Sunday Brief… is a new site and program that fellow New Jerseyite Chuck Christopher came up with and it just might succeed.  Bottom line if you’re traveling and want to do a little detecting or bottle digging you’ll have access to a list of detectorists in the area to meet up with you and take you to the right places and also make you are aware of the local rules/regulations.

I’d love to see this catch on. Good luck Chuck!


Tesoro Talk

One of the more popular posts here on SS was the one Joe Patrick did on October 11th… More  on Tesoro. It garnered hundreds of views, and I mention it again because there’s a lot of very good follow-up information and technical talk in the comments section thanks to Ken Weldon joining in the conversation. His  back and forth with Joe is enlightening and very informative.


Not much going on here at the Amesbury hideaway so here’s a rerun from 2015….


Let me pontificate once again, and perish the thought, share my opinions, on the current metal detector technology.  I know, I can hear you saying, “not again for crisakes”…. Well you lose.

If you have NOT read my brainfarts link above you might do so now, and see where I said “When all is said and done, don’t we really just need volume, disc and all metal?”  I was once again reminded of this when I saw this E-Trac illustration.  Guess I never really looked closely at this model…..I mean holy shit batman!


This kind of overkill however is not particular to our pastime.  Last night I was reading the label on my bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon (pretty exciting Christmas huh?) and it said  “_____ Cabernet Sauvignon is a jammy wine with robust flavors of wild berries and currants. Hints of toasted oak and clove enhance the velvety smooth finish.  Pairs perfectly with beef, lamb and tomato-based pasta sauces”.  Honestly I just want to know if it’s sweet, dry, hearty or light, and I have no clue what toasted oak tastes or smells like.  And get this, no mention of hot dogs or TV dinners. Talk about bullshit!

Another example is this description my daughter found in a wine store…


Pencil shavings anyone?

Not sure about you, but I’m not all that excited about pencil shavings in my wine, drunk or not.

All of this reminds me of my “find those targets just out of reach of others”….“proven to go deeper than the competition”…..”now with added depth”….. “find what others left behind”.  Old and over used mantras that are seeing the light of day again thanks to the surge of “after market” coils (as though those building your detector didn’t really want to give you the best coil).  Ah, the power of persuasion and suggestive selling.

Metal Detector Features or Crutches?

Sure, at times you might have to ground balance your detector, but isn’t most of that done automatically now?  And, if you do have the option to manually ground balance, do you ever do it?  Then of course there’s the meter, the LCD, the screen, whatever….  Do you really, really need it?  I know, nice feature to have, but could you still find what you are after if you only had to ‘listen’ to the audio responses? You know, if you had to concentrate, use the ole brain, that kind of thing?

The other crutch we’ve all come to depend on (me included)?  Tonal discrimination or ID.  High for goodies, low for junk. Nice feature but my guess is that maybe half of those with this feature on their detector never use it.  I could be wrong.  Maybe that’s why I love the TreasureMaster.  Yes, it has a few pads to punch, but it’s lightweight, I don’t have to carry the manual in my left hand, and I love the preset coin and jewelry. Turn that sucker on and go.

Okay, all kidding aside, I know a great many of you love the pastime so much that you are willing to delve into a little “Einstein” or “deep shit” in order to learn your detector.  I was there one time too, and look at what happened to me? I say bring back the four page mini manuals that came with my first two or three detectors.  Just seems I had more fun back then, and never came home with a headache. That usually came later when I drank that wine that tasted like lead pencil shavings….



If We’re ever in a situation where I am the “voice of reason” then we are in a very, very bad situation….




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10 responses to “Sunday Brief…

  1. Avery Marder

    Wow….$23. For “membership” to find a hunting buddy ! I’ve done this for years by contacting a club in the area I’m traveling to and by asking if I could join them for some detecting….for free ! I always offer the same courtesy to people I link up with to come to my neck of the woods. To hunt with me or my friends…..again, for free !
    Avery M
    SIHH, SI N.Y.

  2. njfella007

    Dick, when I read your posts regarding other detector brands, I usually wonder this…

    Do you simply not like them based on aesthetics/weight/operational points, or is it perhaps because you’re such a dyed in the wool Whites guy that you cannot imagine using anything else?

    Not asking to be a wiseguy, but instead out of genuine curiosity, as machines have evolved so much in recent years that you might be doing yourself a disservice by not trying a few of the newer ones.

    As we all know, there isn’t a single machine (regardless of price) which will find things that aren’t there in the first place. But when things ARE there, certain machines make it easier (and maybe more enjoyable) to find them.

    P.S. – I agree with Avery about that website. Good idea, but the owner should make it a freemium model and use the sponsors to recoup operational costs. The only reason why a platform like RINGFINDERS can get away with charging members, is because they stand the chance of profiting from their membership when finding items, ie; the odds of getting a return on their investment is in the cards.

    • “Do you simply not like them based on aesthetics/weight/operational points”…not at all. Just don’t have the money to buy one.

      “perhaps because you’re such a dyed in the wool Whites guy that you cannot imagine using anything else”…. Nope! Not a Whites’s guy any more.

      “you might be doing yourself a disservice by not trying a few of the newer ones”….probably so but I’m pretty much retired from the pastime and even if I were not I couldn’t afford nor justify buying a detector now.

      You may be right about the Find a Digging Buddy…like I sad before, time will tell. It’s the ole supply and demand thing.

      AND the “Rocket Science” thing is 3 years old.

  3. Joe

    I hear you, Dick, and thanks for clarifying. Guess it’s the same way I feel towards the CTX. While I would absolutely be tickled to try one, I simply cannot justify the price. As I’m mainly a coin hunter, most of the stuff I find is junk silver or beat up old coppers, and they wouldn’t even come close to helping recoup the cost of that machine. Maybe I’d take the plunge if I still did beach hunting, where a nice gold ring or two would offset the price, but I’m mainly a dirt hunter nowadays.

    I do more than fine with the Etrac, and it really is THE best unit for coin hunting I’ve ever used. But as this hobby is a game of inches, and untouched spots are hard to find nowadays, I guess we’re all looking for the edge, and a detector that can sniff out an extra good target or two on our outings. That $2,000 machine will have to wait though!

  4. Tony

    Dick, good post for sure, thanks.
    I have heard that folks love their eTracs and won’t switch but hey – find what works for you.
    Find a digging buddy just might work even in NJ, where most feel like KVM – keep it to yourself type of guy.
    The other post about stuff on a detector, I love the display area and the TDI info, having both helps me.

  5. Hey, that find-a-buddy stuff sounds great.

    I wonder if they’ve any buddies of around 18 to 27 yrs, female, blonde (possibly Scandinavian), with the figure of Marilyn Monroe, single (of course), and who’s possibly an heiress to a Scots whisky distillery and has the sole salmon fishing rights to the first beats from seaward on the River Tay,

    An interest in detecting is not essential.

    • Hmm, you know hadn’t thought of that but maybe I need to check this out a little more.

      Stay tuned too…my rent a kid program is about to launch.

  6. Tony

    John you make a good point but she has to have her own detector and digger

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