This & That and a Reminder…

Was looking through a few of the older entries in my very badly constructed website and came across the Texas Antiquities Act…worth sharing again in case you tax paying Texas tekkies think it’s a level playing field.

seal_of_texas_svg“It is the public policy and in the public interest of the State of Texas to locate, protect, and preserve all sites, objects, buildings, pre-twentieth century shipwrecks, and locations of historical, archeological, educational, or scientific interest, including but not limited to prehistoric and historical American Indian or aboriginal campsites, dwellings, and habitation sites, archeological sites of every character, treasure imbedded in the earth, sunken or abandoned ships and wrecks of the sea or any part of their contents, maps, records, documents, books, artifacts, and implements of culture in any way related to the inhabitants, pre-history, history, natural history, government, or culture in, on, or under any of the land in the State of Texas, including the tidelands, submerged land, and the bed of the sea within the jurisdiction of the State of Texas”.



…the Pug Bug is on life support and will be donated to the local PBS affiliate in Dallas. I was hoping she would last me the rest of my life but it was not to be.  She’s been my friend and companion for seventeen years and I’m not sure I will be able to watch when when she’s towed away. Too many years and too many travels have taken their toll…something I can relate to. Yesterday I bought another car but it will never be as good as the Pug Bug….

My trusty Pug Bug

The trusty Pug Bug, circa 2003


A Recycled Pug Bug Adventure from 2013

Fay and I had two pugs, Barnum and Bailey (We lost Bailey a couple of years ago), and they were and are “family” twice-over. Anyway, we used to take them to a  giant indoor flea market in downtown Dallas. It was a monthly event, and every once in a while we would find a bargain. Mostly however it was a day out, and a  chance to give the dogs some exercise.

One Sunday Fay had to work, and I decided to just take Barnum to the flea market for a quick run through. As we entered the gate to Fair Park, where the market  was held, we immediately saw a sign that said “Low Rider Convention”.

No big deal? Well it was for me. I drive a yellow VW Beetle, with a license plate that reads “Pug Bug”, and yes I have one of those big ole sunflowers stuck  in the vase on the dash. That should tell you the feeling of impending doom I had when I saw the low rider sign.

I pulled up to a couple of extremely overweight guys, who spoke very little English, and asked if there was a flea market that day. They took their time,  looked at me, my license plate, the sunflower, and Barnum sitting in the passenger seat next to me, and said sternly NO!! I looked at Barnum and said “Buddy we need to get our asses out of here”.  We quickly turned around, drove home, and I swear Barnum was laughing along with me…..

True story!






Perusing a forum the other day and came across a rather indirect, but sarcastic reference to moi and it made me chuckle because I knew who posted it despite the forum pseudonym.  The comment referred to the fact that because I don’t detect much anymore I lose any validity when it comes to expertise and/or knowledge of the pastime and all I can do is write about it. There were other subtle digs on the same forum but I chalked them all up to immaturity and the need to be a smart ass.

Trust me…

…I know my limitations when it comes to today’s metal detecting pastime.  I’ve been left in the dust and you will seldom see me post “how to’s”.  I don’t detect much anymore because it has just become too physically demanding for me, and yes I know there are detectorists out there my age and older who put me to shame. Good for them.  My situation is mine and it is what it is.  As for my “just writing” about the pastime….I accept that and I will write about whatever I want when I want. You don’t have to like it or enjoy it, and in fact you don’t even have to read it. The mouse is in your hand!


If you are looking for some long hidden treasure hunting secret, metal detector setting or life altering sermon on the mount, you ain’t going to find them here. They’re on another site called….

Look, getting old was not my idea, trust me. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t think about all the things I used to be able to do. My only consolation is that you too will grow old and just maybe have a better understanding. Hopefully as time goes on I can persuade a few of my tekkie hoiker friends to do guest posts, and if I am lucky, get the big bopper from Bournemouth to  share more of his treasure hunting experiences. In the meantime what you see and what you read is what you get…

In case you missed it this is from the “welcome” link above….

“Please note too that this is a “personal blog”…not a website or forum. As a result I may talk about my family, my dogs, my love of food and wine, my musical background, my memories, my aches, pains, warts and whatever else might come to mind. No guarantees…”






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10 responses to “This & That and a Reminder…

  1. Robert Egbert

    We love our pugs. We have scout who is seven and Fritz just turned three. Great dogs, great personalities. I don’t know what we would do without a pug or two in our house.

  2. Hey Ricardo!
    Why worry about a commentator who hides behind a pseudonym; if he (presumably) lacks the character to say whatever it is to your face under his real name, then it just shows what a ‘kipper’ he is. Kipper? Yep, two-faced and gutless. Forums attract these types like flies to a turd.
    I’d be sad too if they were towing away my dog! Or have I got that wrong?

  3. It’s just jealousy Dick–Hater’s are gonna hate.
    Sorry about the Pug Bug.

  4. Coin25

    Dick, I had a 1965 blue VW bug. It was fun to drive and I took it all over, from New York State mountains to Florida Everglades. Of all the cars I had it was the only one that I could drive off road. I can understand why you loved yours so much.

    • Tony don’t know much about the bugs from the 60’s. Was before my time. The Pug Bug will probably be towed away this week sometime and I’m not sure I want to watch it….

  5. Coin25

    Dick, those early ones were very plain, no extras at all.
    They were originally built for the masses in Germany so they could afford a car.
    Parting is tough after all of that time but I am certain that you had plenty of good times and memories with that baby.

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