Turning 75 (as in three quarters of a century)…

Those of you who visit my blog regularly know that my updates have slowed down.  The simple explanation is that I’ve slowed down.  I’d like to blame it on aging, but there a helluva lot of tekkies out there older than me and they are still putting in the hours, and bringing home the bacon. Me? I just hurt…some of it hereditary, some of it self-inflicted.  I now appreciate what Mickey Mantle meant when he said, “If I’d known I was gonna live this long, I’d have taken a lot better care of myself.”

I often wonder too whether I would be experiencing these same ailments if I had never moved to Texas 28 years ago. Twenty eight years of brutal heat, nasty weather and lousy coin hunting. Nothing can take the sap out of your enthusiasm like not having a lot of old sites to hunt. I know, excuses, excuses, excuses, but it’s all I have.

In addition the older I get the less excited I get about all the new products. I used to worry about not keeping up with all the latest technology but no longer. I think today whatever gains you get from that two thousand dollar, computerized piffwanger, and that imported deep seeking, triple D, 40 inch spider coil, are lost thanks to the sheer number of new participants competing for the same places to hunt. Yup, you can go deeper, and they can leave holes….

Don’t get me wrong. I still plan to get out detecting. Just can’t tell you when that will be. The stars have to be aligned just right for that to happen. I will need a turn of the century site that hasn’t been beaten to death, a comfortable cool day, a cane, and a friendly watering hole nearby.


Anyway if you can avoid getting old, do it. It’s not what it’s cracked up to be. Trust me. A lot of your things don’t work like they used to, and when they do it hurts. And don’t listen to all the advertisements for miracle drugs that guarantee instant youth.  Hell I tried Viagra and couldn’t bend my arm for six hours.

If by chance you are now teary eyed and feeling sorry for me, I love red wines from the Languedoc region in France, and if you can’t afford any of those, a large bottle of Thunderbird or Night Train will do. I hope too that you will keep checking in on me. I just may surprise you and offer up something interesting, or maybe I will give away something like all the biggies do. No detectors mind you…..more like a book, a hat or a near full bottle of Viagra.



I keep checking every day to see if there’s any news on the damage done at the Petersburg National Park, but so far nada. Hoping too that it winds up being something or someone other than a detectorist. Sad too because we have no one to speak for us or represent us. I know you think you don’t need representation but it’s more important than ever before.  The pastime is growing and we are seeing a record number of newcomers. Newcomers who watched “Diggers”, and who ran out to buy a detector without any forethought.

Apparently today it’s every man and woman for themselves. The FMDAC’s latest update on their website is first quarter 2015. The Task Force? Even worse…..their website has disappeared.  WWATS is somewhat current, if you want to count promoting forthcoming events.  Good luck….



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15 responses to “Turning 75 (as in three quarters of a century)…

  1. Arthur J Fleming

    Dick, you keep writing them when you can, I’ll keep reading them when I can. Artie

  2. Roy R

    Dick, I have lived in Texas all my life ( so far ) and I don’t know which would be worse.Living here with the heat and dry ground,floods, tornados and fire ants, or living where the cold and snow sap yor strength and you can only get out to hunt for five months out of a year.

    The older I get the more I just want a good book and a cold adult beverage. I have been using a detector for 40 plus years. The last 4 or 5 seem to have been the hardest. If I get down, it is hard to get up, and if I am up it is hard to get down. Knees, back, eye sight and hearing have all gone by the wayside. Just don’t give up and keep plugging along. And post another blog.

    • Haven’t given up mentally Roy, just physically, and I think the cold weather and excessive heat kind of even out. No way I am hunting during the summer in Texas. And thanks for reminding me of the fire ants.

  3. Bob K

    Hey Dick let me know what happens when you reach the big 75. I’m 30 days away from that magic number. With a new knee and with a bad back makes Bob feel old. Hard to Detect and get down to dig.
    Any way you have a very happy birthday.
    Drink an extra glass of wine or 2 or 3.

    • Bob, turned 75 on the lst of June so I can’t give you an overview yet. Just that I had aches and pains before then and they are still there.

  4. Jimnick

    Well, there is a positive side in getting older…Like a fellow hunter told me : you’re becoming an old site yourself ! Not sure he was kidding ! Keep well and healthy, it’s always a pleasure to read your blog !

    • You know Jimnick I look in the mirror every day, and say “holy crap my friend, what happened?”….

      Thanks for the kind words….

    • Dennis Wynne (aka Gitterdug)

      Jimnick, I think what he meant by becoming an old site is that at our old age we tend to have things buried deep inside that will set off metal detectors. Some of the signals might be old relics and every once in a while you find gold!

  5. Coin25

    Whoa whoa whoa, one for each 25 years! Congratulations. I am glad you are going to keep writing and complaining……The writing I like and it doesn’t bother me one bit that you complain.

  6. Dick, at one of our events, a gentleman showed up on his souped up wheel chair and a beautiful blonde girl to dig all his targets (true!). Where there is a will…

    As for the tech, don’t be fooled; it’s the same tech Alexander Graham Bell came up with 100+ years ago they just dress it up a bit so there is nothing to keep up with. I wonder why we can make Ground Penetrating Radar detectors so I don’t have to worry about the damn EMI.

    Lastly, it really sucks to live in a post Civil War city. The really cool coins are all buried downtown and by really cool coins I mean coins from 1864, not colonial stuff as you surely dug up when you lived in NJ. I consider myself lucky when I dig a Barber coin out of our dirt.

    • Miner I would love Barber coins….just not many here. At least I haven’t found them, and silver Roosies just don’t excite me that much. I’ve been spoiled and lucky as well.

      Do you happen to have the address or phone number for that blonde girl?

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