Reticent Resolutions…

Yesterday day was a cold one but a great day to watch football and the games didn’t disappoint. As for the eclipse…I couldn’t be bothered. Figured it was going to happen with or without me and a warm bed, a warm dog and good book were calling…


What the Hell, Why Not?

Yes I know it’s a bit late for new year’s resolutions but I’ve decided to give the following a try in 2019.  Just be easy on me. I’m a senior…


I will try hard to work the recesses of my brain and offer up a few ole blog posts/tales from the twilight zone. Otherwise known as the good ole days.

I will try again (for the 80th time) to contribute to a metal detecting forum BUT will not succumb to the “welcome from Texas” , “Nice recovery” or “show your digging pouch”….

I will try again to spend more time at the local libraries searching for something, anything to get me excited about treasure hunting. 

I will attempt to cut back on my wine consumption (for the 800th time) and write sober.

I will continue to watch my diet (except when it comes to red wine and pasta) and keep my weight at or around 150 lbs. 

Pasta and wine…not just for breakfast!

I will work hard not to question and/or criticize comical and dumb ass social media posts & comments. 

I will make another effort to dig through boxes at the storage unit to see if I can find any saved treasures from the tornado.

I will develop a fool-proof system to insure I never run out of wine.

I will try harder to get excited over each and every find displayed on social media, even if it happens to be a POS. 

I will bust my butt this year to extract twenty bucks from a certain tekkie in the Cornwall area of England. 

I will try my best not to laugh at the salivating approvals/comments gal tekkies get on their Facebook pages. 

I will likewise try hard not to laugh at a wannabe archaeologist in Poland who after 10,556 blog posts has pissed off the entire archaeological community. 

I will try harder to stay in touch with all my old friends. The list keeps getting shorter. 

My buddy and shadow Digger…

I will give even more time and attention to my blind buddy Digger. He’s a trooper and a real treasure.

I will break down and get a new carpenter’s apron for my finds. The one I bought ten years ago is getting a bit soiled. 

I will definitely find another wine and spirits store where they don’t greet me with “Jeezus it’s him again”…. 

I will try not to criticize or laugh at tekkies who wear camo and instead send them enlistment papers. 

I will make an effort to create a YouTube site that competes with Diggin’ Brit. I just need to find something that hangs out? 

I will go through my boxes of wheaties and look for those valuable error coins. 

I will look into maybe creating a YouTube page that competes with the more famous tekkies. Thinking all I need is a drone, three cameras, a tripod, a cute wink and a thong. 

I will work hard to be a more sophisticated wine drinker and spend more than six bucks on my purchases. 

I will try my best to not to stockpile pasta in the closet. 

I will make a concerted effort to use a glass and not drink out of the bottle…. 

I will do my best to watch all 5,000 metal detecting Yootoobers on a daily basis.

I will make an effort to sound more knowledgeable, more technical, more hip when posting here instead of advocating presets and just having fun. 


Another Loss

Once again saddened by  the loss of a good friend, Louise Smyth, owner of Gold-N-Detectors in Golden, Colorado. RIP Louise and heartfelt condolences to Bill Chapman, as well as friends and family of Bill and Louise.


Louise Smyth, owner of Gold-N-Detectors


A Throwback Photo, mid 80’s

1985…This cop is still looking for his cap and I’m still looking for my $20!




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9 responses to “Reticent Resolutions…

  1. Paul Southerland

    Nice list Dick. BUT please continue to “criticize comical and dumb ass social media posts & comments.” Your insight on those make my day.

  2. Avery Marder

    Hi Bald Bro
    I’m reaching my 6th 12th birthday in 5 days…..sorry for the high math before we’ve had our first sip of red, but it’s 10 AM, and I don’t like it on my Raisin Bran!

    I gave up on breaking New Year’s Resolutions at 60. At this point I’ve found that just giving myself a swift mental kick in my ass keeps me from succumbing to the brain fog that tries to overcome seniors like us.

    As long as my old legs and back don’t completely stop me, I’ll get out there in search of that legendary pot of gold I’ve been seeking since I was a kid. I just was elected as the president of my local detecting club, the Staten Island History Hunters, and my only “resolution” is to do the best I can for the club, the members, and my friends.

    This might sound corny, but the friends we have are the real gold I’ve found detecting and in life.

    • “This might sound corny, but the friends we have are the real gold I’ve found detecting and in life….”

      Absolutely not corny Avery. It’s true. Sadly many of mine have passed on….a reminder of my age and why I won’t give up pasta or wine.

  3. “I will bust my butt this year to extract twenty bucks from a certain tekkie in the Cornwall area of England.”

    Well, since that ‘certain’ Tekkie lives on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast, try busting your butt a little further east. However, I could be persuaded to drop all claims if you send me a copy of your next book… but this time with a compliment!

    Whatever…have a great 2019

  4. Tony from Bayonne

    Sorry to hear about your friend Louise Smyth, may she rest in peace.
    Good luck on your list of resolutions. They are interesting for sure but doable is another story.

    You do look good in that photo, so keep up the good work and enjoy the hell out of 2019!

  5. Tony

    Good to know and that’s a good thing, you’ll need to be light on your feet to get through that list of resolutions……but hey, maybe my eyesight needs to be checked

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