New Year Notions…

I was thrilled to death when I went out to the mailbox yesterday and found a small package from John Howland.  No, I was blown away, stunned and astonished. Hallelujah, about time!
He had finally sent me that $20 he has owed me from the eighties!! Ran inside, tore open the package and found a beanie!! A freaking  beanie!!!

He then had the cojones to add a note telling me how he had visited the shrine of Wadsworth to partake of their wintertime beer called “Old Timer” and thought of me! What a bastard!

I’m really steamed but that’s okay I’ll get even Bubba. You just wait….


Senile, Simple-minded or Survivor Mode?

Started visiting and taking in the topics on Monte Berry’s AHRPS site and realized that I must have moved on to that survival stage of my life called “pre-set, turn on and go”. The topics, the responses and the expertise are top shelf, impressive and way too much for this old brain and soul. I mean hell I have trouble putting on my pants without falling over.

For those of you looking to learn more about how detectors work give Monte’s site a look see and don’t be afraid to ask a question. You will get an answer and a very informed one too.


Please Keep Me in Your Thoughts (and your will too)

The following link/article covers a subject I’e talked about before and one that still baffles me a little. Having hunted overseas I understand the thrill of finding the very, very old but at what point does it simply become cost prohibitive?

On the other hand if you’re independently wealthy go for it and send a few bucks to me while you’re at it. My wine cellar, rack, bottle, glass is empty.



Received the most recent “Treasure Hunter’s Express” and in the envelope was a note from Paul and Joan Tainter telling me they’ve finally decided to part with all their extensive library. It read….

Books for Collectors and Researchers

The collection spans over 50 plus years of collecting. Many of the titles are one of a kind, some privately published, some signed by the author, first editions and a large percentage are out of print. All have been kept pristine in a non-smoking, non-animal home.

This is a once in a life-time opportunity to significantly expand your library or begin one of your own. These opportunities do not arise very often. Now is the time to take advantage.

VINTAGE, CLASSIC BOOKS for the collector

Vintage books, many over 60 years old, that we have for sale with the disposal of the library. (From back in the early days of treasure hunting) A large majority of them are FIRST EDITIONS, almost all are out of print, some are signed by the author with personal inscriptions, some are from the libraries of Harry Chrisman, noted author; Dean Coigdarripe, treasure hunter and close, personal friend of Karl von Mueller’s back in the California days (1950’s); Richard Nason, maritime researcher; and all others are from my personal collection.

I have seen Paul’s library and if I were younger and had a little extra money I’d be all over this.

If you’re interested in knowing more write Paul at Treasure Trove Archives, 335 N. William, Fremont, Nebraska 68025 or email him at

“Early” Paul Tainter

Joan also added “we have been issuing periodical short listings to interested buyers and we also have lists by subject of interest. Interested parties can ask for them to be emailed”.




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13 responses to “New Year Notions…

  1. Hi Dick:
    Glad the Beanie hat arrived ok. During my annual pilgrimage to the Shrine of St. Wadworth – the site where some of Britain’s finest ales are brewed – their Winter Ale, “Old Timer” seemed appropriate as they had sold out of “Grumpy Old Git” otherwise….

    Raise a glass or three in 2019!

    PS. Please don’t send cash in the post, cheques and postal orders will suffice, or some of your books to the value of 20 Bucks will be fine.

  2. john taylor

    Hi dick!
    That’s a quality looking beanie ya got there!..
    Wish I had one like that! I can’t afford to keep my head warm!


  3. Detecting Diva

    Nice Beanie!

  4. Tony from Bayonne

    Yeah, Nice Beanie! That will keep your melon warm and make folks smile at you more often!

  5. I was excited beyond words when I thought you had FINALLY received that 20 bucks from John, but realized that it would also be an end of an era of yelling and arm waving over that debt. I was very relieved to see that John, once again, managed not only NOT to pay you the twenty dollars, he sent you a pretty nice piece of smartly styled English “Tavern Wear!” Let the yelling and arm waving begin!

    • $20 was a lot of money in the early 80’s and I can’t share here what he needed it for….bastard!

      • Hi Jim:
        He’s doing a ‘Barford’! Pay no attention to his gross distortion of the truth. I know he won’t take umbrage because he does’nt know what umbrage means.

        Back in 1986 we were in a bar on the AC Boardwalk, and I stood a round of drinks. Two others stood a round of drinks, and a certain Beanie wearer’ just stood around! (Geddit?) Hence the $20 loan. Actually the drinks came to $10 but he said he wanted the extra $10 for a friendly tour of AC as a lady tour guide had approached him and said, “Hi handsome, looking for a good time.”


      • Wow, how the story changes… Apparently Margaret reads the blog. And I know what umbrage means Bubba. It rains here too you know.

  6. Hey up Dick,
    Hope your well and had a good New Years!
    I just noticed you have featured my website in your sidebar. Wanted to say thanks 🙂

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