2018 – Looking Back

2018 has been an up and down year for yours truly and detecting most definitely fell into the down category. Try as I might the desire to dig clad and trash is fading rapidly. Suspect a return to my roots back east would help but even that doesn’t make sense given the expense and my physical limitations. Despite losing 45 lbs I still have difficulty with the getting down and getting up part of the pastime. Maybe I need to consider hiring a personal digger. Anyone know if Diggin Brit does that sort of thing?

Having been involved in the hobby for so many years has also turned me into a cynic and a lot of “meh” to much of what I see online.  It’s the oohs and ahs over the latest video camera on the market and the mundane, run of the mill finds I see overly dissected on social media. “Relic” hunting has become much too all-encompassing and a catch-all.

I’m disappointed too that my book has not progressed as I had hoped. Here too the inspiration has gone astray. As for this blog – I will give it a little more time but warn you the entries won’t be as frequent and the topics most likely redundant. This old dog has trouble learning new tricks…

On the plus side? I have my health, brittle as it is, and Fay and I have a roof over our head. There’s a lot to be said for that, trust me. Likewise my kids and grand kids are close by and doing well. For that I’m very thankful….

And finally…Monte Berry reinforced my belief in mankind. He still uses a carpenters apron, a screwdriver and nothing larger than a 7 inch searhcoil. All I can say is “damn straight!!”

Stout Standards 2018 – A Look Back


Don Mitzus & Joe Patrick were very kind to do the Q&A thing and both were well received. Lots of great info…

I also offered up my idea of “Prime Time Detecting” but still waiting for the networks to call. They’ll be sorry…

Don Mitzus and Joe Patrick



I tried to share my views on buying a new detector in “Do Think Twice, It’s Alright” and it elicited a few interesting responses.  I also gave you twenty reasons to like this blog in “Here’s the Scoop” but you didn’t buy my spiel.

Fellow Jerseyite Neil Schwartz took part in another Q&A. Thanks Neil, good stuff!

And of course I had more “Brainfarts”

Neil Schwartz



Thanks to Don Mitzus, Dave Wise, Ron Guinazzo and Bob Sickler for their assistance with two posts about cleaning finds…

“To Clean or Not to Clean” (Part 1)

‘To Clean or Not to Clean” (Part 2)

To Clean or Not to Clean


Also old friend and knowledgeable tekkie Terry Humphries offered up interesting info about obtaining permissions in “A Difference Maker?”  Thanks my friend.



“To Sell or Not to Sell” resulted in a broad-based discussion but I’ll stand by my belief that it’s my right to sell what I find as long as it was found lawfully.

Joe Grasso

Also another great Q&A by Joe Grasso….thank you Joe.



In May I started researching again in earnest, trying desperately to find a few new places to detect (see “Reading Required”) but as of now….nada and back to square one.

Brandon Neice shared his expertise in another great Q&A.

Brandon Neice, a.k.a Dr. Tones



Texan Rechey Davidson shared his story in a great Q&A…Thanks Rechey!

I offered my take on the “Equinox Obsession” and why I’m a “Cyberspace Cynic”.

I also “Re-Retired” in June, something it seems I do a lot any more. Just losing it I guess.

I also decided to dig out and share an old Q&A I had done for Western & Eastern Treasures on Cliff Steffens, an old friend  from back east who passed away earlier in the year.

The Late Cliff Steffens and Texan Rechey Davidson



July was another slow month for this sloth so I dug back and reposted an excellent article about “U.S. Military Dog Tags” that John Winter had written for Stout Standards in 2015.



Two posts “WYSIWYG” and “Thoughts on a Thursday” seemed to attract larger than normal views…

In August I was saddened to learn my good friend and Doppelganger John Winter was dealing with cancer. Our friendship has been a long distance one and one that draws on a lot of parallels and similarities. I haven’t been able to chat with John of late but I’ve been told that he is doing somewhat better. John, sending good wishes and good vibes…

John Winter



The following September entries seemed popular with regards to overall viewers…“Saturday Night Off the Wall” and “When I Was a Treasure Hunter”

I decided too that I would share a very old Western & Eastern Treasures article about my good friend Eleanor Hube, the “Grand Dame” of this pastime.

The Grand Dame Eleanor Hube


Stuck as usual for anything new and exciting so once again I went to the “Throwback Thursday” idea with “Then and Now”  Something that seems to come naturally for me. Might be because I’m old and over the hill. Just ask my wife…

I learned too that Tesoro was closing it’s doors and shared the news via “Tesoro – Just Out to Lunch?”.  Following this post Joe Patrick wrote and shared his appreciation and passion for the Tesoro product line – “More on Tesoro”.…an excellent read.



