he later visited Texas and attended a State Dinner….

    I hope you and Fay have a healthy, happy, and lucrative 2020.

  7. Joe Patrick

    Happy New Year Dick! Thanks so much for Stout Standards! I visit your site most every day and am always impressed with the variety of high-caliber information and interwoven humor. Your guest Q&A’s are always most interesting. Thanks to all who contribute to making this the great site that it is!

    • Joe thanks. If the info here is high caliber it’s because of people like you jumping in to share your experiences and knowledge. Happy New Year!!

    • john taylor

      your welcome! joe! anybody who hunts with a tesoro gets my vote! may you experience a healthy, and enjoyable 2020! ..i’m just sayin’


  8. Tony

    Thanks for your postings of ideas and interviews. One resolution I am going to make is “Stay Positive” and get out there – you never know!
    Happy New Year!

  9. John Devereux

    Love your musings Dick. Keep going as long as you can. Happy New Year. Best, John, Eastbourne.

  10. Joe

    Another years comes to a close, Dick, and a new chapter begins. Wishing you, Fay, and the rest of the Stout clan a happy & healthy 2020. I echo what Bob S. said! For me, it’s not only about the goodies to be found, but perhaps more so, the thrill of the hunt and the anticipation. I still find it hard to sleep the night before a dig due to excitement…and I’ve been doing this for 11 years now. Hope I’m wrong, but I truly feel this moment in time is the last great wave or hurrah when it comes to metal detecting, and I’m just glad to be a part of it, and for having the pleasure of befriending people like you.

  11. Ed B.

    Thanks Dick for the wonderful look back at 2019. I only hope that you’ll continue to entertain the rest of us with your knack for intelligent writing, knowledge of the hobby, and touch of humor. Best of luck to you in 2020….hopefully you’ll find time and desire to do at least a few more hunts.

    • Ed, thank you but not sure about “intelligent writing”…I just say what’s on my mind and it often comes out wrong and sometimes gets me in trouble. As for the detecting I hope I get the desire back too. Been a while since I’ve had that.

      Happy New Year and have one for me…

  12. john taylor

    dead nuts on richard! “sweet nectar of the gods!”
    “nasty!” i’m just sayin’


    • Dick

      Found this photo on a local FB page…evidently is very nasty. Enjoy…

      • john taylor

        it can be dick! believe it or not, it’s very smooth!..been around long time! like everything in life, moderation is called for!..just sayin’


  13. Good recap, Dick. Here we are in the sparkly first day of 2020 and Patti and I went detecting. I dug what I thought was a fabulous gold earring, that turned out to be gold foil around a plastic stopper from a bottle of cheap wine. Oh well, there is tomorrow right? You and Fay have a fabulous 2020!!!

    • Yeah those cheap wine drinkers are a PIA!

      Hope you and Patti have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

    • john taylor

      could have been the “real deal” mr fielding! perhaps 2020 will be your year. hope springs eternal!..i’m just sayin’


    • Hi Jim:
      Ha! We’ve all been there! I found a Rolex Submariner watch and these run to 1000’s of $s. I took it home and rinsed off the sand and mud and watched the whole thing disintegrate under the stream of tap water. It was a ‘Hong Kong’ special! I always think of Mel Fisher’s quote…”Today’s the day.” We live in hope.Hope you and Patti have a great 2020.

  14. Sorry I missed this post!! It went into my spam folder? Happens every once in a while–Thanks for the recap, and for putting those younger pics of me in there 🙂

  15. john taylor

    yesss! diva! difficult to concentrate on the finds when i view your hunts!..a blessed new year to you!


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