In November I learned of Ed Fedory’s passing. Ed was a good friend not just to me but to many in this pastime and he will be missed.

The late Fedory

Also found out that Kellyco was sold. Not surprising given the limited dollars and cents and small market. See “Saturday Stew”….

“Talking Turkey” was another throwback to a popular post titled “Keywords”…a few ideas on finding new sites.

Want to thank good friend and engineer Carl Moreland for a terrific Q&A…

Carl Moreland



Monte Berry

Thank you to Monte Berry for being part of another Q&A session. Monte is an old friend but one that’s kept up with things and his ideas, tips, views are still applauded throughout the many social media platforms.


Thanks to all who took the time to comment and share their thoughts. I appreciate it very much!



I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year! Have one for me….




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16 responses to “2018 – Looking Back

  1. David

    45 pounds, congrats

  2. David Levine

    Here’s to a prosperous and healthy 2019!

  3. Paul Southerland

    Thanks Dick for your musings this year. Interesting reading and great discussions to reflect on.

  4. Joe

    Happy New Year, Dick, and I hope 2019 is a gem for you. A tip of the hat to you also on the weight loss. I was always the “skinny guy” my whole life, but I gave up smoking about 4 years ago and packed the weight on. Now I’m about 40 pounds overweight, and yes, it sucks. I look terrible and feel worse. I just might follow your lead and get my diet under control this year. All the treasure in the world is meaningless if you don’t have your health.

    Be sure to enjoy a glass or two when watching the ball drop 😉

  5. Bob K

    45 lbs is great I need to do that also, but darn that was good food. Great reading and the discussions were very informative. Your doing great with your site. With that I wish you both a very Happy New Year.

  6. Frank Blazi

    Happy New Year Dick! That would be great having the Diggin Brit unearth your targets, but Fay might prefer using Nuggetnoggin for the job. A healthy and happy 2019 to you and your family!

    • Got to tell you Frank this pastime gets whackier by the day… It’s all about numbers and the more you garner the more you make.

      Happy New Year and have one for me.

  7. Tony

    Dick, that is a terrific achievement, congratulations!
    Happy and healthy New Year to you and your family!
    Good luck on your new book!

  8. You’ve done a great job with your sense of humor here and your continued writings on Stout Standards. I read all your popular metal detecting books in the 1980’s when I was in my most productive metal detecting period, which also served to keep my enthusiasm way up, looking forward to the next find. You’ve met great adversity and even blogged through all of that, the magnitude of which would have left me sitting under a bridge, probably STILL have me sitting under a bridge. Your stories about the greats in the music business, who you met, and who you played with, almost warrants a book about THAT! I find myself also physically challenged with the cancer, diabetes, bad knees and all those prizes for getting older, so I can relate to that aspect of metal detecting as we age.

    We have a guy in the club who, every year for 5-years, says he just turned 95…but when we check into it, he is literally almost 100-years old! He talks about growing up in Florida, and his father honking at a small group of Seminole Indians blocking a dirt road in Southeast Florida, as they drove their new Model-T Ford home from Miami. He detects better than any of us, and usually beats the pants of all the younger guys in a hunt. He’s won the Florida State Lottery twice while in his eighties, wins major prizes in metal detecting competition and has several girlfriends which he says he spaces apart, because if they ever meet, he’ll never make 101!

    Hang in there (everyone says this for some reason) Dick and do whatever you wanna do. I spend more time flying RC model planes than metal detecting nowadays. Finds are few and far between, and of poor quality. The beach yesterday was covered with Christmas Newbies waving their shiny new machines in the air, somewhat over the ground occasionally, and over their heads. I swear it looked just like a Monty Python sketch from years ago. All I can say is I am better for having been in the hobby than not. I’m gonna go fly one of my planes now. Have a good 2019, Dick and thanks for the memories your blog brings back to me from the golden age of detecting!

    • Wow, thanks Jim. Just know that nothing I’ve experienced comes close to the every day battle you face with cancer. Not sure I could do it with the same enthusiasm and determination and be as upbeat. I admire your toughness and fortitude.

      I’ve had a strange life that’s for sure but wonder….can you give me the phone number of the 100 year old guy with all the girl friends. Want to pick his brains!

      Happy New Year to you and Patti…

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